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1. Turn with me in your Bibles to Rom. 8:31-39.

2. Last week we took a look at Rom. 8:18-30.

3. We saw, We need to look toward the glory that will be revealed to us. V18-30

A. Paul has talked about similar idea’s in his writing and we will look at them.

1. I want to talk about the word “Reckon or consider”:

a. This word Reckon or consider. (Has to do with taking inventory which
leads to a conclusion of some kind, but interestingly enough it is also
tied to the word Logos which is a divine expression, word from

b. So what was he counting or taking inventory of? (He was taking inventory
the sufferings in this life, compared to the glory that will be revealed to

1). Look at 2 Cor. 4:1-18. (When we look at verses 1-6 we find that Paul is
Talking about the Gospel and being true to the Gospel because they
Shown mercy by Yahweh through Yahshua Messiah, and have
Become slaves not pronouncing them but instead Yahshua as Master)

2). Now look at 2 Cor. 4:6. (Yahweh said let light shine out of darkness
And has shown in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of
Yahweh’s glory in the face of Yahshua Messiah)

3). Now look at 2 Cor. 4:7. (Now we have this treasure in clay jars so that
This extreme power may be from Yahweh and not from us, what
Treasure is he talking about? The glory of Yahweh in the face of
Yahshua Messiah, and we are the clay jars)

4). Look at 2 Cor. 4:8. (We are pressured in every way but not crushed;
Perplexed but not in despair; we have been persecuted but not
Abandoned; we are struck down but not destroyed, we will always
Carry the death of Yahshua in our bodies, so that the life of Yahshua
May be revealed in our body)

5). Look at 2 Cor. 4:11. (We who live are always given over to death, so
That Yahshua’s life may be reveal in our mortal flesh, and verse 14
We know that the One who raised the Master Yahshua will raise us
Also with Yahshua and present us with you)

6). Now look at 2 Cor. 4:16-18. (Therefore, we do not give up even though
Our outer person is being destroyed, out inner person is being
Person is being renewed day by day, this momentary light affliction
Is producing in us an incomparable eternal weight of glory, So we
Do not Focus what is seen but on what is unseen, what is seen is
Temporary and what is seen is eternal)

7). Look back at Gen. 1:26. (Yahweh created man in His image, this word
Image, especially when speaking of in the image of Yahweh carries
With it the idea of it being in a moral and spiritual sense, for instance
In John 4:24, Yahweh is spirit and those that worship Him must
Worship Him in spirit and truth)

8). Look Gen. 2:7. (Yahweh formed man out of the clay of the ground,
Now we just saw that in John 4:24 that Yahweh is spirit, He does not
Have a body made of clay we do, so what are we talking about? In
This same verse Gen. 2:7 we see that Yahweh breathed the breath of
Life into the nostril of man, that word breath means vital breath but
Can also mean Divine inspiration that was in the image of Yahweh,
And it is that part of man that kept the body alive, because when that
Part of man was separated from Yahweh the body began to die this
Is what Paul is speaking to in 2 Cor. 4 about the clay jars)

9). So the Father gave His Son Yahshua. (So that we can be cleansed from
From our sins and brings forgiveness, John 3:16, but also brings us
Into the presence of Yahweh through Yahshua Messiah and we once
Again are able to have a personal relationship with Him through the
Indwelling of His Spirit, and restoring us back to the image of Him)

10). Back to Rom. 8:18-30. (If you will look at Rom. 8:19-25 this is exactly
What Paul is talking about, the restoration of all things as it was in
The garden, not only us but creation its self)

12). But let’s look deeper. (Rom. 8:26-27, this is where we see this spiritual
Relationship with the Creator being restored, it is the Spirit of
Yahweh or we could say the Spirit of Messiah that searches our
Hearts and intercedes for us based on our needs, needs that we have
We don’t know about, with groans that cannot be uttered)

13). Now the word “heart”. (In the GK can mean heart, but it can also
Mean mind, so He searches our minds, sees what our weaknesses
Are and begins to intercede for us based the will of Yahweh, now
This is not based on what we think is our needs, remember we
Do not even know what they, but is based on the will of Yahweh
What He intends for us be and do)

14). So what is His will? (It is for us to be transformed into the image of
Yahshua Messiah, so that we could be the first fruits of many
Brothers, now the question comes up, what if we are fighting against
The Spirit by trying to be conformed to an image of something else?
So we have to ask ourselves what is the image of Yahshua? Because
If we really want to comply and work with Him we need to know a
Little more about that)

15). Let’s go back to 2 Cor. 4:4. (Because of the mercy they were shown
They do not give up, and the message they preach is the Gospel, and
It is only blinded by those that are perishing, and that the image of
Messiah is that of the Father)

16). Let’s go to Eph. 1:3-5. (The Father has blessed us with every spiritual
Blessing in the heavens, He chose us from the foundation of the
World to be blameless in His sight, In love He predestined us to be
Adopted through Yahshua Messiah for Himself according to his favor
And will, the reason I wanted to look at this is because this is what He
Wants us to become notice the predestined stuff was about Yahshua
And what He wants us to become through Him)

