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1.  Turn with me in your Bibles to Romans 14:1-12.


2.  Last week we took a look at Mark 9:38-41 as relating to Love.


3.  We saw, Whoever is not against us is for us. V38-41


 A.  We need to understand the difference between being against something and for



  1.  As we look at these verses. (I would also like to look at the things that were

       Going on with these men that were called disciples of Yahshua)


    a.  As we look at John statement. (We saw someone driving out demons in

         your name, now no matter how you look at this, meaning in English or in

         Greek still agrees that devils or demons were being driven out in the

         Name of Yahshua by people that were not among the disciple’s that were

         With Him on a regular bases)


    b.  Now this is very interesting. (Especially if we look at the full context of

         this verse, look at Mark 9:14-29, in these verses we find the disciples in a

         situation that, Yahshua had taken Peter, James, and John to the Mount

         where He was Transfigured at, and then they were traveling back from

         that place)

      c.  It says that when they came to the disciples. (That they found a large

           crowd of people surrounding the disciples, and the scribes were

           disputing with them, when the whole crowd saw Yahshua their

           attention was turned to Him and they ran to meet Him)


      d.  Yahshua asks what they were arguing over? (It says some of the crowd

           answered Him, but as you look the one at the core of the issue spoke out

           and said that he was the one that brought his son to him, so the man’s

           intentions were to bring this son to Yahshua)


      e.  At this point the man begins to explain. (The reason was that his son has a

           spirit “that makes him unable to speak”, this is important because that

           piece of information is what Yahshua specifically addresses in Verse 25,

           Yahshua calls mute and deaf spirit come out, so the fruit of that spirit

           Identifies who the spirit is, just a side note)


      f.  Back to the passage. (He says I ask your disciples to cast the demon out

          but they couldn’t, Yahshua identifies the problem is they were

          unbelief, He didn’t say unbeliever’s but they still had area’s in their

          lives that they were not believing as they should, and Yahshua states

          that everything is possible if you believe)


      g.  When everyone had left. (The disciples asked Him why they couldn’t do

            that and Yahshua answered that this one comes out only by prayer and

            this should speak to us about our prayer life if someone comes to us in

            this or similar situation is our prayer life and faith at a place where we

            can help them)


      k.  Now back to Mark 9:38-41. (The same should have been true for John

           here in this passage should John have been able to tell that seeing that

           people with demon were being freed when they were using the name of

           Yahshua? Look at what Yahshua says there is no one who will perform

           A miracle in my name and can soon after speak evil of us)


      l.  Now this person that John speaks of. (He didn’t run around with Yahshua

          and the disciples at that time, but at some point, it appears that this

          person had come into contact with Yahshua and in someway had put

          faith in Yahshua and started to step out in faith and practice those

          things that they saw, maybe even at the deliverance we just talked

          about in Mark 9:14-29)


      m.  And maybe we need to look at the fruit. (That is being produced before

            we do any judging of what their theology, or any other part of their

            lives, as we could clearly see in the video these people are truly taking

            an active role in worshipping)


      n.  The check as I began to ask questions. (Was to show me that the main

           thing was that they were lifting the name of Yahshua, even in Scripture

           and we all ought to rejoice in that)


      o.  Look at the last verse. (Who ever gives us a cup of water will have a

           reward and will not lose it, in this verse it was mostly about Yahshua

           teaching His disciples and correcting their immaturity)


      p.  They started persecuting Yahshua for healing on the Sabbath V16:


      a.   Notice in V17 Yahshua says His Father is still working. (Now this

            is a very interesting discussion that is taking place here)


        1).  The word for work in V17. (GK is er-gad-zom-ahee which

              means work, but it can also mean "minister about" look

              at Mark 16:3-9, look at V6 "She has done" or "She hath

              wrought" is the same word)


        2).  There are 2 other GK words for work. (One is energeo and it

               means "to be active" and "to operate" and is where we get

               our English word energy)


        3).  The second is "ergon". (And it means "a work" or "a deed"

               "achievement" speaking of a good work)


        4).  Er-gad-zom-ahee. (Is the only one that can refer to a

               person's ministry, or one in the process of ministry)


        5).  Now this specific GK word is tied to 1 Heb. words. (Boda and it

               describes the physical labor, but specifically it

               describes Jacobs labor to Laban for the bride price for

               Leah and Rachel in Gen 29:27 and 30:26 and is most

               often used to describe the sacred services of the

               Tabernacle or Temple of the priests)


        6).  Look at Gen. 2:2. (Yahweh completed His "work" and the

               Heb. word used there is mel-aw-kaw and it means

               "sending forth ones hand" and is used in connection with

               the building of the tabernacle and the sacred objects of

               of the tabernacle Ex. 31:3, 35:21)



        7).  That is an interesting relationship. (Between the building of

               the tabernacle and the creative work of Yahweh, gives a

               whole different perspective of the earth we were

               supposed to live on and the one He will make again)


        8).  But notice. (Yahweh ceased His creative process but He did

               not cease His sustaining process, or His ministry to His

               people, He still ministered on the Sabbath)


