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1.  Turn with me in your Bibles to Romans 11:25-32


2.  Last week we took a look at Heb. 7:18-28


3.  We saw, We will continue in the idea of consummating the promise. V18-28


  A.  Remember we are talking about a certain aspect of law.


    1.  The aspect of law we have been talking about, in context, is:


      a.  One, the High Priest, according to Aaron. (We find that in v11 of this

           same chapter 7 we need to keep this in context)


      b.  And we are talking about the job Aaron had. (And that would be the sin

          sacrifice look at verse 13 serving at the altar)


      c.  So as we move on through this chapter. (We need to keep this within the

           context of the conversation the writer is having with his readers)


    2.  So the “previous command” he is speaking of as to do with:


      a.  The command dealing with the service at the altar. (Or according to Lev.

           16:34, and was a permanent statute for Aaron)


      b.  But as we look at verse 18 of Heb. 7. (The writer uses a word “annulled”

           that we must look at so we can keep this in focus)


      c.  The word “annulled” means. (GK to put away, or reject, but the RT word

           means to set aside)


      d.  So this law concerning the High Priest. (Specifically the sacrifice for

           himself and the people needs to be set aside)


        1).  And the reason is. (it was weak and unprofitable)


        2).  The GK for weak is interesting. (Means weak or feeble, but there are

               Two RT words associated with this word)


  • The first is in reference to the first letter in the alphabet meaning first
  • The second is to strengthen.
  • Meaning this sacrifice would come first and would strengthen something, maybe our understanding of a need.


    3.  This idea is brought out in verse 19:


      a.  For this law of sacrifice perfected nothing. (Perfection GK once again goes

           to consummation of the promise)


      b.  So the sacrifice under Aaron. (Was weak, because it did not consummate

           the promise that had been made to Abraham and involves us)


        1).  Look at Romans 8:1-3 closely at V2 sin and death


      c.  We have a better “hope” . (GK means expectation of good and is

           connected to Salvation or being Justified and cleansed)


      d.  Now this “better hope” allows us to draw near to God. (This implies that

           before we were unable to draw near and GK means to join one thing

           to another)


        1).  Look at Leviticus 16:1-2. (Aaron could not enter in beyond the veil anytime

              He wants there is a prescribed time)


        2).  Look at Leviticus 16:17. (No one is allowed to be in the tent of meeting

              This process until it was complete and dealt with the cleansing from

               Defilement of the tabernacle)


        3).  This certainly shows there wasn’t a joining together. (There had been a

              Separation if you will)


        4).  So this was a continual process. (One that had to be repeated over and

              Over as they had the tabernacle and the Temple)


        5).  Look at Heb. 10:1-10. (He offered Himself as the sacrifice that is able

              To consummate the promise once for all)


        6).  Now look at 1 Corinthians 6:15-17. (Through His work we are join to Him

              And have become one spirit)


    4.  Look at verse 20-21:


      a.  None of this happened without an oath. (This word oath is important GK

         means to take an oath and is made up of two RT Words)


        1).  First, is to swear an oath.


        2).  Second, means to set limits on something. (So to swear an oath means

              You set limits as to what happens)


      b.  Now look carefully, other became High Priests without an oath. (It was

           strictly by lineage passed from father to eldest son look at Numbers 20:28)


      c.  But Yashua became High Priest with an oath verse 21. (The was a limit set

          by the swearing of this oath)


        1).  This goes back to 1 Samuel. 15:29. (The eternal One of Israel is not a man

               That changes His mind, so this is the limit, He swore an oath and He

                Does not change His mind about the oath)


        2).  It also goes back to Ps. 110:4. (He has sworn an oath and will not take

              It back forever you are a Priest in the order of Melchizedek)


    5.  We need to look at some words here in Verse 22:


      a.  Yashua has become a “guarantee”. (GK means surety and sponsor, but

            the RT words speaks of a position in relationship to REST)


      b.  This goes back to Heb. 4:8-9. (This speaks to a future Sabbath rest we

            will enter into through our great High Priest, if we don’t follow the

            pattern of disobedience)


