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By Dr. Rick Chesher



          What a name for a Blog, but I believe a very important Blog for this time. So, what does it mean to air dirty laundry? Well, it simply means to deal with personal problem when others are around. We have all had this happen from time to time, and it looks like this: Maybe you had confided in someone, something that you were very embarrassed about, of course thinking they were your friend and you could depend on them. So, one day you go to a public function such as, a party, only to find out that the one you thought you could trust and been spreading the story around to many people.

          It could be that in the midst of a conversation with a group of people you blurt out a problem you are having with someone else, and that someone else had no idea that you were going to make that public. Think about the hurt that would be there when other people starting discussing you stuff, and berating you for what happened.

          Paul actually talks about this same kind of thing in the Scriptures. Let’s look at 1 Corinthians 6:1-11. As we look at this let’s see if we can put this in prospective. Paul is talking about people who may have a legitimate beef with someone, but choose to air it before the world rather that settle the matter in a righteous manner. These people were taking the laundry to someone, that in Yahweh’s eyes should not be judging anything within the faith community.

          Now I realize that no one is taking anyone to court, but there is a principle here that we all should follow. When we air the faith community laundry we are airing that laundry before the unrighteous too. Now it is bad enough for one person to do it, but all of the people that say something about it on that thread is doing the same thing, in that they are continuing this before the world.

          We need to remember, not all of the people on Facebook are saved, and what kind of testimony are we giving to the world? It makes people wonder why they need to be saved, because those that claimed salvation are just as messed up as they are, in fact, maybe some of them would never do this kind of thing to someone else. Then the question comes up, who is more righteous? It hurts my heart for Yahshua, because I know it is breaking His heart. These people are your brothers and sisters if you will remember. It is not our place to condemn one another, that is Yahweh’s job.

          This is something that we all should repent from. Remember this, if it were not for the blood of Yahshua, and His mercy and grace, none of us would make it to salvation. Let’s stop picking at each other and find ways to build each other up, knowing that we all need the help of one another, and that help comes in the form of building each other up, instead of trying to destroy one another’s reputation, known in Scripture as murdering one another, the same as gossip.

2 Responses to Airing Dirty Laundry

  1. Rose

    Amen.  This is beautiful, true, and timely.  Thank you.

  2. I would only add that there is a time and place to expose people who claim to be leaders, who love Yah and yet are in unrepentant sin and remain in unrepentant sin after being confronted.  This can be to help protect the other innocent sheep.

    Yah bless

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