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1. Turn with me in your Bibles to Rom. 10:14-21 Part 1.

2. Last week we discussed Rom. 10:1-13.

3. We saw, Righteousness comes to us from Yahweh by Faith. V1-13

A. This is so important and it is obviously misunderstood because we struggle
Today with the same issues.

1. Now I want to capture Paul’s heart here. (This is the heart of Yahshua and
I believe that we are to have the heart of Yahshua in this matter of

a. Paul says that his “hearts desire”. (These words hearts desire reveal to us
what Paul was going through with this idea of his brothers, this word
desire that he uses is actually composed of two words, the first means
good or well, and the second means to be of reputation and put together
means delight, kindness, wish, or purpose which gives us the idea of
them being a delight or pleasure by serving their purpose intended by

b. Now if you look at the rest of Rom. 1:1. (It would seem that Paul is
spending mush time in prayer over them that Yahweh would open their
eyes and they would receiving salvation, but was this only because Paul
had a love for his brothers, I think partly it was a love for his brothers
but I also think it was more than that as well)

c. Paul was a scholar of Scripture. (And I believe that Paul was driven if you
will by love for his brothers, but also for his love for the Word of
Yahweh, if you look at Gen. 12:1-3, Yahweh chose Abraham from
Among all the people to work through and give His covenant to)

1). Look at Nehemiah 9:7-8. (The people are reminded of the covenant
That was made with Abram and changed his name to Abraham,
Abram meaning high father and Abraham meaning Father of a
Multitude describing Gen. 12:2, and you have to see this passage a
Little closer, Yahweh didn’t just promise to make him the father of
The Israelite nation but bigger than that and it gives us insight into
Yahweh’s thoughts)

2). Look at Gen. 12:2. (This is Yahweh’s promise to make Abram into a
Great nation but the word used here for nation but is very descriptive
And we need to look at this, in this passage the word used for nation is
Goy-ee meaning a foreign nation and means gentile as well, this is not
The only word for nation in the Hebrew, the other word is found in
Lev. 18:26 and it meaning “of ones own nation” referring to Israel)

3). But look at Gen. 12:3. (The word “peoples” is actually another word
That I believe is important, especially when we are looking at the idea
Of salvation and where these will be coming from, because all the
Peoples of the earth will be blessed, blessed means prosperity, and the
Word peoples means family)

2. Now back to Rom. 10:1-3. (So we find Paul praying for their salvation,
And salvation in the GK means deliver, health, prosperity like blessed
And in the Hebrew is Yahshua and means saved, prosperity, health the
Same as the Gk, so the prayer is for Israel his brothers to receive
Yahshua for their Savior)

3. But look at Rom. 10:2. (Paul says that they have a zeal for Yahweh, and
This word zeal means in the GK fervent mind, indignation, jealousy
And in the dictionary means eagerness or ardent interest for and goes
On to say, a strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm that makes
Someone very eager or determined to do something)

1). The key word there is. (A strong feeling of interest or enthusiasm to do
Something, and sometimes without taking steps that are necessary, the
Old saying, don’t just sit there do something, and is added even if it is

2). Paul says that their zeal. (Is not according to knowledge, this word used
Here for knowledge means without full discernment, or without the
Full acknowledgement of the situation, or to become fully acquainted
With, or to not become fully acquainted with their salvation and their
Messiah Yahshua)

3). Because they disregarded the righteousness of Yahweh. (So the
The righteousness of Yahweh is has been attested by the Law and the
Prophets and is in fact putting faith in Yahshua Messiah, so it is not
Their zealous that is the problem, it is their rejection of the
Righteousness of Yahweh through faith in Yahshua Messiah that is the
Problem, zeal without Him is a fleshly zeal)

4). They tried to establish their own righteousness Rom. 10:3. (They did this
By not submitting themselves to Yahweh’s righteousness, and look at
Rom. 10:4, For Messiah is the end of the law of righteousness, now
Before anyone gets crazy, the word “end” in the GK is “the point
Point aimed at” to everyone who believes)

5). In Rom. 10:5-7 we are going to look at the reason. (Paul here quotes Lev.
18:5 which says a person will live if they keep My statutes and
Ordinances and the person will live, I am Yahweh, But look at Duet.
9:5, in this passage we see that they were not going to get the land
On their righteousness, but instead because of the other nations
Wickedness and Yahweh’s righteous to carryout the promise that He
Had mad with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, so we see here the
Righteousness of Yahweh)

6). Turn with me to Duet. 30:6-14. (Yahweh is telling the people that when
They sin and are scattered to another land, and while there they come
To their senses and return to Yahweh that Yahweh will circumcise
Your hearts and once again they will love Yahweh, the command is not
Too difficult, you don’t have to go into heaven and bring it down, or go
Across the sea to get it, but the message is in you mouth and in your
Heart, it is near you, and because they have turned to Him and He has
Circumcised their hearts, He is their righteousness, also look at Heb.