           1).  Verse 8 of chap 4 is interesting:


             a.  If Joshua had given them rest. (The name Joshua in the Heb. is

                  Yaw-Shua, or where we get the name of Yashua)


             b.  So the writer is showing a type. (But it isn’t a perfect type, because

                  Israel didn’t enter into Yahweh’s rest at this point, and the writer

                  Speaks of another day, and context has been about Yashua) Look

                  At  Deuteronomy 12:8-10 & Deuteronomy 25:19, The rest Israel was to receive was


                rest from their Enemies, or from war.


          c.  Now look at Ps. 95:7-11. (The writer still did not know this kind

               of rest, the rest from war)


          d.  So there remain another rest from Yahweh. (And this rest is His

               Sabbath rest we enter into through Yashua and obedience) Look at

               At Matthew 11:28-30)


          e.  So we enter into this rest. (Through faith in Yashua which that

               faith will be seen or exhibit by obedience) Look at Revelation 14:13


     6.  Verse 11chap 4 explains this:


          a.  We enter in through obedience. (Faith is seen by obedience, we see

           this in the lives of Israel in the wilderness, and James 2:17-18)

           Look at 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 they were examples for us not to follow.


          b.  What we truly believe. (Will be seen in how we live our lives, and it

           proclaims to the world what we believe)


          c.  Joshua and Caleb’s faith was seen. (Because they had a good report

              and they wanted to go in and take the land as Yahweh said)


    7.  Let’s look back at Chap 7 verse 22:


      a.  These words “better covenant” (GK means “more useful, and more

            advantageous, but the RT word means more vigor or strength”)


      b.  So the covenant through Yashua. (Is more useful and has the strength to

           consummate the promise, than the sacrifice through Levitical)


      c.  In fact without Yashua. (The promise would never be consummated, it

          goes back to the oath that set the limits)


    8.  The others die and can’t continue:


      a.  All the other priests die and they are unable to continue. (But Yashua lives

          and that is what was said in Chap 7 verse 8 He lives)


      b.  So because He lives forever. (He remains a High Priest forever, thus His

           Priesthood is permanent, one without end, and serving on our behalf)


      c.  Through Him. (There is never a change in the priest serving, and He is

           and does always know our needs)


    9.  And that is what is said in verse 25-28:


      a.  He is able to save those who come to God through Him. (GK this deals

           our being kept safe to our health, goes from a guilty verdict to our

          being joined to Him)


      b.  And this goes on to explain why. (And it has to do with the type or

           character of the High Priest that was and is needed, look at the list

           in verse 26)


      c.  He is serving continually. (He doesn’t need to give sacrifice for Himself

          and then the people because He did this once and for all)


      d.  This is the substance of the oath. (That oath was the decree sign before

            the foundation of the world)


4.  Out of this passage some questions arose, and I wanted to take some time to

     Discuss those question in more depth.


5.  Is natural Israel going to be saved?


6.  Let Read Romans 11:17-36, Pray!



I.  We need to look at the mystery Paul refers to. V17-36


  A.  Some of these words are going to be very important.


    1.  He does not want us to be conceited:


      a.  This word conceited is important. (GK mean to be wise in oneself, or to

           begin to interpret Scripture according ones own wisdom and not



      b.  Look at Romans 11:20-21. (GK is to be lofty minded arrogant, lest you be

           broken off yourselves)


      c.  This gives us the idea that they had a new theology. (Possibly the first

           replacement theology coming through right, “you were removed and

           now we are the chosen)


        1).  Look at Romans 16:25-26 (revealed and made known to us through the

              Prophetic Scriptures)


    2.  A partial harding has come to Israel:


      a.  Until the full number of Gentiles has come in. (Look at Luke 21:20-24

           this deals with the destruction of Jerusalem and the scattering)


        1).  Look at Ps. 79:1 (It happened here to as well as in 70 AD the

               Destruction of the temple)


        2).  Look at Revelation 11:2. (The time of the Gentiles or all of the nations

              Trampling the Holy City for 42 months)


        3).  Notice this will be happening at the same time as the Two witnesses.

