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1.  So, we see here that Israel and the people with him went to Egypt to the land of

     Goshen, Goshen was also called the land of Rameses, and is located in the

     Northeastern Nile Delta region of Egypt.


2.  It is also noteworthy that Abraham and Sarai would have had to Travel through

     This same region to get to Egypt as well, Look at Genesis 12:10-20. I wanted to

     Read this because I found it interesting that in this same place during the time

     Of Abram and Sarai, a lie took place. Abram told Sarai hat she was beautiful

     And he was worried that the Egyptians would kill him and take her from him.


3.  So, Abram has Sarai tell the Egyptians that she is Abram’s sister. So, Pharaoh

     Thinking Sarai to be Abram’s sister took her to be with his household, and

     Pharaoh treated Abram very well giving him flocks and herds, male and female

     Donkey’s, and male and female servants. This is where it is believed that Hagar

     Came from.


4.  Look at Genesis 12:1, Abram was to go to a land that Yahweh would show

     Them, and that land was Canaan not Egypt, and Abram and Sarai got there and

     Was a famine in the land so, Abram went down to Egypt instead of stay in the

     Land of Canaan.


5.  Now, I know that it would be very difficult to look at the fact, it is a fact that

     There is a famine going on, and say Yahweh told us to go to Canaan and this is

     Where we are staying. But then you have to ask the question did Yahweh know

     That there was a famine in Canaan when He told them to go to Canaan? And

     The other question would be since Yahweh knows everything what was He

     Going to do through Abram if He had stayed in Egypt? Did Abram miss a

     A blessing by not staying in Egypt?


6.  Now we can see that if Abram had stayed in Canaan Sarai would not have

     Hagar, so Ismael would not have been born and we would not be going through

     Some of the struggles that we are going through today in this world, the other

     Thing is that Abram exposed, not only himself, but Sarai and Egypt to sin. This

     Also had to do with the Covenant as well the promised child would come

     Through Abram and Sarai, and I believe that is why Pharaoh household

     Received the plagues was to put a stop to what was about to happen. What if

     Abram had prayed about what to do when he got to Canaan?


7.  See I think that we tend to do the same things as Abram, we think we have it all

     Figured out so we make plans based on what we can do instead of what

     Yahweh can do and what happens is we sometimes missing blessings that we

     Could have had and bring curse into our lives that we didn’t to suffer through.


8.  Back to Genesis 47:27-31, it says that in my version they acquired property this

     May be a little different than we have thought about in the past, look at Genesis

     41:34-37, Joseph had Pharaoh appoint overseers of all of the land and the

     People paid to Pharaoh 1/5 of their crops to stay on the land in the years of

     Abundance, then in Genesis 47:20-26, Joseph bought all of the land for Pharaoh

     He moved all of the people to the city, the only ones to own land was the



9.  Then, Joseph gave seed to the people and told them to plant it and when it came

     Time to harvest it Pharaoh would take 1/5 and they would get a 4/5’s of the

     Harvest for themselves, and to seed the fields for the next harvest and to have

     And to food for themselves. Now in the case of Israel it appears that they

     Bought the land in Goshen in Genesis 47:27 the word acquired in my version

     And possession in the KJV to possess and means owner, plus any capable men

     Men went to work overseeing Pharaoh’s flocks.


10.  Now, let me mention one more thing right now, this time Yahweh did weigh in

       On the matter on going to Egypt, look at Genesis 46:1-3, Yahweh tells Israel

       Not to be afraid of going that He will make him a great nation there, the same

       Language as that of the Covenant Genesis 12:1-3, Genesis 15:1-16, so when

       Abram went to Egypt he may have been thinking about this and didn’t inquire

       About the timing, where as Jacob sacrificed and worshipped before Yahweh

       And then was told to go.


