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1.  Turn with me in your Bibles to Genesis 1:1-2.


2.  Before I get involved with another Book of the Bible, I wanted to do a series on

     The Holy Spirit or His role in everything including us.


3.  Sometimes when we talk about the Holy Spirit it seems at times to be hard to

     Understand what is being discussed.


4.  I thought that maybe if we were to look at the roles of the Holy Spirit it might

     Make it easier to see Him at work in around us.


5.  Because what we will see in this is that He is involved with everything that

     Involves Life.


6.  When we see this and how He works we will also see how we will be able to

     Get involved with what He is doing.


7.  Also there are some fundamental understandings of who Yahweh is that we

     Have to acknowledge to come to for us to for us to before our relationship can

     Move forward, there are 7 key truths we have to come to that we find in

     Genesis 1.


8.  The First is that Yahweh exists, the first step in pleasing Yahweh is to

     Acknowledge that Yahweh exists, Look at Hebrews 11:6.


9.  Second, Yahweh existed before there was a universe, and will exist after the

     Universe ceases to exist, Look at Hebrews 1:10-12.


10. We could add that Yahweh is the main character of the Bible and is still active



11. Fourth, as Creator He has done what no man could ever do, it says in Genesis

      1:1 that it is Eloheem who created and the word used for create is a Hebrew

      Word bara which means to call into existence something out of nothing, what

      He created was unique and fresh.




12. Also, the word for God, is actually in the Hebrew from Elohim is in the plural

      Form. The Hebrew word for God is El and the “im” on the ending is what

      makes It plural. And it could be that there are three dynamics that make up

      El’s character. For instance, in Genesis 1:2 you will notice, that it is the Spirit

      Of Elohim that was hovering over the surface of the water. We also see the



13. We find the same thing in the creation of man and man being made in the

      Image of Elohim. Look at John 4:23-24, Yahshua identifying God as being

      Spirit. And True worshippers will worship Him in Spirit and truth, to be

      True worshippers we need to have His Spirit.


14. Let’s go back to Genesis 1:2, it is the Spirit of God or Elohim that hovered over

      The water, when you say the Spirit of Elohim, whose Spirit is it? Elohim’s

      Right! If we were to says Rick’s spirit whose spirit are we talking about? Mine



15.  But the word Spirit in the Hebrew is ruach and it means wind, breath and can

       Be a reference to life. Look at Psalm 33:6, by the word of Yahweh were the

       Heavens made, and all of the hosts of them by His breath of His mouth. The

       Word breath is ruach and if you will put your hand in front of your mouth

       And talk you will feel your breath. So, as He speaks His breath is going forth

       To carry out His purpose. So, it is interesting to me that you cannot speak

       Without breath.


16.  Now, turn with me to Job 33:4, When we look at this one we see that the Spirit

       Of Yahweh has made me, and the breath of Yahweh has given me life. In this

       Verse we see that the word for Spirit is ruach, but the word for breath here is

       Nesh-aw-maw which is translated means puff, wind and intellect or life if you

       Will. This ties Yahweh’s Spirit once again to His creation. Look at Genesis

       2:7, that word breath of life is the same as in Job 33:4 tying Yahweh’s Spirit

       To the giving and creation of life.


17.  Look at Job 32:8, this is interesting, there is a spirit in man, now this word for

       Spirit here is rauch but is specifies that it is the rauch of man, but notice my

       Says breath of Almighty and KJV says inspiration and is the same word that is

       Used in Job and giving life to man Nesh-aw-maw that is also translated divine

       Understanding. We find this is in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 which says that all

       Scripture is inspired by Elohim inspired means breathed by Elohim.


18.  So, once again we find that the idea both life and inspiration are joined

       Together and can not be removed from one another’s side. To have life and

       To have inspiration from Yahweh, we have to have the Spirit of Elohim

       Active in our lives.


19.  Now back to Genesis 1:2, now that we have look at the understanding of the

       Spirit of Elohim being His breath, let’s return to the Scripture and look at

       Another aspect of His creation. It says that the Spirit of Elohim was hovering

       Over the face of the water. To hover means to move so think at this, His breath

       Was moving over the face of the water, so you might see little ripple’s over

       The face of the water just as He breaths.


20.  Then Elohim said, Let, there be light, now this changed things. The word

       “said” amar in the Hebrew means to speak, so imagine that at first, He was just

       Breathing over the water, but now He speaks and more breath goes forth and

       The water goes from small ripples to maybe more waves as His breath

       Becomes more forceful. So, the word went forth along with His breath and

       There was light.


21.  Look at Isaiah 55:11, if you will notice in this verse Yahweh says that His

       Word will not go forth from His mouth and return to Him without having the

       Thing that He said being done. This once again, show that the word He speaks

       Along with His breath go forth, and when they do it will be done.


22.  This ought to give us a little more understanding not only about Elohim, but

       Also, about His Holy Spirit as well to think that we can have the very breath

       Of Yahweh inside of us and should be able to hear and to experience the

       Power of who He is, and that is what He was trying to teach Israel all through

       The Exodus and the desert journey.


23.  Through this series I hope to be able to look at who He is, but what He does

       And how that should impact our lives as believer’s and as a part of the greater

       Body as well.


24.  Look at Ezekiel 37:1-14, Now, in verse 1 we see that the hand of Yahweh was

       One him, meaning that the power of Yahweh was on him, and He carried him

       Out into the wilderness by His Spirit, meaning Yahweh’s Spirit which has to

       Do with His rauch or His breath, and His creativity and His power to give life.

       This is important because that is what He is going to do.


25.  So, could we say that when we are directed by His Spirit it will have

       Something to do with life and restoration? Now notice this, His Spirit set him

       Down in the valley which was full of dry bones. It would have been easy to

       Say, why did you put me among the dead, but that is not was Ezekiel was there



26.  Yahweh started off with a question, Ezekiel can these bones live again?

        Ezekiel’s answer was Master only you know. So, Yahweh tells Ezekiel what

        To say, He said prophesy which means in the Hebrew to speak with divine

        Inspiration or with the breath of Yahweh.


27.  Yahweh wants Ezekiel to speak the words that He gives him to say, and He

       Says to tell the dry bones to hear the word of Yahweh, and Yahweh says that

       He will give them a ruach again and meaning life and they will live.


28.  Look at Ezekiel 37:9, He wants Ezekiel to prophesy to the wind of the four

       Corners of the earth to come and breath life into them, all of these are ruach

       Except one the last breath in that verse which means to bring life to them. Do

       We believe this can happen today? Are we open to allow Him to use us in this

       Way or will we shrink away and not go? Look at John 14:12-14, do we believe

       This, or do we explain it off?

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