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1.  Turn with me in your Bibles to Romans 13:1-7


2.  Last week we discussed Romans 12:9-21


3.  We saw, How to live as a believer. V9-21


  A.  Some of this seems simple but we need to take a deeper look.


    1.  We are to Detest evil; and cling to what is good. (This word “detest” means

         Means to detest utterly, but is made up of two GK words, the first is to

         Put away, and the second is to hate, and it is a verb which means it is an

         Action word, we have to utterly hate what is evil)


    a).  The word “evil”. (Which is that which is hurtful, rotten and worthless,

           grievous, sin, diseased, malice, etc. So, these are the things that we are

           to utterly hate, and Paul is talking to each individual, so each individual

           is to remove these things from their own life)


      b).  And look we are to “cling”. (To what is good, the word cling means to

            stick like glue, and to keep company with that which is good, we find

            this same idea in Genesis 2:22-25 Yahweh’s plan for marriage)


      c).  Here is the idea. (In my mind I have to first know what is good and

            what is bad, look at Jeremiah 17:5-11, in this passage Yahweh tells us

            that the human heart is more deceitful than anything else, and so I am

            in myself not the source od what is good, if I read this correctly, and I

            think I am, the source for good from Yahweh and only Him)


      d).  Look at Psalm 119:9-16. (According to this passage David find truth

            he clings to truth which come from Yahweh’s word, this word to hide

            in the Hebrew is not to just hide, but also carries with it the under-

            standing of hoard, and to protect)


      e).  How do we protect something? (In some case we have security surround

            so, whatever we are trying to protect can not be taken from us, they

            cannot steal what they cannot get to, it is the idea of hedging around it

            another idea is that it is in our hearts where evil can’t get to it and

            because it’s there evil can’t get to us, it is keeping company with Him)

      f).  Let’s look at Psalm 119:1. (Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who

            walk in the law of Yahweh. This word to walk, is a Hebrew word that

            means to live in the way of Yahweh’s Laws, this is to live their lives

            carefully examining their ways according to the Law and His Spirit)


      g).  Look at Psalm 119:2. (My translation says those that keep His decrees,

             but the KJV uses the word testimonies, this is interesting turn to

             Exodus 31:18 in this verse the two tablets of stone that Yahweh wrote

             On are also known as Yahweh’s testimony, so, David is referring to

             Two tablets of stone, and He says they also seek Yahweh with all of



      h).  We are able to see. (This is not passive but is very proactive way to

             live one’s life as a believer, for us to detest evil and cling to good is

             not just giving casual thought to something, but in stead is a full

             time thing where we are always on the alert and the to seek Him is

             more than a casual look but instead means to frequent and is tied to

             worship or to frequent His presence through continue worship)


      i).  When we look at this carefully. (The idea that is being taught here is

            really about Genesis 2:22-25 speaking to the marriage we are to leave

            this world, in our hearts, and cleave or cling onto Him, and seek to be

            in His presence)


    2.  Back to Romans 12:10. (This verse is saying that we need to have

         Brotherly love for one another, but in the GK it tells us to cherish one

         Another, and the affection that we give to one another, and the definition

         Of cherish is to hold dear and show affection for, to keep and cultivate

         With care and affection, and to entertain and harbor one another in

         The mind deeply and resolutely)


      a).  And in that same verse. (It says that we are to outdo one another in

            showing honor to one another, and this honor means to show value to

            to one another, so, we are to outdo one another in this)

      b).  In Romans 12:11. (It tells us to not lack diligence, KJV says do not be

            slothful in business, but this is not about worldly business, even though

            we are to do the work there to, but it is Yahweh’s business, look at the

            rest of this verse, which tells us to be fervent in the spirit and to serve

            the Master, and we need to look once again at 1 Corinthians 12 about

            the gifts given to each of us through the manifestation of the Holy



      c).  Romans 12:12. (Rejoice in hope, is seen in Romans 5:2 we are rejoice in

            the hope of His glory, and I think we need to spend some time here)


      d).  When we look at this Rom. 5:1-2. (Now I want you to hear what Paul in

         saying here, “since we have been declared righteous” he didn’t say if

         we have been declared righteous, he said since we HAVE been meaning

         it has already happened)


    h.  And because we have been declared righteous. (We have peace with

         Yahweh through our Master Yahshua Messiah, in the GK there are

         Three words used for peace, but the one used in this case is i-ray-nay

         And it means one, peace, quietness, rest and to set at one again, and to

         Have prosperity)


