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1. Turn with me in your Bibles to Rom. 9:1-13.

2. Last week we took a look at Rom. 8:31-39.

3. We saw, Our Victory in Yahshua Messiah. V31-39

A. Paul is referring to the previous paragraph about afflicts and suffering vs
Glory that will be revealed to us.

1. Look carefully at V31. (If Yahweh is for us, who can be against us? And
Really when you think about that, who could possibly be against us and
Do anything to us?)

a. David knew a little about this truth. (Look at Ps. 23:4, “Even though I go
through the darkest valley I fear no danger for you are with me; Your
rod and staff they comfort me”, In the KJV it says, even though I walk
in the valley of the shadow of death and the Hebrew says even though I
walk in the shadow of the grave, and goes on to say that he fears that
word is yaw-ray meaning he does not revere or serve death because
Yahweh is with him)

b. Look at Ps. 27:1. (Yahweh is my light (ore) meaning light and happiness
and his salvation meaning Yahshua in whom shall I fear, Yahweh is the
strength of my life (He is the defense force) of David’s life from whom
shall he be afraid)

c. Look at Ps. 56:8-9. (Because Yahweh recorded David’s wanderings, and
because Yahweh has put his teas in a bottle and they become Yahweh’s
records, and because of that when David calls on Yahweh’s name his
enemies will turn back because Yahweh is for him)

2. Back to Rom. 8:32. (The Father didn’t even spare His own Son but
offered Him for us all; how will He not also with Him grant us
everything: Look at 2 Peter 1:3-4, Jos. 21:43-45)

a. Look at Rom. 8:33. (Who can bring an accusation against Yahweh’s
elect? This word “accusation” means call into question, and the word
elect means His chosen, look at Deut. 7:6 we are Yahweh’s chosen, and
and goes on to say that it is Yahweh who justifies not anyone else, look
at Eph. 1:1-11)

b. Look at Rev. 12:10. (In this verse notice that Satan is called the accuser
of the brethren, this word “accuser” is made up of two words the first is
to bring something against and also means to make public and in this
case it says that Satan stands day and night before Yahweh and accuses
the ones in the assembly. Now it is one thing for Satan to accuse the
saints, but to make accusations about before Yahweh who knows the
truth and what He through Yahshua Messiah has done, look also at Is.

1). The word devil. (Is a Greek word which means “slanderer or accuser)

c. Look at Luke 6:7. (They were watching Yahshua to see if He would heal
on the Sabbath which was not against the law, we can do good on the
Sabbath and their purpose was so they could bring accusation against
Yahshua, when you look up accuser it also says see Devil, could it be
That if we are not careful we can come a tool of Satan and accuse
Others according to what Satan is doing? Look at Job 2:10)

d. Back to Rom. 8:34. (Paul goes on here and really is saying who is our
real judge? Yahshua is the one who died for us and more important who
has been raised from the dead and seated at the right hand of the Father
and He is the very one who intercedes for us, this is more like an
advocate before our Judge showing that the saints fall under Yahshua’s
finished work, through His blood according to the will of the Father)

e. Then in Rom. 8:35. (Paul poses the question, who can separate us from
the love of Messiah? The word separate means to put room between to
make to go away, and then Paul goes through this list anguish,
persecution, famine, nakedness, danger or the sword, and look at verse

f. And the answer to that is. (No! in fact we are more than victorious
though Him who loved us, now to me adding the “more” is strange to
me we are either victorious or not, but by adding this word “more”
means that our victory in Him is decisive, not just making it to victory
but being so decisive that no will be able to argue with it)

g. In Rom. 8:38-39. (Paul says that he is persuaded and this means
convinced that none of the things he has listed will be able to separate
us from the love of Yahweh that is in Yahshua Messiah who is our

4. Today we are going to look at what Yahweh is doing in Israel and maybe look
At our identity.

5. Read Rom. 9:1-13, Pray!

I. Who Israel really is. V1-13

A. In this paragraph, we are going to start the discussion of our identity in

1. Paul brings in the witness of his conscience and the Holy Spirit:

a. This is about. (What Paul is feeling toward the people of Israel and his
love for his brethren)

b. Remember, Paul had been accused of. (Forsaking the faith by forsaking
the law of Moses and teaching others to do the same thing, look at Acts

c. So as we look at this. (Paul has this deep intense sorrow for Israel, not
because they were following the law of Moses, but because Israel had
forsaken their Messiah)

1). Both of the words used to describe how he felt. (Deal with a heaviness of
Sorrow a deep grief that was deep within him longing for Israel to
Except their Messiah)

