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Numbers 20:1-21:10

1. As we look at this passage I want to put this in perspective, as we look at this
The time frame is the month of Abib or Nisan and it is in the spring of the
14th year and is the conclusion of the punishment of Israel in the wilderness.
Look at Numbers 14:30

2. Notice, Miriam died and was buried right there and Aaron dies in this chapter
As well, and when you look at this we have to go back to Num. chapter 12 and
Maybe get some perspective from this chapter.

3. Aaron and Miriam had rebel against Moses because of the Cushite women
Moses had married, and actually goes on to challenge if Moses was the only
That Yahweh speaks through.

4. Now remember this goes all the way back to Mt. Sinai in Ex. 20:18-21, this
Is what Israel had told Moses they wanted, and then they question if it is only
Moses that Yahweh speaks to, “You speak to and we will listen” is what they
Said and in Num. 12:2, “Does Yahweh only speak to Moses”?

5. Look at Num. 12:6-9, Yahweh separates Aaron and Miriam from Moses and
asks and maybe more than asks or we could say makes a statement, you should
be afraid to speak against My servant Moses.

6. Now notice the Cloud is moving away from them and Miriam’s skin becomes
Diseased, and then all of a sudden Aaron finds respect for Moses and calls him
Adon which means sovereign maybe too much using that word which would be
A name used for Yahshua look at Ps. 110:1.

7. In the Ps. 110:1, we find 2 words in the English that look to be the same and are
Translated the same, both words translated Lord, but in reality they are not the
Same word. The 1st Lord is actually Yahweh and the 2nd is the word adon which
Means Master, gives us an understanding of David thinking realizing that the
Adon was probably David’s understanding of his Master and his salvation
His Master.

8. Now this is just before they rebelled and refused to go into the Land that
Yahweh had promised to give them, this also gives us the idea that maybe they
Did not have an understanding of who Yahweh was and who He appoints to
Lead His people.
9. We actually see this today throughout the church, it seems that we really do not
Have a handle on how this works, I have listened to people just tear apart those
That lead and some how put themselves as being better in some way.

10. Now back to Num. 20:2, it says there was no water in the area so “they”
Decided to assemble against Moses and Aaron, And the people quarreled with
Moses. This word quarreled or in the KJV chode means to hold controversy, to
To chide, to complain, to contend with.

11. It is interesting to me that they went to Moses and to Aaron and felt that they
Should point out to Moses and Aaron that there was not water, as if Moses and
Aaron were not aware of the fact that there wasn’t any water.

12. The other thing you have to ask yourself is if Yahweh had led them there then
He must have known that there wasn’t any water there as well, and let’s just be
Realistic, they were sent back out in the desert because they were going to die
There and they were told that.

13. Now could these next verses be a little manipulation? Look at Num. 20:3-4,
Now they are Yahweh’s assembly that Moses and Aaron brought out into this
Place with no water to kill Yahweh’s assembly.

14. Look also at Num. 20:5, there is no grain, figs, pomegranates, and did I
Mention no water? Now remember where they had refused to go into that had
All of that in abundance, could it be they were shifting the blame from them-
Selves to Moses and Aaron for them not going into the land they thought that
They were entitled to have. Hmm sounds like today.

15. Now Yahweh speaks to Moses and tells Moses to take Aaron with him and to
Take his staff also, and he is to speak to the rock and water will come forth
From the rock and water will come forth from it and the people will have

16. So Moses does as Yahweh had asked, well sort of, he assemblies the people.
And from here it seems went south, instead of just speaking to the rock, Moses
Begins his discourse with, “Listen you rebels”, by that you can tell the tone of
This gathering is not the same as he was told. Have we ever done that? Started
Off with the best intentions and by the time we got there had worked our way
Into something else?

17. Now if Moses had done what he was told and speak to the rock, it certainly
Would have been Yahweh who was glorified before the people, not anybody
Else, but Moses said, “Must we bring water out of this rock? Now in my mind
That changes things a little, and who was to be glorified comes into question.

18. Look at Num. 20:12-13, You have to ask the question why was Moses given
Such a hard punishment? The answer is in these verses, the first, “you did not
Trust me”, if you look back at Ex. 17:5-6, Moses is told to hit the rock and
Water will come forth so what is different?

19. Notice, that in this passage Yahweh says that He will stand on the rock in front
Him and he is to strike the rock, look at 1 Cor. 10:3-4, this was considered the
Symbol of Messiah and He is the spiritual rock that they all drank from, but
Also look at Heb. 7:27, He didn’t need to offer sacrifices every day as the
Priest’s do, once for themselves and then for the people. He did it once for all
When He offered Himself.

20. Back to Num. 20:12-13, Second by striking the rock again Moses did not show
Yahweh’s Holiness before the people, so by doing this in the sight of the
People he misrepresented Yahweh in front of the people, these verses point out
That this was done in front of the whole assembly. Now did Yahweh still show
His holiness before the people, yes, He did it says so.

21. I believe we can look at this idea of speaking to the rock was suppose to show
Israel that they could pray to Him. If you bring into account that in Ex. 20:19
Israel told Moses, “you speak to us and we will listen”, but in this passage in
Moses is to speak to the rock, who we know represents Messiah, showing
Israel that are able to speak to their Messiah.

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