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1. Turn with me in your Bibles to Rom. 6:15-23.

2. Last week we took a look at Rom. 6:1-14.

3. We saw, Identifying with the death, burial and resurrection of our Messiah. V1-14

A. If we look at this passage we will have to admit that this is a little bit difficult
To get our head around.

1. Now remember this is still a reference to one man’s sin:

a. And that is a reference to Adam. (Through one man’s sin death enter to
all men there by we were subject to death from the time of birth, But the
question that is being placed before us is this should we continue to sin?)

b. This question. (Actually comes from Rom. 5:20 which Paul explains that
the law came along and made what we were doing evident and sin
multiplied it exposed our sin by defining what sin is, and the same time
the second part of that verse say where sin reined in death grace
multiplied even more to righteousness and eternal life)

1). So Paul argues against. (The idea that we should sin so that Yahweh’s
Grace may be multiplied even more and of course that argument is
Absurd especially us now knowing that the word for grace is charis
Leading back to the Holy Spirit, and Paul concludes that by saying
Absolutely not)

2). Now this is where. (The conversation takes an unexpected to that is
Going to lead us into a deeper understanding of this passage, look at
Rom. 6:2, How can those who died to sin still live in it, the word to
Continue in the GK is to abide in, traditional teaching is that this is
Just a sign or witness of us identifying with the death, burial and
Resurrection of Yahshua)

3). So this is something that we need to look at. (Paul is saying that some
Where along this journey that there was a death that took place and
It seem the death was mine and this is true according to other places
In Scripture as well look at Eph. 2:1-5)

a). Look at Gal. 2:10-20. (There is a law of sin and death look at Gen.
2:16-17 Yahweh clearly says that the day you eat of the tree of
The knowledge of good and evil you will die, die meaning of surely
Now look at Gen. 2:9 so these two trees possibly standing side by
Side or close to each other. Look at Pro. 3:13-18 about wisdom
The Tree of Life)

b). This puts wisdom. (As part of shema or listening and obeying, most
of us would say, Oh if I could see them side by side I would be able
to tell the difference, but truth and the lie are always side by side
we are supposed to have His truth look at 1 Cor. 2:15-16)

4). Now in this passage. (It helps us clarify that we were already dead
And now have been made alive through the Spirit of Messiah look
At the word grace (charis) which ties it to the working of the Holy
Spirit, look also at 2 Cor. 3:17 the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of

5). Now back to Rom. 6:2. (Look closer at this verse we were made alive
That apparently made us dead to sin, so in us being made alive in
Messiah we died to sin)

6). Now look at Rom. 6:3. (When we were baptized into Messiah we were
Baptized into His into His death and not only that but we were,
According to Vv4-5 we were also baptized into His burial and His
Resurrection as well)

7). Paul goes on to say in Rom. 6:6-10. (That if we were crucified with
Yahshua it caused us to be free from sin dominion over our body
Was abolished which means to be destroyed and we are no longer
Sins slave, it holds to contract or ownership with us or over us)

8). Paul uses Yahshua as an example. (Because Yahshua is alive He is
And had died to our sin once for all, He is alive to live to Yahweh
And no other)

9). Now is Paul speaking in terms of Baptism by water. (No, He is speaking
Of Rom. 5:5 about Yahweh’s love being poured out in our hearts by
The Holy Spirit look at John 3:16, baptism by water is symbolic of
What took place spiritually in our life through that Death, burial, and
Resurrection of Yahshua and the working of the Holy Spirit Eph.

10). Look at Rom. 6:11. (So consider yourself dead to sin but alive to
Yahweh in Yahshua Messiah, the word consider or reckon in the GK
Is really key in this passage of Scripture)

11). The word “consider”. (For me the idea to just consider something is
Not all that helpful in understanding how to apply this verse based
On what Paul is teaching here, for me it’s almost like consider this
Or that to consider between choses)

12). But that is not what is being said here. (The word means to think in
Way look at 1 Cor. 1:10 we are to say the same thing, we are to be
Perfectly joined together, and we are to be of the same judgement)

13). Look at 1 Cor. 2:16. (We have the mind of Messiah so what Paul is
Talking about is that we need to use the mind of Messiah, we need
Aleign out thoughts with His thoughts because He has already
Proclaimed and judgment on all of these matters have already been

14). This goes back to Acts. (Look at Acts 2:1 KJV they were in one
Accord, translated one mind that of Yahshua’s look at Acts
1:4-8 they had been told by Yahshua what to do and what they were
To wait for so that is what they did)

