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1.  Turn with me in your Bibles to Rom. 11:1-10.


2.  Two weeks ago, we discussed Rom. 10:14-21.


3.  We actually took two weeks to get through that, and we saw that there has been

     Transition that has taken place, through it was a planned transition, even

     Though we may not have totally understood it.


4.  We saw that Yahweh had planned from the beginning that the whole Nation of

     Israel was supposed to be a Holy Nation, and a Nation of Holy Priest’s unto



5.  But we also see that the whole Nation of Israel rejected what Yahweh wanted

     Them to receive, which was His Word, which I believe would have led them to

     Their Messiah and High Priest.


6.  We can actually see this, I believe, through out the life of the people as they

     Were directed throughout their life to do certain things and go certain places.


7.  For instance, in Gen. 12:1, we see that it says that Yahweh said to Abram, now

     This is interesting, because there seems to be more that meets the eye, or maybe

     More than we understand that is happening here.


8.  The word said in the Hebrew is awmar, and it means to answer, to appoint and

     To command, and you might say, So what? The Idea of this word meaning to

     Answer is kind of interesting, because if you look at the verses prior to this in

     Gen. 11:30-31, it says that the whole family was headed for Canaan, so in some

     Sense Terah knew that they were to go to Canaan, but Terah stopped short and

     Did not continue. Abram mat have been inquiring of Yahweh what to do, and

     And Yahweh answered.


9.  But, if you look at Acts 7:2, Stephen, who was about to get stoned for his

     Testimony of Yahshua, told the High Priest that Yahweh appeared to Abram,

     Now this this word appeared in the GK isn’t just a slip of the tongue, this word

     Is a carefully selected word.


10.  The word used is the GK word optanomai and is so selective that Stephen

       Could have only meant one thing, and that was that Yahweh meant with

       Abram, and Abram in some since saw Yahweh. The word used could have

       Been replaced with other word, because this word means to gaze at with eyes

       Wide open. This word in the GK is were we get our word optometrists, and

       This is a doctor who examines the eyes to apply corrective measures to

       People can see.


11.  We see this, I believe, when Abram met with Melchizedek, also with the

        Covenant Yahweh made with Abram, also it was the Angel of the Lord which

        Most scholars believe to be the pre-incarnate Messiah, the same that met with

        Moses, and was in the cloud at the sea that was holding Pharaoh and his army

        At bay as the waters were being parted.


12.  Why did I go so far in this explanation? Because, this next section of Scripture

       Asks a very specific question that we are going to discuss, and we have to

       Know the facts of what Yahweh is doing.


13.  Read Rom. 11:1-10, Pray!



I.  Has Yahweh rejected His people. V1-10


  A.  Now some say yes He has, some say only temporary, others we have replaced



    1.  In verse 1 Paul poses the question. (Did Yahweh reject His people, now

         Paul didn’t say should He have, Paul asks the question Did He?)


      a.  One of the reasons I like Paul’s teachings. (Is that Paul uses Scripture to

           be able to teach what Yahweh is really doing and what He has been

           doing all along)


        1).  Having said that. (Paul starts off by referring to Jere. 33:24-26 to talk

              About a very sensitive subject in his day about Israel)


        2).  Now the Title of Jere. 33. (Is Israel’s restoration, and the sub section

              Has to do with Yahweh’s covenant with David which starts off in

              Verse 14, so let’s start there)


        3).  Jeremiah was given words to speak to Israel. (Saying that the days are

              Coming when Yahweh will fulfill the promises that He had spoken to

              The House of Israel and the House of Judah, and in verse 15 says that

              He will cause a Righteous Branch to sprout up for David and He will

              Administer justice and righteousness in the land, and in those days

              Judah will be saved (Yahshua) and Jerusalem will dwell securely, and

              This is what she will be named Yahweh our Righteousness)