7). Look at Matt. 10:32-33. (Now in Rom. 10:9 Paul is talking about
Confessing Yahshua before men will be saved, there has been some
Argument over this passage saying that confession is not enough, but
That is really without understanding of the Gk and the word used here
Which actually means to confess with a covenant acknowledgement)

8). Now look at Rom. 10:11. (The passage Paul quotes here is Is. 28:16, and
Paul is confirming that this was attested to by the law and the prophets
And in this passage we see Peter also attesting and pointing to Yahshua
As its fulfillment, look at 1 Peter 2:6)
4. This week I would like to continue in chapter 10 of Romans, as Paul continues
To discuss the salvation of Israel.

5. Let’s read Rom. 10:14-21, Pray!

I. Yahweh’s call for His people to be restored to right service. V14-21.

A. This may be a lengthy section of Scripture because we want to capture what is
Really be discussed here.

1. Now, remember in the last section, Paul taught that Israel had missed
Yahweh’s righteousness by rejecting Yahshua Messiah:

a. But in Rom. 10:14-15. (We actually see Paul turning to the next
progression of things, if you will, and that would be, is there a way back
for Israel, and what might that look like?)

b. Paul is referring, of course, to the need. (For them to hear the truth of the
Gospel, and the word heard here is a word that literally means to hear
With ones ears, but also means to understand)

1). But Paul brings up that there needs to be a preacher. (The word preacher
Means to herald the divine truth, also one who proclaims the Gospel,
And that is the divine truth being discussed here)

2). But look at Rom. 10:15. (Paul poses the question, how shall they
Preach unless they have been sent? The word used here is apostello
And means to be set apart, and to be sent out)

3). So, the next question. (Who is sent out to do this? Look at Luke 9:1-9,
Now the easy answer is this passage speaking of the 12 Apostles who
Were sent out, but let’s look at Acts 1:1-8, at first appearance it would
Seem as if it would be only the 12 Apostle being discussed here, but
We have to tale into account the writer of this book, who says he was
There with them, now the writer of Acts is anonymous, but very early
Witnesses say that it was Luke, and Luke is not listed as one of the

4). And look at Acts 1:15. (It says that there were, in fact, 120 disciples
That would have been apart of the proclaiming of the Gospel to those
That were present that day as all heard the Gospel in their own

5). So, what was the commission? (Receiving the Holy Spirit which gives
All the power to be witnesses for Messiah, Yahshua said they would
Receive the power on High)

c. Paul then quotes Is. 52:7. (Now this is one of the verses that is being
to our children to teach them the importance of proclaiming the Gospel
to the lost, and it is wonderful that this is talking place as they grow up
in Yahshua)

1). But, I have to ask the question. (What doe this one verse mean? The
Truth is that this verse is given to us, not as just a verse, but is in the
Context of other verses, so, I believe we need to look at all that is

2). So, let’s go to Is. 52:1-10. (In verse 1 we are talking about Zion, and
Know that Zion is the name for a specific mount in Jerusalem used
For where the Temple of Yahweh used to stand but even more
Important will stand again, not as before but in great glory, and they
Are to put on their strength, what is there strength? Look at Joel
3:16, Yahweh, or their salvation Yahshua)

d. Back to Is. 52:1. (They are to put on their beautiful garments,
reference goes back to Ex. 28:2, the priestly garments were known as
the garments of glory and beauty, but are we looking at the same thing
as in the Ex. 28:2, I say no)

1). Look at Ex. 19:3-6. (Notice, the reference to eagles wings was a future
Prophecy, for those who wait upon the Master and really applies to
Not only future but applied to Israel here being delivered from Egypt,
And there is more to this prophecy.)

2). In Ex. 19:56. (Is that they would be His Kingdom of Holy Priests and
Hs Holy nations, that never came in to being, instead it was the
Levitical Priesthood who started to be the Priests, most think because
The Levites stood for Yahweh after the worshipping of the golden
3). And we see that this idea. (Is translated to be what Yahweh is doing
Through those that have put their faith in Yahshua Messiah for their
Salvation look at 1 Peter 2:6-10)

4). So, in Is. 52:1. (We can see this taking place as Israel’s beautiful
Garments are laid out for Israel to put on in Zion after the restoration
Takes place, we can see this process a little closer in the Book of

II. The Messiah was appointed High Priest. V1-3

A. This is where we really get to dig into things and goes back to Heb. 5:5-6.

1. The writer starts off by saying “In the same way”:

a. The KJV say, “So also” and this is the GK. (But it means “In like

b. This is a reference to the verse above or verse 4. (The High Priest
does not appoint himself high priest)

c. So we must stop here. (The one who is Messiah did not appoint
Himself as High priest)

d. He was appointed in the same manner as the human on. (Yahweh
appointed Him, He was called by God or Eliohim)

e. Now remember what that means. (Yahweh anointed Him, called
Him by name and, remember the Spirit of Wisdom was on

1). Look at Is. 61:1-3 (Spirit of the Lord is on Me)

2). Look at Luke 4:16-21 (Spirit of the Lord is on Me)

3). Look at Jn 8:54 (The Father glorifies Him)

f. In all these passages it is in reference. (To the fact He was did not
take this office on Himself but was appointed by God)

g. Yashua is fully qualified. (To become the High Priest, and was
appoint in the same way, not self-appointed)

