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1.  Turn with me in your Bibles to Romans 13:8-10.


2.  Last week we took a look at Romans 13:1-7.


3.  We saw, Living in this world. V1-9


  A.  The life of a believer has many things to think about in a fallen world.


    1.  One of those things is. (Living in a world with a government that is fallen

         And seems to be corrupt)


      a.  You really don’t have to take that close of a look. (To be able to see the

           the corruptness of the Government, Trump ran on the slogan that he

           was going to drain the swamp, who knew how deep that swamp was)


      b.  But it is not only America. (This is happening around the world, and it

           has been this way since the fall of mankind, and will continue until His

           return and He establishes His Kingdom on this earth)


      c.  Because of this it begs the question. (Then what are we going to do based

           on the fact that there is such corruptness in the Government?)


      d.  Some today. (Say that they hate the Government and they don’t want

           anything to do with it, and I know that most of you have heard the

           speech they give)


      e.  But here we are. (The first verse of Romans 13:1 says that we are to

           submit to Governing authorities because their authority was given to

           them by Yahweh)


        1).  The word submit means. (To be subordinate to, to be obedient to, and

              For us to obey, so this word in the GK means what we know the word

              Would mean in the English)


        2).  And notice too. (That this same verse carries with it the understanding

              Of Yahweh being the one who put these Governments in place, it

              Wasn’t by chance that they just happened to be the stronger one

              That won the war)


        3).  There is no authority. (Except from Yahweh, this word authority, or in

               KJV power is authority, jurisdiction, liberty, power, and those that

               Those Governments that exist are instituted by Yahweh)


        4).  So, to start this. (We have to start from Yahweh’s perspective, because

              It is Him that has put Government in place, it is clear in this verse

              That what is being said is that there is no power or authority other

              Than Him)


        5).  So, if we don’t like a Government. (And we rebel against that

              Government, we are actually rebelling against Yahweh, and we can

              See this in Romans 13:2, look carefully at this verse, those that resist

              The Government are opposing Yahweh and bringing judgment on



        6).  At this point. (It kind of makes you want to scratch your head and say

              I don’t understand the reason exactly for this whole thing, what is

              Yahweh doing?)


        7).  Look at 1 Peter 2:13-15. (In this passage of Scripture, we are given a

              Little light into what is being said, we are to silence the foolish, not by

              Railing at them, or by beating them up with Scripture, but instead by

              By doing good)


        8).  This word silence in the GK. (Is to muzzle the foolish, this word for the

              Foolish in the GK can means unbelieving and egotistical, which is a

              Good word, look at Palm 14:1, the fool says in his heart there is no

              God, fool in the Hebrew means stupid, wicked, vile person)


        9).  So, part of this has to do with. (Being a testimony of Yahweh’s

               Greatness to the nations being a light to the nations look at Acts

               13:46-48, it says that they brought the Gospel to the Jews first, and

               They rejected it they then turned to the Gentiles so they could be

               A light to the Gentiles)


       10).  The cross reference is Isaiah 42:6. (Now, the Jews say that this is a

                Prophecy about Israel, but we know that is a prophecy about the

                Messiah, but I say it is really both, that is what Messiah does, but

                Because of the Great Commission Mathew 28:16-20 that is what He

                Has empowered us and commissioned us to do the same thing, that

                Is why Paul is saying this in Acts 13:46-48)


      f.  But there is another reason as well. (Look at Deuteronomy 4:25-29, and

          says that when you are in the land and act corruptly that He will scatter

          the people among the nations until they begin to seek Yahweh then He

          will bring them back from among the nations to the land. It is while the

          people are among the nations, and they begin to seek Him and repent

          and turn back to Him, and begin to worship among the Gentiles, the

          Gentiles will see the people of Yahweh worshipping in Spirit and Truth)


       1).  Look at Daniel 2:20-23. (Daniel speaks here to the idea that Yahweh is

             The one who raises Kings up and removes Kings, now remember that

             Daniel is in captivity in Babylon at this writing, and He is not only

             Seeking Yahweh but also Daniel is living out His life as a light onto

             Yahweh before the Gentiles)


        2).  Look at how Daniel did. (Look at Daniel 1:8-16, So he would not be

              Defiled with the Kings food Daniel asked to be given vegetables and

              Water, Daniel step out in faith and Yahweh gave him favor)


        3).  Look at Daniel 3:1-15. (Daniel also refused to bow the knee to any

               Other gods, he only bowed the knee to Yahweh and once again he

               Acted in faith, by praying to Yahweh instead and was willing to

               Accept whatever punishment that came with that, but Daniel also

               Followed the laws of the land otherwise, in fact Daniel worked within

               The government and Yahweh continued to show Daniel favor)


      g.  Back to Romans 13:3-7. (The authority given to government is to punish

           those who do bad not for doing bad, so we need to stay with in Yahweh

           favor, and we need to submit to Yahweh by doing what is good, its

           not about the government, but it is about Yahweh)


        1).  It really goes back to. (Matthew 6:33 we are to seek first the Kingdom

              Of Yahweh and His righteousness and all of these things will be added

              Unto us)


4.  And remember, the discussion was about how to relate to the Government, and

     Remembering who puts Government in place.


