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By Rev. Dr. Rick Chesher                     I don't know about you, but I love the passage in the New Testament about the Vine and the branches. The reason is it gives us a good feeling about how Yahweh takes care of us, but I want you to know
By Rev. Dr. Rick Chesher                 Most of us live in a world far removed from places where they raise sheep, or for that matter, any kind of livestock. For that reason, sometimes it is difficult to understand some of the things taught in the Bible. The Bible
By Dr. Rick Chesher               Have you ever known someone, sometimes for years and thought you had a handle on who they were and what makes them tick to one day, all of a sudden, you see this whole new person that you only thought you knew? I know I
By Dr. Rick Chesher               We live in a world that, it would seem that relationships are not very important. There was one time in the United States that our family values, is what really set us apart from many other nations. And yet today we have declined
By Dr. Rick Chesher               Every year about this time people within the faith community begin to talk about unity, especially those in the community that follow a Biblical Roots perspective, and rightly so, it is the festival of Sukkot. This is the time of year we believe

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