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1.  Turn with me in your Bibles to Romans 12:9-21.


2.  Last week we discussed Romans 12:3-8.


3.  We saw, Gifts and Body Life. Romans 12:3-8


  A.  The importance of body life we must reveiw.


    1.  Look at Hebrews 9:22-26. (We find it was Yahshua who was the blood

           sacrifice for us, that all of the sacrifices done in the Tabernacle and the

           Temple were only shadow pictures of the sacrifice that took place in the

           Temple in the heavens, the true Temple, and it was once for all goes

           Along with Hebrews 8:1-6 and Hebrews 10:10)


      a.  Look at Colossians 1:21-23. (Once again this has to do with Yahshua

           being the One who has reconciled us by His physical body and made

           us blameless and Holy)


      b.  Look at 1 Peter 1:18-23. (Once again, it is by the blood of Yahshua that

           we were purchased or bought back by, but in this passage we find Peter

           taking this a little bit deeper into what Paul has been discussing, that we

           have a responsibility through obedience to the truth, and we will discuss

           this a little deeper in a minute)


      c.  Look at Hebrews 10:14. (For by one offering He perfected forever those

           who are sanctified, and this is really important for us to look at and to

           get our minds around, because this is key to what Paul is teaching in

           Romans 12:1)


      d.  So, I went to great lengths. (To show that Romans 12:1 isn’t about the sin

           sacrifice, just so we are not getting confused, we need to know the

           different aspects of the Law so we will be able to translate better)


      1).  Look at Isaiah 1:10-20. (In this passage we find that it is not the blood

            Sacrifices that Yahweh is even talking about, they were doing all of the

            Sacrifices, the New Moon, the Sabbath, and the Festivals but Yahweh

            But look Yahweh says that they were detestable to Him, because what

            He really desired is obedience)


      2).  Look at Hosea 6:1-11. (Once again, this message is for both Ephraim

            and For Judah, and goes on to says that Yahweh is not pleased with the

            Sacrifices they are offering, He is more interested that they know Him

            And that they show mercy more than their sacrifices)


   e.  Turn with me to Jeremiah 31:31-34. (In Jeremiah 31:31, a word is used that

        We need to look at, this word means “new” or fresh, we can find this

        Same thought in Ezekiel 11:18-21 and the same word is used, where

        Yahweh is going to put a New Spirit within them, and a heart of flesh,

        Goes on to explain why, so they will be able to follow His commands and

        Be obedient)


   f.  Turn with me to John 6:53-59. (Now it is at this teaching that many of

        Yahshua’s disciples left Him, because they could not take this teaching,

        And to them it went against Torah, it was against Deuteronomy 12:23,

        In this verse it forbids the drinking of blood because it is the life of that

        Animal, the word life in Hebrew means spirit, so they would be taking on

        The spirit of that animal)


   g.  So back to John 6:53-59. (They understood it as taking on another’s spirit,

        But Yahshua wasn’t talking about a physical drinking of the blood, but a

        Partaking of His blood through faith, which would be taking on His life,

        Which would be His spirit or the Holy Spirit which goes back to

        Ezekiel 11:18-21 that He will put a new Spirit within us, which will give

        Us a heart of flesh so that He may write His commands on a heart of flesh

        So will be able to be obedient)


   h.  This also goes back to. (How the branches that have been broken off from

        The cultivated Olive tree could be grafted back in. Because by faith in

         Him they receive His blood or His Spirit which brings His life into them)


   i.  So, when Paul is talking. (About becoming a living sacrifice what he is

        Really talking about is surrendering to the life they had taken on, which

        Was the life of Yahshua which is the Holy Spirit who is bringing us into

        Obedience to the commands that He is writing on the hearts of flesh He is

        Replacing within us)


   j.  Paul says. (This is your Spiritual worship, or this is how we worship, we

        Have made worship to be about many things it is not about, but here it is

        It is about a surrendering of ourselves to the Holy Spirit to shape us and

        To make us into the image of Yahshua)


   k.  Look at 2 Corinthians 3:17-18. (Now, I want you to see this, The Lord

        Which is translated Master, which has been used to describe Yahshua

        All throughout the New Testament, is now the Spirit and He is busy

        Transforming us into the image of His image and if you will look at

        Romans 12:2 we are not to be conformed to this world but we are to

        Be Transformed by the renewing of our minds)


   l.  To be conformed. (Means that we are not to fashioned like this world, and

        To be transformed is to be changed, to be transfigured into what He is

        Making us as discussed in Ezekiel 11)


   m.  Without this transformation. (We will not be able to discern what is the

         Good, and pleasing, and perfect will of Yahweh is. Look at

         1 Corinthians 2:15-16)


2.  Now it is here we need to pick up this next section. (The idea of unless we are

     A living sacrifice, and have our minds transformed, we will not know what

     And be able to carry out the things He has for us to do Ezekiel 11:18-24,

     And goes to 1 Corinthians 2:16, being able to know the mind of Messiah)


 a.  Look at Romans 12:3. (Paul here begins to talk about the idea of not

      thinking of ourselves more highly that we ought to think, and uses the

      word grace in this passage, the word grace in the Greek is charis and it has

      with it a couple of meanings, one: acceptable, benefit, favor)