      1).  In the Hebrew. (There are a couple of different words for peace but the

            One we would use of course is shalom which means to be safe, happy

            To have health and prosperity)


        2).  Now this is important for us to understand. (Look at Eph. 2, I want to

              Look at what Paul is talking about because of what Yahweh did

              Through Yahshua Messiah He made alive from the dead, He raised

               Us up with Messiah and He seated us in the heavens with Him)


        3).  Now this GK word to be seated. (Means to be seated in company with

              Messiah Yahweh, so this begs the question where is the place we are

              Seated with Him?)


        4).  Now in Eph. 2:6. (We are seated in company with Him in the heavenly

              Places and the GK word used here means above the ski and celestial

              And places in the GK actually means a fixed position and we know

              That according to Heb. 8:1-6 says the same thing)


        5).  Isaiah 6:1-2. (Isaiah is taken in a vision into the temple and he

              The scene in the temple which certainly seems not to be an earthly one

               But would seem to be the that was not made with hands)


        6).  Look at Rev. 21:1-8. (We see that there is going to be a new heaven

              And a new earth where the New Jerusalem descends from the heavens

              To the earth and in V5 there was one seated on the throne and this

               Calles Himself the Alpha and Omega just as in Rev. 1:8 and in Is.



        7).  Now I am not saying. (That His presence was never here because it

              Was, look at Lev. 16:2 where Aaron is told he cannot come behind the

              Veil whenever he wants to because of Yahweh’s presence in the cloud

              Over the mercy seat, and am however discussing another temple

               Called the true temple, one made without human hands that we are

               Seated with Him and will come down from the heavens and He will

               Dwell with humanity)


        8).  But there still more. (Back to Eph. 2:7 He will display His

               Immeasurable riches of His grace through us who believe through

              His kindness to us in Messiah Yahshua)


        9).  And we are His creations. (And we are created for good works and we

              Are to walk in those good works that He set up ahead of time)


       10).  I want to talk about the verses starting in V11. (Notice, Paul says “at

               One time” let’s stop right there for a moment these words imply that

               There has been a change of what we once were and if we look at the

                Next word it says Gentiles, so at one time we were Gentiles and this

                Implies that we are no longer Gentiles)


       11).  Look at verse 12. (We were without Messiah, and because of that we

               Were excluded from the citizenship of Israel, now look closer Paul is

                Speaking in past tense, we were Gentiles, and we were excluded from

                Citizenship with Israel)


       12).  Look at Gen. 12:3. (The word family is one used for one’s relatives the

               Hebrew word is mish-paw-kwah)


       13).  Back to Eph. 2:14. (For He is our peace and He made the two one man

               What do you think that means made the two one man, look at the

               Context of the passage, we are talking about Israel and Gentiles,

               Which means that He has in Messiah made Gentiles into Israel)


      14).  Paul describes this in Rom 11:11-24. (Look at V17 we were grafted into

              This cultivated olive tree, but you might say how do we know that he

               Means Israel look at Jere. 11:16 which we find that the olive tree is a

               Name that Yahweh had given to them)


      15).  I don’t know about you but I think this is important. (The word gentile in

              Hebrew is go-ee and it means people, and specifically heathen people

              So Paul is pointing to the fact that you are no longer heathen but

              Instead are part of Israel)


4.  This week we are going to take a look at other areas of our life that affects our life as well.


5.  Read Romans 13:1-7, Pray!



I.  Living in this world. V1-9


  A.  The life of a believer has many things to think about in a fallen world.


    1.  One of those things is. (Living in a world with a government that is fallen

         And seems to be corrupt)


      a.  You really don’t have to take that close of a look. (To be able to see the

           the corruptness of the Government, Trump ran on the slogan that he

           was going to drain the swamp, who knew how deep that swamp was)


      b.  But it is not only America. (This is happening around the world, and it

           has been this way since the fall of mankind, and will continue until His

           return and He establishes His Kingdom on this earth)


      c.  Because of this it begs the question. (Then what are we going to do based

           on the fact that there is such corruptness in the Government?)