              (I believe to be Moses and Elijah, One declaring the Law and the

               Other calling people to repentance)


    3.  Now look at Romans 11:26-27:


      a.  Once the full number of Gentiles have come in. (Then all of Israel will be



        1).  Word fullness. (GK speaks to a ship that has been filled with sailors or

               The rowers needed)


        2).  And to “come in”. (GK means to come into a house or a city)


      b.  This word “all” verse 26. (GK refers to both individually and

              collectively so it is an inclusion of the whole of Israel)


        1).  Look at Is. 20-21. (The redeemer will come to Zion, Heb. a mountain

              In Jerusalem, to those in Jacob who turn from sin, this is future

              And is for those in Jacob, Israel)


        2).  Look at Jeremiah 31:31-34. (This is the New (Refurbish, RT word to repair

               Or rebuild this covenant, this is quoted in Heb. 10:10-12, word

                Covenant Heb. is a reference to the halves of animals)


        3).  So this speaks to a time in the future. (And speaks of Israel redemption

              And restoration)


   4.  Now let’s look at Verse 28 of Romans 11. (Regarding the Gospel they are

        Enemies, but look it is for our advantage)


      a.  Word “advantage”. (GK means the reason something is done, so they are

           enemies of the Gospel for us, or so we could be brought in)


      b.  But regarding “election”. (GK means the act of decreeing something

           “chosen or selected”)


      c.  And this goes back to they are loved. (Now get this “because of the



        1).  This is a reference back to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. (And the covenant

               Made with them)


        2).  Look at Deuteronomy 7:8. (It is because of His love for you and the oath

              Yahweh swore to Abraham in Gen 15:13-21)


        3).  Look at verse 29 Romans 11. (His gifts and His calling are irrevocable,

               GK means will not repent, or are they not regrettable Goes to Hebrews

                6:13-14 we discussed)


    5.  This word promise in the GK:


      a.  Means to profess or to announce. (And the GK adds “to announce what

           one about to do or to furnish”)


      b.  But it is made up of two rt words. (The first is, superimpose, which is to

          place or lay over or to place above something)


        1).  But it also deals with direction. (Setting the directs towards something)


        2).  But also deals with rest. (So Yahweh is saying He is setting a direction

               For Abraham and His descendants that will lead to rest)


          a).  Genesis 15:7-20. (The promise of the land that will be given to Abraham

                 offspring or those that will come)


          b).  Look at Ex. 3:8. (This land flowing with milk and honey same as

                promised to Abraham in Gen.)


          c).  Look at Heb. 4:9-11. (We are still part of that promise today, as we

                entered into this promised given to Abraham, through believing

                Yahweh through Yashua)


      c.  The second rt word is messenger. (And is the same word we get the angel

           which most likely means this message was brought to them by a



      d.  This goes back to Genesis 12:1-3. (Abraham is told to leave His family and

           to go to a land Yahweh would show Him)


        1).  The word “I will show” Heb. (“To see” and “To gaze” but it also means

               “To discern”, which means He will give us discernment of where He

                  Taking us)


      e.  Now look at this “He swore by Himself”. (Turn to Is. 45:23, in this

          passage we see Yahweh “swearing by Himself”)


        Look also at Luke 1:67-79 ((Restoration of Israel)


        1).  “I have sworn” in the Heb. is interesting. (It means to be complete, and

                Is in the form of a Noun, or a specific name, Myself)


        2).  This is not only complete. (But rt word is in reference to the number 7

               As if completing the declaration 7 times)


        3).  The second rt word means Heb. (To be filled up, or to have enough, or

               To have satisfaction)


        4).  Now what this is in context to. (The restoration of Israel, look at

              Is.  45:14-25) and Luke 1:6-79


          a).  “The word” in the Heb. (Means the “matter” and can means “the



          b). “Is gone out of my mouth” Heb. (Means “to go out” but can mean “to

                 carry out”)

          c).  Look it will not return to Him. (Until it has carried out the purpose it

                was sent out to do)


          d).  The purpose. (Every knee shall bow, and every tongue swear)


        5).  Now remember, this promise made to Abraham. (Was before Israel

              Existed physically, the formation of Israel was in process)


        6).  This goes back to the declaration inscribed. (Before the foundation of

               Of the world, Yahsua the Messiah)


    6.  Look at verses 30-32 of Romamns 11:


      a.  We were disobedient, and received mercy through. (Their disobedience,

            they to will receive the same mercy we had received)


      b.  Look at 1Peter 3:19-22. (He preached to some “spirits in prison” in the

           time of the flood who were disobedient, it could be the same in the ends

           times, remember He does not change)


      c.  And the only response possible. (Paul breaks out into a time of praise for

          Yahweh’s plan of salvation for all who have entered in by faith)

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