11. Back to Genesis 47:28-31, Today if we were to swear an oath it would

      Probably involve the right hand and a Bible, or at least raising the right hand

      Such as swearing into military service, or as a Police officer, President of the

      United States, this is a modern, day custom for us here in the USA, and it has

      Become the normal way to do this sort of thing, we don’t find it in the Bible.


12.  The idea of putting our hand under someone’s thigh is pretty foreign to us in

       The USA today, but it was a custom back in the ancient Hebrew days, we may

       Read about this happening in the Bible but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere

       In the Bible to explain it and what it means.


13.  We find this a couple of times in Scripture, once here in Genesis 47:29 and

       Genesis 24:9, it is interesting that in both of these cases it is about a patriarch

       That is nearing death and with family matters, the custom goes something

       Like this, according the sages, that when you take this kind of oath it needs to

       Based on something holy and the holiest thing that Abraham had in those

       Days was the sign of the Covenant, or the circumcision. So, to place one’s

       hand under the thigh was a symbol of the pelvis or the area of Circumcision.

       So, they were basing this oath of the Covenant. Israel knew that they needed to

       At some point return back to the promised land.


14.  Now as we go into Genesis 48 we are going to be looking at some words and

       The meaning of those words and also how Yahweh has put all of this together

       Gives us a little more information about what all of this means and how

       Yahweh is using us and making us into a nation that will be what He wants us

       To be, the more we are able to understand this maybe we can better work with

       Yahweh and what He is doing around us.


15.  So, in Genesis 48:1-22 we find that Joseph told that his father was becoming

       And starting to die, so, Joseph got his sons and headed for Goshen to be with

       Israel. When they arrived, Israel is told that they are there, and Israel tells them

       Come in and he sets up in bed.


16. Israel starts off by telling Joseph about a vision that he was given at Luz, this

      Account of the vision comes from Genesis 28:13-19, and it says that Israel

      Gave this place the name Bethel which means the House of El, but the

      Place was named Luz prior to that. The luz means to turn away or to depart

      And carries with it the understanding of devious or crafty. Look at Joshua 18:



17.  Now, look at Genesis 28:14, it says that your offspring will be as the dust of

       Earth and your offspring will spread out to the west, east, north and south

       And all of the peoples of the earth will be blessed through you and your off-



18.  Now back to Genesis 48:4, here Israel gives Joseph the prophecy given to him

       By Yahweh, and Israel goes on to say that both of Joseph’s sons are his and

       Are now by prophecy are part of this whole revelation that Israel had been

       Given. This is exciting because Israel has this prophetic perspective about

       Had is taking place and he is seeing this being brought about right before his


19.  You may think I am a nut that just walked to far down pier, but let’s keep

       Keep going, look at Genesis 48:6, these 2 are important, because any

       Children Joseph has after these two will have an inheritance but they will

       Be recorded under their brothers.


20.  Israel talks about the death Rachel and says that he buried her at Bethlehem

       Then he sees Joseph’s son and asks who they are, so Joseph makes an

       Introduction and puts them in order od blessings Manasseh on the right

       Because Manasseh is the oldest and would receive the firstborn blessing,

       And Ephraim on the left because he is the younger.


21.  So, when Israel reached out he put his right hand on Ephraim’s head and his

       Left hand on Manasseh’s head, Joseph thinks his dad made a mistake because

       Of his failing eye sight but Israel tells him that he is doing things right. Israel

       Tells Joseph that the younger is to receive the greater blessing. Israel says that

       Manasseh would be one of the tribes of the nation of Israel but the younger

       Ephraim will have the greater blessing.4


22.  Now, you may like most of us be asking why that would be? And the answer

       To that can be found in the name of these 2 boys. The name of Manasseh

       Means “causing to forget”. And the name of Ephraim means “Double Fruit”

       There it is.


23.  But look at the call on their lives, Manasseh will be a tribe of Israel it will be

       Ephraim and his offspring will become a KJV multitude of nations, the word

       For nations here in the Hebrew is gogee and is translated foreign nations, so it

       Is the Ephraim that all the foreign nations will be brought in.


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