17). Look at 2 Cor. 3:18. (We are with unveiled faces are looking into a
Mirror at the glory of the Master and are being transformed into
The same image (the one we are looking in the mirror at) from glory
To glory, this is the Master who is the Spirit)

18). Look at Phil. 3:12-21. (Notice that this is a progressive thing that
Takes place, and our response to this is that we as Paul press
Forward to the goal Paul forgets what is behind and reaching
Forward to what is ahead, to pursue as his goal the prize promised
By the Father’s heavenly call in Yahshua Messiah)

19). Look at Phil. 3:18-21. (Many live as enemies of the execution stake
They are focused on earthly things their gods are earthly things, but
Our citizenship is in heaven from which we also eagerly for our
Savior the Master Yahshua Messiah He will transform our body of
Our humble condition into the likeness of His glorious body by the
Power that enables Him to subject everything to Himself)

20). Let’s go back to Rom. 8:20. (Now it says that the creation was
Subjected to futility not willingly but by Him who subjected it, now
In the KJV the H in Him is lower case and was done so because they
Believe that it was either Adam or Satan is the one who subjected
Creation to futility)

21). The reason I bring this up. (The form of this word “subject” is used in
Connection with a judicial act, which we find in Gen. 3:14-19, where
Yahweh pronounces judgment over Satan, man, woman and the
Creation itself)

4. This week I would like to continue in Rom. 8 and look at the victory that we as
Believer’s have in Yahweh through Yahshua Messiah.

5. Let’s Read Rom. 8:31-39, Pray!

I. Our Victory in Yahshua Messiah. V31-39

A. Paul is referring to the previous paragraph about afflicts and suffering vs
Glory that will be revealed to us.

1. Look carefully at V31. (If Yahweh is for us, who can be against us? And
Really when you think about that, who could possibly be against us and
Do anything to us?)

a. David knew a little about this truth. (Look at Ps. 23:4, “Even though I go
through the darkest valley I fear no danger for you are with me; Your
rod and staff they comfort me”, In the KJV it says, even though I walk
in the valley of the shadow of death and the Hebrew says even though I
walk in the shadow of the grave, and goes on to say that he fears that
word is yaw-ray meaning he does not revere or serve death because
Yahweh is with him)

b. Look at Ps. 27:1. (Yahweh is my light (ore) meaning light and happiness
and his salvation meaning Yahshua in whom shall I fear, Yahweh is the
strength of my life (He is the defense force) of David’s life from whom
shall he be afraid)

c. Look at Ps. 56:8-9. (Because Yahweh recorded David’s wanderings, and
because Yahweh has put his teas in a bottle and they become Yahweh’s
records, and because of that when David calls on Yahweh’s name his
enemies will turn back because Yahweh is for him)

2. Back to Rom. 8:32. (The Father didn’t even spare His own Son but
offered Him for us all; how will He not also with Him grant us
everything: Look at 2 Peter 1:3-4, Jos. 21:43-45)

a. Look at Rom. 8:33. (Who can bring an accusation against Yahweh’s
elect? This word “accusation” means call into question, and the word
elect means His chosen, look at Deut. 7:6 we are Yahweh’s chosen, and
and goes on to say that it is Yahweh who justifies not anyone else, look
at Eph. 1:1-11)

b. Look at Rev. 12:10. (In this verse notice that Satan is called the accuser
of the brethren, this word “accuser” is made up of two words the first is
to bring something against and also means to make public and in this
case it says that Satan stands day and night before Yahweh and accuses
the ones in the assembly. Now it is one thing for Satan to accuse the
saints, but to make accusations about before Yahweh who knows the
truth and what He through Yahshua Messiah has done, look also at Is.

c. Look at Luke 6:7. (They were watching Yahshua to see if He would heal
on the Sabbath which was not against the law, we can do good on the
Sabbath and their purpose was so they could bring accusation against
Yahshua, when you look up accuser it also says see Devil, could it be
That if we are not careful we can come a tool of Satan and accuse
Others according to what Satan is doing? Look at Job 2:10)

d. Back to Rom. 8:34. (Paul goes on here and really is saying who is our
real judge? Yahshua is the one who died for us and more important who
has been raised from the dead and seated at the right hand of the Father
and He is the very one who intercedes for us, this is more like an
advocate before our Judge showing that the saints fall under Yahshua’s
finished work, through His blood according to the will of the Father)

e. Then in Rom. 8:35. (Paul poses the question, who can separate us from
the love of Messiah? The word separate means to put room between to
make to go away, and then Paul goes through this list anguish,
persecution, famine, nakedness, danger or the sword, and look at verse

f. And the answer to that is. (No! in fact we are more than victorious
though Him who loved us, now to me adding the “more” is strange to
me we are either victorious or not, but by adding this word “more”
means that our victory in Him is decisive, not just making it to victory
but being so decisive that no will be able to argue with it)

g. In Rom. 8:38-39. (Paul says that he is persuaded and this means
convinced that none of the things he has listed will be able to separate
us from the love of Yahweh that is in Yahshua Messiah who is our

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