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                                                   2016 Sukkot Festivities Planning Calendar                       10/13/2016

1st Day (Sunday)  10/16/2016

2nd Day of week (Monday) 10/17

3rd Day of week (Tuesday) 10/18

4th Day of week (Wed.) 10/19

5th Day of week  (Thursday) 10/20

6th Day of week (Friday) 10/21

7th Day of week   Shabbat, 10/22

3rd Day at

Fishermens Bend 

Post Schedule & Campground rules in the pavilions. No parking in the basketball court, no driving on grass. Welcome & love.

First Day of Sukkot, a "High Holy Day," no work.  Changed to Cornerstone at 11:00 am Service, Oneg, midrash.

YeshaYahu (Isaiah)


2nd Day of Sukkot.  Fellowship day (day of the pey, p – the open mouth).        

3rd Day of Sukkot.   

 4th Day of Sukkot.  

5th Day of Sukkot. 

Prep day for Shabbat.

6th Day of Sukkot. 

Shabbat, no work. 

Volunteers assist Steve Bothum setting up 2 sukkot. Tarp & decorate shelters. Volunteers unload & stack firewood. Volunteers assist widows, fatherless, strangers, disabled & the poor to set up.


TBA: Children's Acvitvity by:

Childrens Acvitvity by: Juanita Overlin   Cooking Kosher

Israeli style.

TBA: Children's Acvitvity by:

TBA: Children's

Acvitvity:  Baking Hallah, Other? Led by:

11am: P&W by

Silverton Group.       

12am: Message by

Rick Chesher – Marriage Supper of

the Lamb                

1pm: Group Oneg at the Firs shelter:

Mishpochah meet &

greet, make friends.   

Erev Sukkot: Ingathering of the people, palm branches and fruits of the land! Sundown starts Erev Sukkot. 

No work.


Dance practice by?   Reuben Group

Counseling Sessions 

Dance practice by?    

Reuben Group

Counseling Sessions.

MidEast Motif Oneg


with YirmeYahu and Juanita Overlin.    


 Dance practice by?    Reuben Group

Counseling Sessions 

Dance practice by? 

Reuben Group

 Counseling Sessions 

Pastor Steve Bothum: Torah readings and midrash for Sukkot


 Shemot (Exo.) 33:12

– 34:26, B'midbar (Num.) 29:17–25,

Ezekiel 38:18 – 39:16, John 7:37–44

6pm at The Firs:

P&W by Yedidim,

Patrick & Christine Lumbroso.  Sunset at 6:21 pm.  7pm: Speaker, Pastor

Rick Chesher from


Pesach-Sukkot Connection.

4pm: Wedding –

Tom Bickle & Monique;         P&W by Carl Gunter;

Klugs.  5pm: Group

Oneg at Cornerstone              

Sunset at 6:21 pm.   

7pm: Speaker, David Klug: Lev.

23:40, Fruit of the

TBA: Open time: Impromptu P&W with Daniel

Motsinger & others. 

7pm: Speaker, Tuck Mayes from Benai


The Sacred Name.

6pm: P&W by Rollyn

& Angie Betts,   

7pm:  Three Wise

Guys Round Table with brothers Rollyn Betts, Gus Bergstrom and Rick Gustin from Silverton.

6pm: P&W by David & Leslie Klug from Benai Yeshurun.    7pm: Speaker, Pastor Rick Chesher from Cornerstone: Tithing & Offerings in Romans.

Erev Shabbat:   

6pm: P&W by


Sunset at 6:13 pm.   

7pm: Speaker, Dale Henson from


Time versus


7pm: Prophecy Round Table.

Facilitated by David Klug or other Elder(s).


                                                   2016 Sukkot Festivities Planning Calendar                       10/13/2016

1st Day of week (Sunday)  10/23

2nd Day of week (Monday) 10/24

3rd Day of week (Tuesday) 10/25

4th Day of week

(Wednesday) 10/26


6th Day of week (Friday) 10/14

7th Day of week – Shabbat, 10/15

7th Day of Sukkot,

Hoshanna Rabba

(The Great Hosanna – save us know!)      Prep day for Shabbat.

Eighth Day. Shemini Atzeret, the 8th day of lingering, a "High Holy Day," no work.    

12th Day at 

Fishermens Bend.

Simchat Torah

(Traditional): Roll back the Torah scroll. Pull stakes, assist widows, fatherless, elderly, disabled and the poor.

Last Day at

Fishermens Bend:

Simchat Torah

(Traditional 2nd day)  Pull stakes to go home. Assist widows, fatherless, elderly, disabled and the poor.


1st Day at

Fishermens Bend:   Prayers for good weather for Sukkot!     Set up personal camps.  Volunteers assist strangers, widows, fatherless, elderly & disabled.

2nd Day at

Fishermens Bend:  

Shabbat rest day.  

No work.

TBA: Children's Acvitvity by:

1pm: Teaching by: David Klug. Waterpouring ceremony,  Blow shofarim & march around 7X, wave lulavim, palm or cedar branches.  YeshaYahu 12:3-6,

Mizmor (Ps.) 118,

John 7:37-39

TBA: Roll back a Torah scroll w/ singing and dancing. P&W by

Carl Gunter. Prayers for travel mercies.

Travel home safely!  

Help your neighbor pack as needed. Clean up the grounds and pavilions.

Volunteers needed! Haul Firewood and unload at shelters. Set up yurt dome, string lights on walkways. Unload tables & chairs at Firs, unload kitchen service items at Cedars shelter.

Weekly Shabbat at the Firs Group Site on the Benai Yeshurun Schedule:

1pm: P&W by David & Leslie Klug.

Prayer and share. 2pm: Kiddush &

Fellowship break.

Dance practice by?  

Reuben Group

Counseling Sessions 

P&W by Teshuvah

(Brad Grooman)   5pm: Group Oneg:    Prayers for the outpouring of the

 Ruach HaQodesh.     

Priestly Blessing.

Reuben Group

Counseling Sessions. TBA: Debriefing

Meeting with Elders  and Ministry Team



Prayers for travel mercies.  Travel home safely!  

TBA: Wedding rehearsal for Tom Bickle & Monique wedding.

3pm: Scriptures Readings for Torah:

Ha'azinu & Vezot

Ha'Brakha:           D'varim 32-34;  

Haftorah: II Samuel 22:1-51;  Yehoshua

(Joshua) 1:1–18,

Erev Shemini


6pm: P&W by


Sunset at 6:10 pm.    7pm: B'midbar

(Num.) 29:26–34; John 7:1–44, Facilitated by David Klug or other Elder.

Sunset at 6:08 pm – Sukkot ends.  

Reuben Group Counseling Sessions.

Close-out and recap.

Shalom Chaverim!



Grounds and shelters inspections by responsible Elders.

Final grounds and shelters inspections by responsible Elders.

Erev Shabbat at sunset at 6:23 pm.

No work.

Brit Chadashah: Romans 10:1411:12;  Matthew

5:17– 48, Romans 7:21–25.   Body building / midrash.    4:30pm: Break, setup for oneg         

5pm: Group Oneg.

Sunset at 6:23 pm.


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