  b.  But it can also mean. (The divine influence of the heart, and the word

       divine can mean something that comes directly from Yahweh, and the

       word influence means something coming from, and in this case Yahweh

       so what Paul is saying that by the Holy Spirit that is in me, do not think

       of yourself more highly than you ought to. The reason is it is not you at

       work it is Him at work through you, Look at Ezekiel 11:18-24 and at

       1 Corinthians 12:7, it is a demonstration of the Holy Spirit)


  c.  Look at Romans 12:3. (Paul tells us to think sensibly, and this word in KJV

      soberly and the Greek is means to think with a sound mind, or to be sane

      look at 2 Timothy 1:7 He has given us a sound mind and good judgment,

      so in this passage it is not our mind or we could say a mind of the flesh but

      the mind of Messiah, one that thinks as it was originally created to think



  d.  And if you will look at. (Romans 12:3 this gift is tied up with faith that He

      has given to each one of us. So if we claim to have the Holy Spirit within

      us then we have to also admit that we have been given this gift from Him

      that is to be a benefit to the body)


  e.  Now I want to stop here for just a minute. (I know there are many ideas as to

       what is being discussed here, and we have to look at a couple of things. It

       always comes up that Paul is talking to the body at large, and he is, but we

       need to take this within the context it was written. This letter was written

       to the congregation in Rome, and then later to other places)


  f.  Also, back then. (Back then you didn’t have congregations on top of

      congregation, you had one congregation in each community, at the time of

      this writing there was one congregation, the people were to be accountable

      to one congregation, so Paul is saying that each congregation has been

      given these gifts that are a benefit to that body, as well to the body at



  g.  Look at Romans 12:4. (As we have many parts to the body, not all of the

       parts serve the same function, in other words not all of the gifts are the

       same gifts, we find this in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11, but it was like that in the

       Torah as well, look at Exodus 28:3 and Exodus 35:30-36)


   h.  But just as. (There are many gifts and not all function the same way there

        is only one body in Messiah, and notice we are members of one another,

        if we are in Messiah, then we are attached to one another through the

        Holy Spirit)


   i.  The list that Paul gives here is not exhaustive. (The gifts here are just

        general description of the gifts, look at Ephesians 4:7-16 these are the

        leadership gifts, and if you will notice they are not for the purpose of

        lording over the congregation, but for the building up of the saints for

        the work of ministry, so the body will mature looking like Messiah and

        not being tossed here and there by every wave of doctrine that comes


   j.  Look at 1 Corinthians 12:4-31. (These are the gifts within the body that

       help build up each individual within the body coming together, still

       looking like Messiah but ministering to one another so that the whole

       bodies needs are met through each individual gift given, and no one is

       left without a gift, if you are in Messiah you have a gift to use to serve

       Him through each other, once again look at 1 Corinthians 12:7, to each

       Person is given a gift)


  k.  Let’s look carefully at Romans 12:6. (Paul talks about Prophecy and tells

       those who have this gift to use it according to the standard of one’s faith

       the KJV uses the word proportion of faith, this word proportion in the

       Greek is actually made up of two words, the first GK is ana, and it means

       Repetition, or a repeating of, the second word is Logos which means

       Divine expression or the living word, or the empowered word of Yahweh

       So would give the idea of Holy Spirit speaking through someone His

       Divine word)


    1).  The word service or minister in the KJV. (Actually is translated to be an

           Aid and speaks to service and is a word that describes a deacon within

          The Body, look at Acts 6:1-7)


    2).  And teacher. (GK is someone who teaches within the body)


    3).  Exhorting. (Now exhorting in Scripture is a little different than some

          Made it out to be, this word in the Greek means to call near, to invite,

          To beseech, to comfort, to pray and the word in the Greek is parakeleo

           Which is the a form of the word used by Yahshua in John 15:26) 


4.  Today I would like to continue in Romans as we look at what it looks like to be

     A believer.


5.  Read Romans 12:9-21, Pray!



I.  The Outline of Relationships in the Faith. V9-21


  A.  I believe that until we get some of what we’re going to talk about today we

        Will not serve in the gifts properly.


    1.  The first on the list is we need to Love without hypocrisy:


      a).  The word “hypocrisy” or in the KJV “dissimulation”. (In the GK is

            to decide or speak under a false part, or to dissemble, and if you go to

            the dictionary it is defined as to disguise or conceal under a false

            appearance, and to conceal one’s true motives, thoughts by some pre-

            tense, to speak or act hypocritically)


     b).  Look at 1 John 3:10-17. (This starts off blunt but very clear, This, is

           how Yahweh’s children- and the Devil’s children are made evident. To

           make evident, and the word “evident” KJV is to make manifest and the

           GK is to make known or manifest, so the way that John is talking about

           Here is going to make it clear, known, or manifest the difference

           Between Yahweh’s children and the Devil children)


      c).  John identifies. (Those that do not do what is right is not of Yahweh,

            and especially those that do not love their brother, John goes on to say

            that this was the message from the beginning, that we should love one

            another, and we should not be like Cain who murdered his brother,

            who was from the evil one and murdered his brother)


      d).  The kicker here is. (Cain murdered his brother? Because Cain’s works

             were evil and his brothers works were righteous, and it started

             because Cain’s relationship with Yahweh was not there)


