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1.  There are many aspects as to what the Holy Spirit does it will be fun to look at

      All of them.


2.  Last week we took a look at the His Holy Spirit being or having to do with

     Creation and restoration, and also His ability to bring life again to those that are



3.  Now, when we talk about creation we can put salvation in the idea of creation,

     Turn with me in your Bibles to 2 Corinthians 5:16-17, in these two verse Paul

     Speaks of not looking at anyone according to flesh, or a worldly perspective.


4.  Paul goes on to say that if a person is in Messiah, then he is a “NEW” creature

     That old things have passed away and the new has come, this word for new

     Is new, it is not refreshed it is new, something completely different. Look at

     John 1:3, we are able to see that all things were made by Him.


5.  Once again in Revelation 3:14, He is the originator of all of creation. Look also

     At Romans 8:18-26, this is about the new creation that is yet to come. Look at

     Isaiah 43:19, says that He is going to do a “new” thing in the Hebrew this word

     New is not restored it is new and fresh. Look at Isaiah 65:17, the heavens and

     Earth are going to be new, Revelation 21:1 he saw a new heavens and earth

     Notice it had to be new because the first heaven and earth passed away.


6.  This is all about our salvation, and that is what I really want to talk about today,

      I want to look at what the Holy Spirit’s role is in our salvation, we can see this

      In Isaiah 61:1-2, as Yahshua proclaim that the Spirit of Yahweh is on Him and

      He has been sent to proclaim or preach good tidings.


7.  If you will notice, it is the Holy Spirit who is the dynamic in Salvation, He is

     The one who fills us, and anoints us to preach the good news to the world, look

     At Isaiah 6:1-8 as we look at how Isaiah was both called and sent to proclaim

     To the people.


8.  But there is more to our salvation than us just making a profusion of faith, and

     Putting our faith in Yahshua as our savior and repenting, there is more to this

     Whole idea that takes us through this life time as we walk through this world.

     And I think we need to know and understand so we may be able to co-operate

     With Him.

9.  Turn with me in your Bibles to 2 Corinthians 1:21-22 and also 2 Corinthians 5:5

     Paul is teaching that it is Elohim who strengthens not only himself but the

     Congregation in Corinth together with them in Messiah, and has anointed them.

     Elohim has given His Holy Spirit as a seal and a down payment in their hearts.


10.  So, as we look at this there are two things we need to discuss, the first is this

       Idea of a seal, and the Holy Spirit as a seal. There a couple of Hebrew words

       That actually mean to different things.


11.  The first is found in 1 Kings 21:8, in this verse we know that Ahab wanted a

       Vineyard that belonged to Naboth and Ahab asked him for it, but Naboth

        Refused saying that he would never give Ahab anything that belonged to

        Naboth’s father, cool meaning there. But anyway, to get the land Jezebel

        Wrote Letters in King Ahab’s name and sealed those letters with King Ahab’s

        Signet ring showing that they came from Ahab and because the wax was

        Unbroken they were not messed with.


12.  So we can look at this and apply this to our lives and His work in our lives,

       That at the time of our salvation, He gives us His Holy Spirit that seals our

       Lives and puts His mark on us, so we are recognized by His seal that is

       Unbroken in our lives.


13.  Look at Jeremiah 31:31-33, He is writing His laws in our hearts and we will be

       His people because He is writing His letters in our hearts and He is sealing the

       Letters He has written in our hearts. His mark is on us. Also look at Ezekiel

       36:25-27 it is about the same things and shows His Spirit is within us.


14.  Let’s look at 2 Corinthians 5:1-5, Paul is speaking in terms of a down payment

       In these verses, and he is Talking about the idea that the Holy Spirit that is

       Given is also a down payment or first installment, and is talking in terms of

       Buying a piece of property. In the since Paul talks here in terms of a future

       Promise. This life we live as believers has a future beyond this life with an

       Inheritance and the Holy Spirit that is given is a seal of that.


15.  So, instead of down payment I used the word seal again. The reason is that in

       Hebrew there is a different word that is being used, and they are related and is

       Translated to seal up. We fin this in Daniel 12:4, which we fine that Yahweh is

       Telling Daniel to seal up the Book that had been given to Daniel until the end

       Times and that is what Paul is referring to here in 2 Corinthians 5:5, also that

        We belong to Him.

16.  Look at Ephesians 1:13-14, here it is again, you were sealed with the promised

       Holy Spirit when you heard the truth and received the gospel of your salvation

       When you believed. Of course, in Jeremiah 31:31-33 and Ezekiel 36:25-27 we

       See the promise of His Spirit being placed in us, and in our hearts, and we see

       Turn to Jeremiah 31:31, it is a new covenant and the Hebrew word for new

       Here is new and has to do with sacrifice and His Spirit.


17.  Look at Hebrews 10:1-18, this is about the sacrifice because the first covenant

       Involved the blood of bulls which it says was not able to take away our sins, so

       We need a better sacrifice, which was the body and the blood of Messiah that

       Gave us a better covenant, and He was able to put His Spirit within us.


18.  The former things is explained, Hebrews 8:1-5, as you see the first served as a

       Shadow picture of the true heavenly temple in the heavens that is not made

       With human hands, but set up by Yahweh Himself.


19.  Back to Ephesians 1:12-14, The Holy Spirit is the down payment for our

       Inheritance until the redemption of the possession, to be praised of His glory.

       Scripture actually speaks to 3 aspects of salvation.


20.  The first is, we were saved, and one point in time you came to faith in

       Yahshua. Repenting of our sins, and putting your faith in Yahshua as the

       Only way to the Father, and putting our faith in His finished work at the

       Execution stake.


21.  We are at this time, after salvation are being saved through the trails and

       And tribulations of this life as we walk out this life in Him. This is the time as

       Walk out our faith and He is building our faith in Him.


22.  But will also be saved when He returns for us and we will become like Him

       For we will see Him as He really is. What a glorious day that will be and all

       Of creation is groaning waiting for the sons of Elohim to be revealed at His



23.  So, as we have seen the Holy Spirit is a seal to us, both in marking to be His,

       But also sealing us up for the day we leave this tent, or the day of His return

       For His bride.


24.  Certainly, this should one more reason to lift up our voices in praise to Him

       How perfectly He takes of us. 

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