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1. Turn with me in your Bibles to Rom. 8:1-11.

2. Last week talked about Rom. 7:1-7 Pt. 2

3. We saw, Our testimony and our rejection. V15:26-16:4

A. Now remember persecution is predicted because of Yahshua.

1. But first things first, there is allot here: John 14:15-18 This goes with Rom.

a. As always we need to look at a word. (This word is “If”, now for a two
letter word it is weighty, because this word within this sentence creates
a condition to everything else that Yahshua is about to say so what
comes after this word has a condition to it. In other words we could
that what comes after this word is not available to those that do not
meat this condition)

1). The rest of this condition is laid out. (There are two more elements to
the condition, the first is, If you love me. Now I want us to look at
this word love for a minute, the word used here in the GK is
agapaho and it means to love but it comes from another RT word
which is agap which means to “breath after” and speaks the
relationship between a husband and wife, it means “lover” to “dote”

2). Those word are associated to a Hebrew word. (The word is ahev ot ahab
and once again it can be associated to the kind of love that one would
have for a spouse and can be used of a very close friend such as
David and Jonathan in 1 Sam. 18:1-3, it says that their souls were
knit together Heb. word is kaw-shar being tied together and had to
with a covenant made with each other)

3). The second element in this condition. (Is to keep His commandments
and the word to “Keep” GK tay-reh-o which means to watch, and
the next is theh-o-reh-o which means to guard and koos-to-dee-ah
which means to keep from escaping, and these words are associated
with a Hebrew word Shama meaning to keep, guard, to hear
intelligently, and to obey)

4). We find this in Deuteronomy. (Dt. 5:10 show mercy to those that love
and keep His commands by not bowing to other gods or idols, Deut.
6:5-6, Thou shalt love Yahweh you Eloheem with all your heart, soul
and might, Deut. 7:9, know that Yahweh keeps covenant and shows
mercy to those that love Him and keeps His commandments, Deut.
10:12-13, what Yahweh requires from us is to fear Him, to walk in
all of His ways, to love Him, to serve Him with all of heart and soul
and to keep His commandments and His statutes, Deut. 11:13,22
love Him and serve Him and keep His commandments)

5). These things are the conditions. (To whatever Yahshua is going to
bring up next, we haven’t even looked at what He is going to say next
He brings up the conditions first, He wants us to know that life with
Him involves these things)

6). This is important and we talked about this last week. (We are acting on
His behalf and it deals with Him and representation)

7). But we have to ask according to His “Name”. (I believe many
today think this just means to say “in the name of
Yahshua”, but the GK does not support that. The GK
for “name” is on-om-ah and it means name but also
deals with authority, and character, and the idea of
being “called”)

8). Let’s put this together. (As we talked just a minute ago to be
a believer is more than believing He is Messiah, but
having fidelity with Him, meaning no mixture in us of
something else, second we are to do these things in the
name of Yahshua which means that we need to walk
according to His authority and character, which means
His character we can’t be doing what we want and expect
these things to happen remember this is about bringing
glory and honor to Yahweh through the Son)

9). Look at Act 19:11-18. (This starts off with saying, “Yahweh
was performing these miracles through Paul and people
were healed. Some of the Jewish exorcists or those
within the Jewish leadership that dealt with spiritual
warfare saw these things happening decided to use the
name of the Master Yahshua to cast out demons saying
this, “I command you by the Yahshua that Paul

10). Now look at the results. (These evil spirit says, I know
Yahshua and I know who Paul is but who are you? And
the demon beat them up. Now Yahweh used that to have
people come to Him, but those that tried this left
wounded and naked)

b. From here Yahshua starts. (Talking about the subject matter
which has to do with the power they will receive, but in this
case He is going to bring up a specific aspect that will rank
at the top as far as importance)

1). Verse 16 starts off with a word. (This word is “And”, now the
word “and” in the GK is Kahee, now I know that you guys
didn’t come here for an English lesson but this is really
important I believe, this word Kahee and also be
translated “then” primary particles tie sentences together
and if you look at verses 15-16 using a period and starting
the next sentence with And tie them but almost doesn’t
sound right but if you were to drop the period and put
then there you get, “If you love Me and follow My
My commandments then I will pray and the Father will
send another counselor to be with you forever)