      d.  Some today. (Say that they hate the Government and they don’t want

           anything to do with it, and I know that most of you have heard the

           speech they give)


      e.  But here we are. (The first verse of Romans 13:1 says that we are to

           submit to Governing authorities because their authority was given to

           them by Yahweh)


        1).  The word submit means. (To be subordinate to, to be obedient to, and

              For us to obey, so this word in the GK means what we know the word

              Would mean in the English)


        2).  And notice too. (That this same verse carries with it the understanding

              Of Yahweh being the one who put these Governments in place, it

              Wasn’t by chance that they just happened to be the stronger one

              That won the war)


        3).  There is no authority. (Except from Yahweh, this word authority, or in

               KJV power is authority, jurisdiction, liberty, power, and those that

               Those Governments that exist are instituted by Yahweh)


        4).  So, to start this. (We have to start from Yahweh’s perspective, because

              It is Him that has put Government in place, it is clear in this verse

              That what is being said is that there is no power or authority other

              Than Him)


        5).  So, if we don’t like a Government. (And we rebel against that

              Government, we are actually rebelling against Yahweh, and we can

              See this in Romans 13:2, look carefully at this verse, those that resist

              The Government are opposing Yahweh and bringing judgment on



        6).  At this point. (It kind of makes you want to scratch your head and say

              I don’t understand the reason exactly for this whole thing, what is

              Yahweh doing?)


        7).  Look at 1 Peter 2:13-15. (In this passage of Scripture, we are given a

              Little light into what is being said, we are to silence the foolish, not by

              Railing at them, or by beating them up with Scripture, but instead by

              By doing good)


        8).  This word silence in the GK. (Is to muzzle the foolish, this word for the

              Foolish in the GK can means unbelieving and egotistical, which is a

              Good word, look at Palm 14:1, the fool says in his heart there is no

              God, fool in the Hebrew means stupid, wicked, vile person)


        9).  So, part of this has to do with. (Being a testimony of Yahweh’s

               Greatness to the nations being a light to the nations look at Acts

               13:46-48, it says that they brought the Gospel to the Jews first, and

               They rejected it they then turned to the Gentiles so they could be

               A light to the Gentiles)


       10).  The cross reference is Isaiah 42:6. (Now, the Jews say that this is a

                Prophecy about Israel, but we know that is a prophecy about the

                Messiah, but I say it is really both, that is what Messiah does, but

                Because of the Great Commission Mathew 28:16-20 that is what He

                Has empowered us and commissioned us to do the same thing, that

                Is why Paul is saying this in Acts 13:46-48)


      f.  But there is another reason as well. (Look at Deuteronomy 4:25-29, and

          says that when you are in the land and act corruptly that He will scatter

          the people among the nations until they begin to seek Yahweh then He

          will bring them back from among the nations to the land. It is while the

          people are among the nations, and they begin to seek Him and repent

          and turn back to Him, and begin to worship among the Gentiles, the

          Gentiles will see the people of Yahweh worshipping in Spirit and Truth)


       1).  Look at Daniel 2:20-23. (Daniel speaks here to the idea that Yahweh is

             The one who raises Kings up and removes Kings, now remember that

             Daniel is in captivity in Babylon at this writing, and He is not only

             Seeking Yahweh but also Daniel is living out His life as a light onto

             Yahweh before the Gentiles)


        2).  Look at how Daniel did. (Look at Daniel 1:8-16, So he would not be

              Defiled with the Kings food Daniel asked to be given vegetables and

              Water, Daniel step out in faith and Yahweh gave him favor)


        3).  Look at Daniel 3:1-15. (Daniel also refused to bow the knee to any

               Other gods, he only bowed the knee to Yahweh and once again he

               Acted in faith, by praying to Yahweh instead and was willing to

               Accept whatever punishment that came with that, but Daniel also

               Followed the laws of the land otherwise, in fact Daniel worked within

               The government and Yahweh continued to show Daniel favor)


      g.  Back to Romans 13:3-7. (The authority given to government is to punish

           those who do bad not for doing bad, so we need to stay with in Yahweh

           favor, and we need to submit to Yahweh by doing what is good, its

           not about the government, but it is about Yahweh)


        1).  It really goes back to. (Matthew 6:33 we are to seek first the Kingdom

              Of Yahweh and His righteousness and all of these things will be added

              Unto us)


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