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1. In Numbers 13:1-2 Moses is told by Yahweh to take men from each of the
Tribes of Israel and send them in to search out the land that He is about to
Give them, which is the land of Canaan.

2. In Numbers 13:17-20 Moses tells them what where to go and what to look for
Now remember Yahweh has already told them about this land back in Ex. 3:17.

3. This word for Milk means milk and the word for honey means honey, the
Understanding is that milk represents a richness and quality and of the land that
Yahweh is giving them, while honey represents the sweetness of the land and
Its ability to grow the fruit.

4. I am going to talk about Dale and Rae for a minute, Sharon and I really like
Peaches, and I don’t know about you but it is really difficult to get good
Peaches out of the stores, maybe farm stores, but in most of the stores the
Peaches are hard and not very sweet, but Dale and Rae gave us some peaches
Last year that were just full of juice and about as sweet as you can get, just full
Of nectar.

5. That is the best way I could describe but is being discussed here about the land
That they were supposed to go in and checkout and they are told to look at the
Land and to see if it was futile or not.

6. In fact look at Numbers 13:23 it says that when they came to Escol they cut
Down a branch with a single cluster of grapes on it that they carried on a pole
That 2 men had to carry.

7. Can you imagine how full of juice those grapes must have been? If you have
Vineyards like that you would have food and drink for a long time, and enough
To sale to others.

8. It says that they were searching out the land for 40 days, now I am not much for
Numbers in the Bible but there are some significant number that deal with
Certain things and 40 is one of them that is significant, 40 deals with judgement
And testing.

9. In Gen. 7:12 it rained 40 days and 40 nights while Noah and his family were in
In the ark, in Acts 7:30 Moses was in the desert after killing the Egyptian, In
Deu. 9:18, 25 Moses interceded for Israel, Deut. 25:3 the law specified the
Maximum number of stripe a man could receive is 40, Yahshua was fasted
40 days and 40 nights and was tempted, etc.

10. So if you look at this passage in light of that you will be able to see that
This maybe a test for Israel before the land is given to them, and it maybe
A good idea for us to take not, could it be that there will be a time of testing
With us before we are taken by Him to that next level of relationship or
Ministry with us?

11. In Num. 13:26 it says that they came back to Moses and Aaron and the whole
Israelite community, and look at verse 27, the report was that it truly is a
Land flowing with milk and honey, and they showed them the grape cluster.

12. In Num. 13:28 it starts off However, this word is the same as saying, “Yeah
But” it wipes out everything that was said previously, and in many case’s sets
The tone for what happens next.

13. The next thing is that they begin to talk about the size of the people, and that
The cities were strongly fortified and all of their enemies fill the land, and
Out of all that were sent in to search out the land only 2 had a good report and
Look at what Caleb says in Num. 13:30 He believes what Yahweh said that
Yahweh would give them the land.

14. Have you ever noticed that once you receive a negative report it is hard to get
Yourself turned around to the positive again, it seems that once you get into
That mind set it is really hard to change directions again.

15. And we see this happening here, the other thing is that this negative report is
Coming to the people from the Leaders of their tribes, they say we can’t go up
Against these people because they are stronger than we are, do you notice
Something missing from that statement, where is Yahweh in any of that?

16. Let’s continue to look, look at Num. 13:32, the land is a land that devours its
People and they were of great size, the words “devour its people” means that
The land eats up its people, and they talk about the Nephilim or the giants in
That land and we look like grasshopper to ourselves.

17. There it is, there eyes are on themselves, this no longer has to do with Yahweh
But is about themselves, it is all about me game, do we do this this?
18. That sets up everything that happens next, and it is what plagued them through
Out their travels through the desert.

19. So let’s examine this for a minute, they had their eyes on themselves so what
Happens next: Look at Numbers 14:1-4 the whole community broke down in
Loud cries and they wept that whole night.

20. Then all of the Israelites “complained” about Moses and Aaron, and Only if
We had died in the land of Egypt or only if we had died in the wilderness and
Why is Yahweh bringing us in this land to die by the sword and have our
Wives and children to be plundered.

21. Now let’s talk about this, they didn’t die in the desert as they proclaimed
Coming out of Egypt, and as they were in the desert, Yahweh had brought
Them safe to this point to the point where they were about to enter the land.

22. The other question I have is how many of them had died in Egypt from the
Abuse they received while in slavery? This seems to be a pity party going on
And it is all about themselves.

23. Look at Num. 14:4 so they decided to appoint another leader for themselves
And have that leader take them back to Egypt look at Num. 14:5-9 so Moses
And Aaron fall face down to the ground, Caleb and Joshua tear their clothes
And tell the Israelites that Yahweh will give them the land because Yahweh
Has removed their protection.

24. And the people are going to stone Moses, Aaron, Caleb and Joshua then
Yahweh shows Himself to all of the Israelites at the tent of meeting.

25. Moses begins once again to intercede for them but this time Yahweh makes a
Decision not about the children but about all of those adults who made these
Decision to send them back out into the wilderness until they die not because
That’s what He wants but that is what they had prophesied over themselves
Look at Num. 14:28-30.

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