2). At any rate. (And the real point is that the idea of loving
Him and following His commands are the conditions for
Him to pray that the Father will send another Counselor
to be with us forever)

3). Now as we look at this Comforter. (Before we get into this
Comforter or Counselor, I would like to talk about this
word “another”, the word in the GK is al-los and simply
means “else” and can be translated “more” or
“otherwise” and it is important as I think we will see)

4). The word Comforter or Counselor. (In the GK is par-ak-lay-tos
and it means intercessor, advocate and comforter, He is
also called the Spirit of Truth, look at 1 John 2:1 the
advocate we have is Yahshua Messiah, also Heb. 8:6 that
Yahshua is the mediator of a better covenant, Heb. 9:15
Yahshua the mediator of the covenant so really the idea
is that He would not be present with Him physically)

5). If He has stayed physically. (He could not have indwelt them
and given them “more” that’s why Yahshua said in John
16:7 that it is a benefit for Him to go away because He
would not be able to indwell them, look at 2 Corth. 3:12-
18, the Master is the Spirit and where the Master is there
is freedom, He is called the Spirit of Truth, Yahshua said
I am the Truth)

6). Look at verse 17. (The world cannot know the Spirit of Truth
But you will know Him because He will remain with you
and in you)

7). This is important. (I will not leave you as orphans: I AM
COMING TO YOU, notice He didn’t say I will come to
you, but I AM COMING TO YOU)

2. Now here I want to go back to the word Counselor or Comforter:

a. When we look at this word a little close. (We will find that this
word is not just a Greek word but has a Hebrew word that
gives us the same idea)

1). The Hebrew word is Yaw-ats. (And it means counsel or advise
but it can also mean to make known the plan or purpose of
Yahweh, or in the case we are talking about to make
known to man the plan or purposes of Yahweh, look at
Num. 24:13-17 in which Balaam informs Balak the plan
and the purpose of Yahweh for His people)

2). Look at Ps. 92:4-11. (His plans will destroy His enemies, His
thoughts are profound, fools and stupid people can’t
understand them and evil people even though they seem to
flourish will be destroyed)

3). Look at Ps 33:10-12. (Yahweh’s plans are forever and from
generation to another)

4). Look at 1 Cor. 2:6-16. (This section is called Spiritual Wisdom
and here is quoted a passage fro Isa. 52:13-15 about the
beating and death of our Messiah Yahshua)

5). Look at 2 Cor. 5:16-6:2. (No longer should we view each
according to the flesh but according to the Spirit, what is
seen in the Spirit? Look at what Paul calls the ministry,
2 Cor. 3-11. Remember Paul had once viewed Yahshua
according to the flesh at one time)

6). Look at Acts 9:1-9. (The High Priest and Saul (Paul) thought
that by removing these people who were synagogue and
who had always been part of the synagogue were now
going to be beatin, arrested, and thrown out of the
synagogue because of their faith in Yahshua Messiah)

7). Look at John 16:1. (Yahshua tells them that He is telling them
now of these things to they would not be offended or
stumble. The word used in the GK is skan-dal-id-zo and is
were we get our English word scandalize and means to
trip up, to entice to sin, and apostasy look at 2 Thess. 2:1-

4. I would like to continue in Roman talking about the Life giving Spirit and what that looks like.

5. Read Rom. 8:1-11, Pray!

I. The LifeGiving Spirit of Yahweh. V1-11

A. This starts of by saying there is no condemnation for those that are in
Messiah Yahshua.

1. This word “condemnation”. (GK refers to an act of judgement
And to be condemned means to be cursed and has a sense of
Eternity to it, but in this case the word no before it means
There is no curse or judgement against us)

a. And in verse 2. (It is because of the lifegiving Spirit has set us
from the law of sin and death)

b. Notice, Yahshua go back to the temple complex. (And notice His purpose
His purpose was to teach the people again, look again at Luke 21:37-38
this was His practice Let’s go to John 8:1-11)

c. Now notice, it is the scribes and the Pharisee’s involved. (The reason I
point this out, is it was the Pharisee’s who were involved with trying to
have Yahshua arrested in John 7:47-52, and were willing to go to great
lengths to get that done including breaking Torah and lying)

d. So Yahshua is in the temple complex teaching. (They bring this women
“caught in the act of adultery” and interrupt the teaching going on,
they move her to the center of this group)(Caught or Taken in KJV is
Kat-al-am-ban-o and it means seize or apprehend)