        9).  So in V17. ("My Father is still working" means that His

               Father is still ministering and so is He)


        10).  Look at Mark 3:1-6. (Yahshua laid it all out here and set the

                limit about ministering to people, "doing good or evil"

                "saving life or taking life")


    2.  Now look, they plotted on the Sabbath Yahshua killing:


      a.  Look at Matt. 5:21-24. ("whoever is angry with His brother is

           subject to judgment" so as they were accusing Yahshua of

           breaking Sabbath by ministering, which is lawful, they

           were plotting to murder Him which was unlawful)


      b.  Look at John 5:19. (Yahshua tells them that the Son is not able

           to do this on His own, but He does only what He sees the

           Father doing)


      c.  Let's look at John 9:24-30. (In this exchange with the blind

           man who had been healed they ridiculed him and called

           him a disciple of Yahshua and they claimed to be disciples

           of Moses)


        1).  Look at John 5:41-47. (Yahshua clearly tells them if they

              truly believed what Moses said they would believe Him)


4.  Today I would like to continue to talk about love in this next chapter in



5.  Read Romans 14:1-12, Pray!



I.  Except anyone who is weak in the faith. V1-12


  A.  This really is a different statement than we might think.


    1.  This isn’t necessarily discussing. (That is brand new in the faith

         As a baby believer, although it is discussing that as well but

         This case he is talking about someone who converted from

         A pagan religion that may still believe somethings about that

         Other religion that is not true)


    2.  The word that is used here for weak. (Is to be feeble, to be sick to

         Be diseased and maybe to not have much strength)


    3.  In Romans 14:1 Paul tells us. (To except them but don’t argue

         With them over disputed matters, and in Verse 2 we find

         That the disputed matters is over food to eat, now this is also

         Not arguing over clean food or unclean foods such as pork

         Or other unclean food)


    4.  Look at Numbers 25:1-5. (Here is the truth of what is being

         Discussed here, The women of Moab invited Israel to a

         Acacia Grove to worship Baal, part of this worship involved

         Offering meat to Baal, but it was not just given to Baal but

         That ate the meat as they bowed down to Baal, so it was the

         Eating the meat and bowing at the same time that was the



    5.  By the time the First Century came around. (These pagan temples

          Had refined this into a business and they were selling the

          The meat that had been offered to idols in those temple

          Meat market to anyone who would buy it, and it was usually

          The best cuts of meat)


      6.  We have actually seen this in our time. (Not so long ago, Halal

           Halal meats was starting to be sold in Oregon, and there

           Was this huge discussion that started to surface about

           Whether we could eat halal meats or not, the discussion

           Turned a little paranoid)


        a.  Halal is an Arabic word meaning “permissible”. (It must have

             been slaughtered with the name of Allah spoken over it

             there is a list of the ways it needs to be slaughtered)


        b.  Some people were so freaked over it. (That they were concerned

             that they might start mixing this halal meat so they would

             defile us)


      7.  The other aspect that Paul brings up. (Is that some said that we

           Shouldn’t eat meat at all, that we were only meant to eat

           Vegetables, probably coming from Daniel 1:9-21, we still

           Some of these arguments today)


      8.  Look at 1 Corinthians 8:1-13. (Paul here explains that there is

           No other God but Yahweh and so having this knowledge we

           Know that the meat that has been sacrificed to idols is

           Nothing, but Paul also say that there are weaker ones that

           Have come from pagan practices that do not have this

           Knowledge and if they see you eating that meat it may defile

           Their conscience)


        a. Look back at Romans 14:3. (Paul adds here that the one who

            eats and the one who doesn’t eat must not judge each other

            and the reason for that is we have been accepted by

            Yahweh, and who are we to judge another’s house hold

            Servant before his own Master, it is up to the Master

            To decide if he stands or falls and it is Yahweh who makes

             His servants to stand)


      9.  In these next verses 5-10. (Paul points to the fact that this is

           Our relationship with the Master, If we live or die, if we eat

           Or don’t eat we do these thing onto the Master, Paul has

           Come to know that the Master will make us to learn or to

           Mature at the rate that He brings s along)


    10.  Look at verse 9. (It is summed up here, it was Messiah who

           Died for us and He returned to life for us, and the reason?

           So He could be Master over the dead and the living)


    11.  Look at verse 10. (The word judge here is to condemn, now

          This word condemn means to decide on a case as if you are

          The judge and Paul just explained who is the judge and Paul

          Will finish this paragraph with Scripture that says it all, the

          Word to despise is to set at nought with someone)


    12.  Look at that last part of verse 10. (Paul reminds us that we are

           All going to stand before Yahweh and be judged, and we

          Will stand based on His judgement and He is the only one

          Who can make us stand)


    13.  Look at Isaiah 45:23. (This is one of the passages that Paul

          Quotes here, and then in verses 12 once again that each one

          Of us will give an accounting, it is interesting that Paul says

          Says this several times in these paragraph)




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