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By Rev. Dr. Rick Chesher


If we were to talk to people about the book of Revelation most people would say they are very interested in learning more about this book because of its prophetic end time content. I really love this book myself for that reason, but also for the message it gives us as well as the encouragement.

I would like to talk about one verse that is a most interesting verse for me. We find it in Revelation 19:9, and it talks about those who are “invited” to the marriage supper of the Lamb being blessed.

This word “invited” or “called” in some translations is the word kaleo in the Greek, and qara in the Hebrew. Both of these words can be translated called but also can be translated “to give a name to”, which in the Hebrew we find all over the place, especially in Genesis in the creation story were Yahweh is naming things like day and night, stars and sun and the moon.

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that this word “kaleo” shows up at a wedding supper seeing that the bride of the wedding is given a name, or in this case the name of the husband. We find this marriage feast being discussed in Isaiah 25:6-8, and in this passage the ones being referred to are His people. Isaiah was giving this prophesy to Israel or in this case Judah.

The place this prophecy is discussing is Zion which is where this marriage supper will be taking place. This is very important because if we go to Ephesians chapter 2 we will see something very important for all of us to understand. In Eph. 2:11-20, we find Paul talking about this same idea. Paul tells us those who have come into Messiah by His blood, were once called Gentiles and were not citizens of Israel. But through Yashua we have become fellow citizens in Yahweh’s household.

So once we were strangers and foreigners to Israel, but now have become fellow citizens, this is in verse 19 of chapter 2 of Ephesians. So this helps us understand what Rev. 19:9 is talking about, and more important who it is referring to. This is very important because it helps us identify who we are in Messiah, which will help us identify what we are to be doing. This also helps us understand Scripture and what Scripture is talking about. Remember, we have great and promises we have been given, if this is true, and I believe Scripture is true, this helps us identify what those promises are. They are the ones we are to share in that were given to Israel, and according to Rom. 11:17. By the way, the cultivated olive tree is a reference to Israel in Jere. 11:1-16. Study these passages and enjoy the richness of His Word.

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