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By Dr. Rick Chesher             I have seen allot lately about the idea that numerology was Hebrew or Christian. It seems that allot of Hebrews and Christians have been using this to predict, and they call it, to prophesy of future events. So I thought I would share a
By Dr. Rick Chesher               I wanted to talk a little more about what is going on in the United States today, and maybe see in the Bible where some of this began, and the impact it had on Israel and it will have on us today. At
By Dr. Rick Chesher               People have asked and been curious about the end times forever. In fact, there have been great books and movies made about the end times, some of them have been great to read and watch. It is one of the great subjects to
By Dr. Rick Chesher I titled this blog “what a world we live in” because it seems to me to be very appropriate for the world we live in right now. It seems as if people have lost their minds, and not only that, but they go out and prove
By Dr. Rick Chesher               In today’s world if a person needs something, especially money, it is sometimes hard for that person to be able to get what they need. To get money, they need to have a good credit report and some kind of security that is