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Senior Pastor & Senior Elder
Dr. Rick & Sharon Chesher:

Graduated from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, and Evangel Christian University of America, has pastored and ministered in the Northwest for 20 years. Dr. Chesher is the author of “The Theology of the Book of Revelation” and “Learning To Walk: Taking Baby Steps To Christian Maturity”


Terry Stewert

My life as an atheist/criminal was disturbed at the age of 18 by a vision that struck terror into my heart. I gave my life to “Jesus” at that time and spent the next 50 years in the Assemblies of God church. I’m just now beginning to come into the light of the Hebrew understanding. May Yahweh help me become productive in His Kingdom.

Dale Henson & wife Raelynn

Received Holy Spirit introduction to “Sabbath” and all its related commands in 2010 – accompanied by the inner drive to help equip Believers to discover their divine design and surrender it for His use.


A Message from Pastor Rick

In Matt. 6:33 it tells us, “But seek first the kingdom of Yahweh and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.”

Just before this Yahshua tells us that we are not to worry about the things of this world, specifically the things we need to live on, and then goes on to tell us to seek His kingdom and His righteousness first.

Interestingly enough the word seek in the original language is a much stronger word than we give it in the English language. In the Greek it means to go after seeking. This gives us a picture of someone going after something valuable, and turning over every stone, and looking intensely for something they have spent their whole life longing for. The dictionary says to seek is to “try and discover” once again seeking intensely for something of value and looking and examining everything to discover the kingdom of Yahweh.

The truth is that sometimes we try and discover worldly needs more than we try to discover what Yahweh thinks is most important. He tells us that His Kingdom and His righteousness is the most important thing for us to possess. If we don’t have that, then we really don’t have anything of real value and worth, and nothing that will be enternal.

Make it a point to try and discover His Kingdom and His righteousness, putting our trust in Him to give us the things we need. Remember, He has promised to provide for us, but the truth is we must have a right priority in life, or we will never experience the relationship that He wants to have with Him.

Pastor Rick