2. Notice here the writer did call Him Yashua or Jesus, but Messiah:

a. In this verse, the writer begins to make a transition. (The
is from being qualified as High Priest but even more)

b. This word “Messiah” or Heb. “mashiyach” means. (Heb. Anointed
or consecrated, the RT word is to rub with oil, the GK
“Christ” is anointed”)

c. We go from just being a High Priest to the Messiah. (Begins to give
a deeper understanding of who and what the Messiah is)

d. The writer uses Ps. 2:7. (And this is worth looking at, it is
actually prophetic of the Messiah)

1). Ps. 2:7, “I declare”. (Means Heb. I have “inscribed”)

2). And the word “decree”. (Means an appointment, and the
Appointment is “You are My Son, today I have become
Your Father”)

• Look at when this was declared 1 Peter 1:18-20 Before the
• Foundation of the world but manifest in these last days, they would have known this reference.

a). Look at Matt. 3:17 and Luke 3:22 (This is my bel0ved

b). Acts 13:33 (Prophecy fulfilled “You are my son”)

3). This goes back to Is. 11:1-2. (The Messianic Line coming from
The stump of Jesse)

4). And then it moves to Is. 61:1-3. (The Spirit of the Lord is on

5). And to Luke 4:16-21. (Yashua Identiying Himself to the
To the people)

e. I took some time with this because if we miss this. (We will not get
the transition that is being made)

f. So Heb. 5:5 lets us know Messiah is appointed as High Priest.
(under the same guide lines as that of an earth high priest,
which lets us know He is a High Priest and has
the same responsibilities of the High Priest)

3. But His priesthood is not Levitical:

a. He holds the same qualifications. (As far as being appointed as
high priest, but it is not from the Levitical order if you will)

b. In verse 6 the writer turns to Ps. 110:4. (“Forever, You are a
priest like Melchizedek”)

c. Ps. 110 is known as the chapter of the Priestly King. (This takes us
to a whole different level)

d. We first see this word “Melchizedek” show up in Gen. 14:17-24.
(This is the time of Abraham and rescuing Lot from some

1). The word “Melchizedek” in the Heb. is made up of two RT words.
(The first is “King”, and the second is “right” so it means
King of Right or King of Righteousness)

2). We also see Melchizedek was the King of Salem. (Heb. for Salem
Is peace and is pronounced Shalem and is an early name
Of Jerusalem, the Rt word is complete, Friendly, just and

3). Notice, Melchizedek blesses Abram and give wine and bread. (This
blessing becomes a function of the priest later, in
Num. 6:23 and Dt. 10:8) But the bread and wine are
Symbolic of the body and blood of Yashua look at 1 Cor.
11:23-26 which is the Passover.

a). I want to look at this bread and wine. (The Passover, this
took place before the covenant was made by Yahweh
with Abram Gen. 15. We talk about the smoking pot
and the torch, which would include Passover)

b). Let’s look at Matt. 26:18-29. (Word “remission” or in
some translations “forgiviness” Gk means to “send
away”, and has a reference to “a husband divorcing
his wife”)

c). Now Let’s look at Rom. 7:1-6. (Rom. 6 speaks of baptism,
and raised to walk in newness of life, here it is for us t0
join to him He must die and well as us, or we could not
be join (married) to Him)

d). So this whole thing. (Has been a picture of Him
betrothing Himself to the bride, and He will
save Himself until the marriage supper Matt.
26:29, and Rev. 19:6-10)

4). But I also want you to see there are two kings, the other is king of
Sodom. (The King of Sodom only offered the possessions
Taken in battle, and we know what happens to Sodom

5). In Gen 14:22-23. (Abram takes the high road and doesn’t
Take that offered by the King of Sodom)

6). But notice, Melchizedek was both priest and king. (This is a
Different way of thinking about the High Priest)

7). This is actually pointed out in the Davidic Prophecies. ( Look
At Is. 11:1-5 and Matt. 1:6 and 16 Yashua coming from the
Line of the King of Israel) Also look at Ps. 2:7-12 shows
The line of the King.

8). He will hold this priest, king office “forever”. (GK means forever
But also means eternity and the Rt word means always)

4. But look at Heb. 7:3:

a. This verse sets up a mystery about who this person was. (There is
this mystery that leaves us wondering)

b. Some say it was Shem. (One of Noah’s sons, but Canaan
was from Ham’s line not Shem’s)

c. I believe however, it to be the pre-incarnate Messiah. (Look at
John 8:39-59, specifically verse 56)
1). Saw and rejoiced is both passed tense.

2). John 8:56 word “Day” . (Heb. could mean “The last day of
The present age when Messiah returns and establishes
His kingdom”

3). Look also Matt. 27:50-53 and 1 Cor. 15:20

d. This word resembling (GK means to cause a model to pass off
into an image, is made up of two rt words,
one is to bring to completion, and the other is to “liken”
or likeness, or to be a complete likeness)

e. And Abraham “saw it”. (I personally believe this is Yashua)

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