5.  This week I want to continue talking about our relationship to one another and

     What this really looks like.


6.  Read Romans 13:8-10, Pray!



I.  Owe no man anything. V8-10


  A.  Once again, we need to get to the meat of this passage.


    1.  In Romans 13:8. (Do not owe anyone anything, except to love one another

         For the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.)


      a.  The word Owe. (In the GK means to be under obligation to some, but it

           also means to be guilty, now I thought that was an interesting aspect of

           the word in this context, because in this case it is talking about the law)


      b.  In this instance we are talking. (Really being free or not under obligation

           to someone or to something, except in one instance and that is we all

           owe each other love, so we are really talking about we are under the

           obligation to love one another. Now, there are many Scriptures that

           talk about debt, but this is not a financial discussion)


      c.  But this is a discussion. (About our moral responsibility to each other,

           and in this same sentence Paul tells us that to love one another is the

           fulfilment of the law, and the law he brings up are those 10 commands)


      d.  Look at Romans 13:9. (Paul names a few of them, which comes from

           Exodus 20:1-17, let’s read them, and take a look at this because I

           Believe we have a tendency to get caught up in this list and that is not

           What we are supposed to do)


      e.  Here what I mean. (This list of commandments are not the focus for us,

           my wife makes a shopping list before she goes shopping, and that list is

           made up of things that she sees we run out that she needs, so when I

           come to her and ask, did you get this? Or did you get that? She says did

           you put it on the list? But this list reminds her of what we need, she can

           go back to that list and see that the shopping was done properly)


      f.  But the list was not the goal. (Shopping for what we need is the goal, the

          10 Commandments are not a list of things to be check off each day, the

          Real goal is Love, the 10 Commandments are a measurement to see if

          I am really being loving or not, because if I am being loving then those

          10Commandment are being fulfilled)


      g.  Look at Mark 12:28-31. (These two come from Deuteronomy 6:4-6 and

           Leviticus 19:18 and in Mark 12:31 this is Yahshua talking, there is no

           Greater commands than these)


      h.  So, really. (If we want to fulfill the Commandments, what we really

           need to do is study what love is, and I don’t mean love that is defined

          by Yahweh not by us)


      i.  Turn with me to 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. (Now in my version it uses the

           word Love, in the KJV it uses charity, but the GK is love. I also

          want to point our that there are three different GK words that are

          translated love one is for a sexual love the other is used for a brotherly

          love, but this one and the we are talking about in Romans 13 is one

          used for a Godly love, and one that makes a commitment to cherish and

          to up hold another person)


        1).  In 1 Corinthians 13:1. (Paul talks about that if he were to speak in the

              Tongues of men and angels but does not have love, then he is a noisy

              Gong or a clanging cymbal, there was a cult in Corinth called Cybele

              That was the fastest growing cult at that time, it was a bloody cult

              That made its priests and priestess to cut themselves during some of

              Their rituals and the way they began their festival days were by

              Cymbals and drum as the went through the streets, look at 1 Kings



        2).  So, Paul is saying that. (It is love that sets us apart from all of the

              Worlds religions, see sometimes we think that if we do such and such

              We are all good, but it is love that is what cause us to do the things

              That we are called to do)


        3).  Let’s jump down to 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. (Love is patient, kind, does

              Not envy, is not boastful, is not arrogant, is not rude, is not self

              Seeking, is not irritable, does not keep a record of wrong’s, love finds

              No joy in unrighteousness, rejoices in the truth, it bears all things,

              Believes all things (Believes Yahweh) hopes all things, endures all

              Things but love never ends)


        4).  Look at Gal. 5:22-23. (The fruit of the Spirit, this is what is produces

              When we have the Holy Spirit, Love, joy peace, patience, kindness,

              Goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, no law against)

        5).  Look at 1 John 3:16-17. (John says this from the beginning of this

              Passage this is how we have come to know love, what John is saying

              Here is that what he about to reveal to us is the measurement of love,

              He (Yahshua) laid His life down for us, and we should lay our life

              Down for our brother)


        6).  So, Paul’s summation. (Love does no wrong against a neighbor

               Therefore, it is the fulfilment of the law, if you will notice and the

               Bottom line it is about what we do to Yahweh and to each other that

               Defines if we are Torah observant or not, because according to this

               If we are loving Yahweh and our brother then we truly are Torah



        7).  Look at Matt 25:31-46. (This puts it into prospective, what we do to

              Others is about what we do to Yahshua, when it is all said and done

              The bottom line will be about what we have done to Yahshua, the

               Way we treat each other is how we are treating Him)       



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