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1.  Turn with me in your Bibles to Romans 15:14-32.


2.  Now remember, Paul to this point in his trips had not been to Rome.


3.  In fact, Paul at the time of this writing it is the Spring of AD 57.


4.  Paul is in Corinth, headed to Jerusalem to deliver an offering to them there, that

     Had come from the Gentile Congregations to the Jewish poor. Romans 15:25



5.  The origin of the Roman house congregations is not known for sure.


6.  But it is generally thought that some of the visitors from Rome who came to

     To Jerusalem during Pentecost Acts 2:10 were converted and took it back to

     Rome and started it there. Acts 2:41


7.  Some believe that it was Aquila and Priscilla that may have started the

     Congregation in Rome because Luke says that they were from Rome Acts 18:2

     Were it says that they had to leave Rome because Claudius had kick all Jews

     Out of Rome.


8.  So, when you look at this it would have hard for the congregation that the

     Founders of the congregation are no longer able to continue as leaders of this



9.  So the remaining people of this congregation would have been from a Gentile



10.  This is why Paul says he wants to impart spiritual strength to the believer’s in

       Rome. Romans 1:11-12, 16:25-26


11.  Paul asks for prayer for a difficult task in Romans 15:30 remember the tension

       Between the Jews and the Gentiles.


12.  And Paul hoped to be able to come to them after he delivered the offering to

       Those in Jerusalem. Romans 15:32,



13. He also hoped to enlist the Romans congregation to support missions. Romans



14.  Paul wanted them to be united and to avoid dissensions and false teaching

       Romans 16:17-18.


16.  Now let’s continue on through chapter 15 of the Book of Romans.


17.  Read Romans 15:14-32, Pray!



I.   Paul teaches about common stumbling blocks. V14-32


  A.  The reason that I went back over the history of the Roman congregation is to

        Help understand why Paul is saying some of the things he says.


    1.  In Romans 15:14 is one of those times. (Now remember, Paul had never

         To these house congregations and had not taught them anything, but he

         Aware of the removing of some of the leadership in Rome)


      a.  In this verse 14. (Paul was imparting to them some things that seemed to

           be common problems in all of the congregations that he had dealt with

           on his missionary journey’s but Paul did not want them to fill as if he

           was implying that they did not have all that they needed to be who

           Messiah had called them to be)


      b.  He is convinced. (That they are full of goodness, and they are filled with

           knowledge, and also are able to instruct each other, and that his

           purpose in writing to them was to more boldly put some things in their

           minds, or to be more bold on some subjects)


      c.  Paul says he is doing this. (Because of the grace that has been given him,

           Paul is taking this opportunity to minister to them by the gift that was

           Given to him for those who have a Gentile background, which look is

           Part of Yahweh’s grace, look at Romans 12:3-8, Paul would teach the

           Jews if he had an opportunity to do so, but the gift he had been given

           Was primarily for the Gentiles) Ironic that Paul would be to the




        d.  Paul was not trying to butt in. (Instead he was doing what he was gifted

             to do and that is help the those with Gentile backgrounds understand

             what it means to be grafted into Israel through Messiah)


        e.  The purpose. (So that Gentiles maybe an acceptable offering, sanctified

             by the Holy Spirit, now remember, the word sanctified means to make

             holy or consecrated Romans 12:1-2)


        f.  Turn with me to Exodus 19:5-6. (In these two verses we find some items

             we need to look at and the first is that it starts off by saying “If” this

             word “if” make the rest of what is going to be said conditional which

             means that we have to be careful about what the rest of it says)


        g.  The next is that. (We are to listen and keep, is not as passive as in the

              English in Hebrew we are obey and to guard, and what are we to

              Guard? His covenant, and what covenant was Yahweh talking about)


        h.  Look at Genesis 15:9-18. (This is the Covenant given to Abraham, and

             it would start with Abraham’s offspring, then it was reconfirmed with

             Isaac Genesis 26:3, and then in Genesis 28:13-15 it is reaffirmed to

             Jacob, and so what did Yahweh do to this point, He delivered Israel

             Israel from Egypt and want to take them back to the land that He



        i.  So here we are at Sinai. (Yahweh is talking about this Covenant and is

            through the keeping of this Covenant that they would be His possession

            and the Kingdom would be a Kingdom of Priests mean all would be

            priests, and Peter affirms that in 1 Peter 2:1-10 referring to us in



        j.  Now the reason I bring this up. (And this goes back to being Holy and

            Consecrated as Paul was referring to is the idea of the Holy Spirit, if

            you will go back with me to Exodus 20:18-21 the people removed them-

            selves and stood at a distance, that was a moment I believe them were

            supposed to receive His breath and when they didn’t they lost that

            blessing and were no longer consecrated)


      k.  They were supposed to receive His Spirit. (What they got instead was two

           stone tablets to match their hearts of stone, which He is in the process

           of removing now)

        l.  Look at Ezekiel 36:25-27. (As we can see it is Him putting His Spirit

            within us and look at Jeremiah 31:33 and Hebrews 8:10, this is exactly

            what Paul is referring to in Romans 15:16-21)


       m.  Paul talks about the things. (That the Holy Spirit has done through him

             among the Gentiles around the world that his has traveled for the

             purpose of proclaiming the Gospel)


       o.  Look at Romans 15:31-33. (We had talked earlier about the fact that

            Claudia had kicked the Jews out of Rome, and yet Paul is now saying

            that after Paul finishes in Jerusalem he then wants to come to them

            even though he is a Jews, look at Acts 16:37-38 and Acts 22:25-28

            also Acts 25:9-11 the only way Paul could appeal to Caesar is if he

            were a Roman Citizen)



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