15). So to have the mind of Messiah. (We have His decisions on things so
We need to adjust our thinking and make our thoughts to match
His thoughts on things, look at 2 Cor. 10:3-6)

16). Look at Rom. 6:12. (Do not let sin reign in your mortal body the
Word “let” means a absolute denial, so we have the power in
Messiah by the Holy Spirit to deny access to sin in us)

17). Look at Rom. 6:13. (Do not offer ourselves to sin, means to not offer
Is a reference to a sacrifice we are to present ourselves as a living
Sacrifice to Yahweh Rom. 12:1 and in verse 14 we are not under the
Law of sin and death but we are under grace (charis) point to the
Power of the Holy Spirit to give life through Yahshua 2 Peter 1:3-4)

4. I would like to continue through this idea of continuing to sin and grace, and the
Idea that we don’t need to strive to not sin.

5. Let’s read Rom. 6:15-23, Pray!

I. We can’t continue to live in sin. V15-18

A. This is about a presentation on our part.

1. Look closely at verse 16. (Paul starts this off by saying, don’t you that if
Offer yourselves to someone as obedient slaves you are slaves of the one
You obey?)

a. Obey in the GK. (Means to attentive harkening, to be in compliance or
in submission to someone or something)

b. Turn with me to Ex. 14:5-14. (So, Pharaoh changed his mind about
letting Israel go, and decided that he would go out and make Israel his
slaves again V5)

c. Notice, in Ex. 14:6. (Pharaoh gets his equipment together and takes his
took his troops with him, Pharaoh is with the army that chased after

d. Ex. 14:8 says. (That Yahweh hardened the heart of Pharaoh, the word
hardened means to make strong, but it also means to be obstinate, and
if you think about and look at what had happened you can see this, they
had just lost all of their firstborn males so Yahweh strengthen him and
made him obstinate)

e. Let’s look a little closer at Ex. 14:8. (It says that he pursued the Israelites
as the Israelites were going out triumphantly, the KJV says with a high
hand and ISR says defiantly, the dictionary says that the definition of
high handed is to use more power than is needed, without thinking
about the feelings or wishes of others, so could it have been that after
being slaves for so long that they were kind of miss using what they
thought of as their power?)

f. Look at Ex. 14:10. (The next thing that happened was Israel saw
Pharaoh and his army coming and says that they were terrified, the
Hebrew word for terrified means to revere and in the dictionary says
Revere means devoted deferential honor, and to regard as worthy of
Great honor and is a form of worship)

g. Listen to what they say in Ex. 14:11. (Is it because there were no graves
in Egypt that you have brought us in the desert to die? They at that
point started pronouncing death over themselves and in V12 they want
to be left alone to they can serve the Egyptians, and that it was better for
them to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert)

h. Look at Ex. 14:13. (Moses tells to stop being afraid, stop revering or stop
worshipping Pharaoh and to stand firm which in the Hebrew means to
station, to present or to continue to offer yourselves, and to who are
they to offer themselves to, look to their salvation in the Hebrew means

i. What Paul is teaching in Romans. (Moses taught Israel in the Exodus of
Israel from Egypt and freedom from slavery of Pharaoh look at Ex.
14:13 again Moses tells them that if they will do this then Yahweh will
Fight for you and those that are coming and trying to enslave you now
Will never again will be seen)

j. Read Ex. 14:15-31. (As they turned from worshipping Pharaoh and
began to offer themselves to Yahweh, Yahweh moved from the front of
them to the rear and held Pharaoh and his army at bay while He was
preparing for them a way of escape, and the end result was they saw
the Egyptians dead on the sea shore)

k. Look at Rom. 6:17-23. (This what Paul is teaching here, that at one time
you were slaves to sin, but now that you have believed and have obeyed
His teaching from the heart we have become slaves of righteousness
And not from what you can produce in yourselves as before but
Through the free gift)

l. Look at Rom. 6:19. (If we would offer ourselves to as a sacrifice to
righteousness it will result in sanctification which means to be holy or
to be purified look at 1 Peter 1:3-7, when purifying gold or silver the
heat is turned up which is never comfortable, but if we continue it
will result in that reflection of Yahshua in us)

m. Read Ex. 11:1. (Now read Ex. 12:3-7 and Ex. 12:22-24, Ex. 12:29-36
this is our story as well as we are in Yahshua Messiah)

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