2). Look at Rom. 1:3. (The statement that Paul makes in this next verse is
One that intends to show Paul’s great love and deep sorrow for his
Brethren, but certainly can’t be done because the only one who could
Cut off or curse already did it Yahshua, but this is one of a parents
Who would go through something instead of their child.)

d. Look at Rom. 9:4. (They are Israelites theirs is the “adoption” means the
the placing as son’s of Yahweh, look at Ex. 4:22-23 Yahweh tells Moses
Moses to tell Pharaoh who Israel is, to identify Israel before the enemy
And Yahweh tells Moses that He will harden Pharaoh’s heart and lays
Out for Moses His plan, because Yahweh is not only going to tell
Them who Israel is but He will show them the One they serve)

e. But all of the richness of Israel. (Was given to them by Yahweh, the glory,
the covenants, the giving of the law, the temple service, and the
promises, the ancestors and from them by physical descent the Messiah
Himself who is Elohim over all, and praised forever)

f. In Rom. 9:6 s deeper than one might think. (One might argue that is that is
true and they rejected their Messiah then all of this is for nothing, and
Paul says that isn’t true, there is more to this than meets the eye, the
Word of Yahweh has not failed at all)

1). Here starts the explanation. (Not all who are descended from Israel are
Israel, and in Rom. 9:7 not all are children because they were
Abraham’s descendants, Because Scripture says that the descendants
Of Abraham will be trace through Isaac, look at Gen. 21:12)

2). Look at Gen. 12:10-20. (It is believed that Hagar came from this
Exchange between Abraham and Pharaoh in Gen. 12:16 and some in
Jewish tradition go as far as saying that she was the daughter of
Pharaoh (But that is tradition) but most think that this is where she
Came from)

3). Back to Rom. 9:8. (Paul makes it clear that it is not the children that
Are descended by physical descent that are children of Yahweh but
Those that are by the promise who are children of Yahweh)

4). Turn with me to Gal. 4:21-31. (It says that Abraham had 2 sons, one by
The slave (Hagar) and one by the free women (Sarah), but the one by
The slave was born as a result of the impulse of the flesh, the free
women was from the promise)

5). Now, as we look at this. (I want you to get the full impact on this,
Abraham and Sarah had waited about 25 years after Yahweh’s
Promise before Sarah conceived, I don’t want to justify what they did
But I do want to learn from what they did, because we do this too)
6). Apparently, they decided. (That Yahweh needed some help in bringing
His promise into a reality, because that is what they were doing when
They decided to bring Hagar into the picture, look at Gen. 16:1-3,
Had been at Canaan for 10 years)

7). Back to Gal. 4:24. (Paul says that these women represent to covenants
One from Mt. Sinai who bears children into slavery which is Hagar
And she represents the current Jerusalem, look at Ex. 19:5-6 Yahweh
Says Now if you will listen and carefully keep My covenant, you will)

8). Ex, 20:18-21. (Instead of listening and carefully keeping His covenant
They removed themselves and continued standing at a distance, and
We have talked about this, then received Yahweh’s word on stone
That represented their hearts of stone and also kept them in slavery
And they continued to struggle with that all of their lives, but the
Promise was for them to be Ex. 19:56, they were and are doing things
By the flesh)

9). Back to Gal. 4:26-31. (But the Jerusalem from above is free, see Rev.
3:12-13, Rev. 21:2, 10 and Heb. 12:22 notice that it is clear that this
Jerusalem from above is by the Spirit not the flesh, in Gal. 4 Paul
Admits there are 2 covenants but it is only the covenant of the
Promise the one not by human hands but the one done by Him that
Are the true children of Yahweh)

10). Gen. 25:27-34. (Once again, we can see this through the birth right of
Esau and Isaac, it is without a doubt that Esau through being the first
Born had every right to the firstborn blessings, but in Yahweh’s
Economy being the first born was not enough, character is important
To Yahweh, Esau had no regard for his birthright and sold it to Isaac
To satisfy the flesh)

11). Now in writing these things we will be looking at. (Paul is beginning to
Teach us what is really important for us to live by because as we are
Going to see in the near future is that He wants us to be children of
The promise, and being children of the promise we will only be able
To realize the promise one way and that is by faith)

12). Looking ahead. (Read Rom. 9:31-33, it says that Israel pursued the
Law for righteousness and has not achieved righteousness and the
Reason is they did not pursue it by faith but by works, they stumbled
Over the stumbling stone, when we pursue righteousness there works
We can only experience what we can do, not what Yahweh can do,
Look at Matt. 19:24-26)

13). Look at Gen. 15:1-6. (Yahweh imputes righteousness to those who
Believe Him, now I didn’t say those who believe in Him, I said those
Who believe Him)

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