1). Notice, the act of adultery. (Cannot be committed by just one person, it
takes two people to commit the act of adultery, and it says she was
caught in adultery)

2). Look at Ex. 20:14. (It says, “Do not commit adultery” period, it does
or point to one person or another, just for all do not commit adultery)

3). Look at Lev. 20:10. (If a man commits adultery with a married
women, his neighbor’s wife both involved must be put to death)

4). Remember when this was. (It was during Sukkot, this women was
“caught in the act” where is the man she was caught with?)

5). The reason I bring this up. (It was the Pharisee’s who wanted the
Temple Police to break Torah by arresting Him without even being
talked to and then lied about no prophet coming from Galilee John

6). Look also at John 8:4. (They call Him according to KJV Master, but
that is not the word used here in the GK, remember there are 2
words in the GK that can be translated Rabbi, the first is hrab-bee
which means Master, the other is did-as-kal-os which means teacher,
it is teacher which is used here)

7). Now this is important. (Because in John 7:12 they called Him a
deceiver or a seducer, so get this, behind His back they call Him a
deceiver or a seducer and to His face they call Him Teacher, or
teacher of the law)

8). Once again there is a problem with their teaching. (Look at Lev. 20:10
again, it says they shall be put to death, it says nothing about stoning
them look at Num. 15:29-36 there shall be one law and to break that
law presumptuously break the commands shall be stoned, seems the
call for stoning may be misplaced)

a). Here is what might have been going on. (Look at Duet. 22:22-24, in
this passage it says that people caught in adultery were both to be
put to death, but then it talks about a man having sex with another
mans fiancee they were to be taken outside the gate and stoned)(Also
look at Duet. 17:2-7 the witnesses are the first to cast the stones)

b). This women may have fit this passage. (She might have been a young
virgin engaged to another man, and a man took advantage of her
and she didn’t cryout)

9). So let’s look at this. (Look at Ex. 20:16, Thou shalt not bear false
witness against they neighbor, John 7:12, Look at Mar. 7:4-13 which
breaks Ex. 20:12 Honor thy father and thy mother and the list goes

10). Could it be that when Yahshua stooped and wrote in the sand. (He might
have been writing some of this down and from the oldest to the
youngest began to leave because their lives were being written in the

11). Look at John 8:6-7. (He writes in the sand, and then stands up and
the one among you without sin should be the first to throw a stone)

12). Look at Jere. 31:31-32. (Yahweh says He had made a marriage
covenant with Israel and Judah and they both had broken that

13). Look at Jere. 3:6-9. (All of Israel had committed adultery against her
husband Yahweh and had played the whore through the worship of
other gods)

14). As we look at this. (All of these people, who were the leaders of Israel
brought her to Yahshua and made accusation against her, notice
that the accusations were true, but in the process they were pointing
out the same accusations that they themselves were guilty of and that
is breaking Torah)

15). Maybe some times. (It is easy to see and point out others sins because
that sin is familiar to us, and other times we point them out publicly
as a smoke screen to cover what we are doing, as happened to the
Scribes and Pharisee’s here in this passage)

16). Notice back to John 8:10-11. (V9 says when they heard this they began
to leave starting from the oldest to the youngest and ONLY He was
left with the women who had been placed in the center)

a). Yahshua asks her. (Has no one condemned you? And her answer is no
and uses this word “Lord” GK means Master and can be translated
God or Heb. Elohim, the Heb. is adon which means sovereign or
Master, so she recognizes Him as Elohim)

b). Then He tells her. (That He doesn’t condemn her either and tells her to
to go and sin no more)

c). Is this consistent with Scripture. (Let’s go back to Jere. 3:6-18, through
recognition of our sins and through repentance Yahweh will forgive
us and bring us back to Him, now remember this is a time at Sukkot,
so He will bring us back to Him, restore us, both us and Judah and
will dwell among us and be Yahweh our Elohim once again)

d). This back to Rom. 8:1-11. (The way Yahshua handled this women is
constant with the way Paul is teaching in Rom. 8:1-11)

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