        1).  Turn to Genesis 4:3-8. (It was time for the first fruit offering and it

               Says that Cain brought “some of the lands produce” and Abel

               Brought the best of the first born of his flock)


        2).  If you will notice. (There is a distinction made between Cain’s offering

              And Abel’s offering, Cain’s was some of the fruit and some

              Commentators have said the that Cain’s offering came from what was

              Left over, in comparison to Abel’s which was the best)


        3).  If you will notice. (That Abel’s offering was accepted, but Cain’s

              Offering was not, the verse following has to do with a conversation

              That is between Yahweh and Cain, and Yahweh even warns Cain that

              If he does what is right that his offering will be accepted too. So, this

              Is not really about a problem between Cain and Abel, but instead is

              A Problem between Cain and Yahweh)


       4).  Now, look at 1 John 1:5-10. (In this passage it tells us the same thing

            That Yahweh is light and there is no darkness in Him, and if we say we

            Have fellowship with Him and walk in darkness then we are liars and

            We walk in darkness. But if we walk in the light as He is the light we

            Have fellowship with each other)


      5).  Now back to 1 John 3:14-18. (In verse 14 it is that we know we have

            Passed from death to life because we love our brother and that the one

            Who does not love remains in death, and everyone who hates his

            Brother is a murderer no murderer has eternal life in him)


      6).  But look at 1 John 3:16-18. (This is how we have come to know love,

            That He laid His life down for us, this is how we are to measure love,

            This is what love looks like, a laying down of one’s life for his brother,

            It is by this measure that we should use in our own life to see if we are

            Loving one another)


      7).  If we see someone. (That is need to something but close our eyes to it,

            That is not love, and it says Yahweh’s love does not reside in him, there

            It is, it is not about us trying to muster up our love for each other, it is

            About us having Yahweh’s love residing in us)


      8).  Look at Galatians 5:22-23. (Notice, this is the fruit of the Spirit, this is

            Something that we produce in ourselves natural this is what is

            Produced in us when the Holy Spirt resides in us, and it originates

            From Yahweh and being in a relationship with Him through coming

            Into a relation with putting Faith in the finished work of Yahshua

            Messiah and having His Spirit within us)


      9).  This is why. (Says in Deuteronomy 6:5, we are to love Yahweh with all

             Of our heart, soul and might, because it is through that relationship

             With Him are we able to have a relationship with one another, and

             This is the way to live out this life in Him we are called to live, this is

             That call to be a living sacrifice that Paul is talking about in Romans

             12:1-2, and being transformed)

        10).  Look at Matthew 5:43-45. (Now there is some new things that

                Yahshua brings up for us in the New Testament, and we are going to

                Discuss one of them here, Yahshua starts off by quoting Leviticus

                19:18, and said you have heard it said, “Do not take vengeance or

                Bear a grudge against members of your community, but love your

                Neighbor as yourself, I am Yahweh.”)


        11).  But when you look. (At the teaching Yahshua is giving in Matthew

                5:44-48, Yahshua tells us that we need to not only love those within

                Our own community but we are to love those who hate us and pray

                For those who persecute us, and says pretty much anybody can love

                Those who love us, and uses the measurement of Yahweh and how

                He loves, back to John 3:16, For Yahweh so loved the world that He

                Gave His only begotten Son, so who so ever believe on Him should

                Have life)


        12).  The bottom line is. (Matthew 5:48, Be perfect as your Father in

                 Father in heaven is perfect, perfect in the GK is to be complete but

                 It also speaks to being a mature man)


        13).  Turn with me to 1 Corinthians 3:1-4. (This idea of being a mature man

                 Is discussed here in this passage, Paul tells those at the Corinthian

                 Congregation that they were in a time of their lives when they

                 Should be mature, but explains to them that they aren’t because

                 They are fleshly and behaving in a fleshly way, it is because there is

                 Envy and strife among them)


        14).  Once again. (The phrase to love without hypocrisy is: In the GK is

                to decide or speak under a false part, or to dissemble, and if you go

                to the dictionary it is defined as to disguise or conceal under a false

                appearance, and to conceal one’s true motives, thoughts by some

                pre-tense, to speak or act hypocritically)


        15).  So, there is a question. (And it is a question that we will not be able to

                We will not be able to answer unless we are brutally honest with

                Ourselves and put ourselves under the judgement and inspection of

                The Holy Spirit and say show me my true motives, are we I doing

                things Based on fear, based on control, or maybe selfishness, what

                are the motives of our heart?)


        16).  If we do this. (And truly do this we will not have allot of time to

                Inspect other peoples lives, we will be busy getting things

                Straightened out in our own lives with Yahweh, by the power of the

                Holy Spirit)

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  1. Love this scriptural laden and Holy Spirit anointed article!


    My favorite line: 

      It is, it is not about us trying to muster up our love for each other, it is

                About us having Yahweh’s love residing in us)

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