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Num. 27:12-23

1. I would like to take a look at this paragraph of Scripture and see if we can
Maybe think about this and project ourselves into this a bit.

2. Here is a man, Moses, who has been the leader of Israel, appointed by Yahweh
Who is now not going to be able to enter the Promised land because of one
Incident in His life where he made a mistake, even though it was a big one.

3. If you think about this, and compare it with Israel, you might think that this is
Too big of a punishment for Moses, but you have to remember that the 1st
Generation of Israel did not enter the land but died in the desert because of
What they did, so this land of inheritance is very protected by Yahweh.

4. Now if you will go back with me to Ex. 32, remember Israel had rejected the
Breath of Yahweh in Ex. 20, the laws had been discussed and the items of the
Tabernacles were discussed but none of this had been built yet and really had
Been discussed.

5. Notice in Ex. 31:6-7, this name Tent of Meeting was into changeable with what
We call the Tabernacle, but if we look at Ex. 32 where Aaron fashioned to bull
That Israel worshipped things changed some.

6. Look at Ex. 24:1-18, if you will notice, Moses had all of the Elders stay at one
Place while he took Joshua with him to where he would meet with Yahweh on
Mt. Sinai.

7. When they came back Ex. 32 Israel had worshipped the bull, and in Ex. 33
Moses was to move the tent of meeting outside of the camp o Israel at some
Distance, Ex. 33:7-11, anyone inquiring of Yahweh was to go to the tent of
Meeting and inquire there, but Moses would go and when he went in the cloud
Representing the presence of Yahweh would set on the tent, and notice verse
Ex. 33:11, Joshua son of Nun would never leave the inside of the tent.

8. Having looked at this we can see what Scripture is referring to in Num. 27:18
Referring to Joshua who has the Spirit in him, to me this is interesting to me
Because when I first saw that Scripture said that Joshua was full of the Spirit
I had to ask myself, is there a place in Scripture that says that he was, because
Scripture talks about those that made the tabernacle and the things in it having
The Spirit put within them to do the job Ex. 28:3.
9. So this is very interesting to me because this shows that Yahweh had a plan that
He was going to follow, nothing caught Him by surprise, and it shows that
Moses was to bring someone else up sort of an apprenticeship if you will, and
Joshua would be there in every instance that took place, it also explains the
Stance that Joshua took after spying out the land, he had already been with the
One who would give them the land.

10. But this passage of Scripture has other things for us to look at, for instance,
This was a time that had been chosen for Moses to die, and he was to go look at
The land that he would not enter, and be gathered to his ancestors, because they
Took credit for making the water come out of the rock and had struck the rock
Instead of speaking to the rock.

11. Think about this for a moment, what might be going through your head, as you
Were leaving the tent to go and look at the land, knowing that the one that was
There with you was going to take the people into the land in your place?

12. But look there is even more, Moses is to take Joshua, before the High Priest
And the whole Israelite community lay his hands on Joshua to ordain him and
To confer on him the authority that Moses had onto Joshua in front of the
Israelite community, the ones that he had interceded for, for many years.

13. I guess the point that I am thinking about here is not only Moses’ love for
And his complete acceptance of Yahweh’s plan, but Moses’ love for the
Love for the people and wanting them to be everything that Yahweh wants
Them to be.

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