        4).  Look carefully at Jere. 33:17. (David will never fail to have a man

               Sitting on the throne of the House of Israel, and look at verse 18 and

               The Levitical priests will never fail to have a man always before Me

               To offer burnt burnt offerings, to burn grain offerings, and make



        5).  Now let’s look carefully at this. (In this passage, we can see that

              Yahshua would be the Branch of Righteousness, the Natser (branch)

              From Jesse or David, but what about this Levite Priests? This word

              For man in the Hebrew is specific in nature, Scripture could have

              Used adam which could be translated mankind, but this Hebrew word

              Is eesh and refers to a man as an individual man, as is as we discussed

              Two weeks ago directs us to Yahshua and His linage from Mary’s



        6).  But look at Jere. 33:20-22. (Yahweh says that if they are able to break

              His covenant the day and His covenant with the night where they

              Cease to come at their regular time, then His covenant with David will

              Have been broken and David will no longer have a son reigning on the

              Throne, and the Levitical priests will no longer be His ministers)


        7).  But, look at this next section of Jere. 33:22. (So too, He will make the

              Descendants of His servant David and the Descendants of the Levites

              Who minister to Him to be innumerable, and this is a quote from Gen

              22:17-18 about making Abraham’s offspring as numerous as the stars

              In the sky and as numerous as the sand on the sea shore)


        8).  Now, look at Jere. 33:24-26. (If Yahweh fails to keep His covenant with

              The day and the night where they no longer appear at regular times

              Then He might also reject the seed of Jacob and of My servant David

              Not taking from the descendants rulers over the descendants of

              Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but then says that He will restore

              Fortunes and He will have compassion on them)


        9).  So, then the question comes up who is He talking about? (Turn with me

              If you will to Gal. 3:16, it says that the promises spoken to Abraham

              Were for Abraham’s seed not seeds, the promise is there the singular

              Seed, not plural seeds, and that singular seed is Messiah, and this is a

              Reference to Gen. 12:7, the Hebrew uses seed as in singular)


       10).  So, you might ask, how does this involve us? (Look at Gal. 3:27-29, it

               Says that as many as have been baptized into Messiah have put on

               Messiah as a garment, and if you belong to Messiah then you are the

               Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise)


      b.  Okay that was Rom. 11:1, Paul continues in Rom. 11:2. (Paul answers the

           question, Has Yahweh rejected Israel, and his answer is Absolutely not,

           says that he is an Israelite, and a descendant of Abraham from the tribe

           of Benjamin)


        1).  Paul quotes the prophet Elijah. (Turn with me to 1 Kings 19:10,

              Appearantly, Elijah had the same question and had made some

              Assumptions about what Yahweh was doing, and I believe we all feel

              Like this from time to time, and this passage is a good one to turn to

              So we can be reminded that it is not about us as individuals, Yahweh

              Is still of the throne, we are not)


        2).  Listen to Elijah’s proclamation. (I, and me alone, have been zealous for

              Yahweh of Hosts, but all of the Israelites have abandoned Your

              Covenant, torn down Your altars, and killed Your prophets with the

              Sword, and I alone am left, and they are looking to kill me)


        3).  Paul also points out in Rom. 11:4. (Yahweh’s answer to Elijah found in

              1 Kings 19:18, that there were 7,000 in Israel who had not bent their

              Knee to Baal and every mouth has not kiss it)


        4).  Paul not only says that there are others. (But teaches about a remnant

              That have been chosen by grace, and explains that because it is by

               Grace it makes it not by works, or we could say, those who have



        5).  Look at Duet. 29:4. (Moses is telling Israel, that even up to that time

              Yahweh had not given them a mind to understand, and eyes to see,

              Even though they had seen all of these miracles, they failed to believe)


        6).  And it really goes back to. (They sought after their salvation by works

              And not by faith, and Yahweh wants us to rely on Him for our

              Salvation because the works of our hands are as filthy rags, and will

              Not get us to be righteous)

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