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1. Turn with me in you Bibles to Rom. 7:1-6.

2. Last week we took a look at Rom. 6:15-23.

3. We saw, We can’t continue to live in sin. V15-18

A. This is about a presentation on our part.

1. Look closely at verse 16. (Paul starts this off by saying, don’t you that if
Offer yourselves to someone as obedient slaves you are slaves of the one
You obey?)

a. Obey in the GK. (Means to attentive harkening, to be in compliance or
in submission to someone or something)

b. Turn with me to Ex. 14:5-14. (So, Pharaoh changed his mind about
letting Israel go, and decided that he would go out and make Israel his
slaves again V5)

c. Notice, in Ex. 14:6. (Pharaoh gets his equipment together and takes his
took his troops with him, Pharaoh is with the army that chased after

d. Ex. 14:8 says. (That Yahweh hardened the heart of Pharaoh, the word
hardened means to make strong, but it also means to be obstinate, and
if you think about and look at what had happened you can see this, they
had just lost all of their firstborn males so Yahweh strengthen him and
made him obstinate)

e. Let’s look a little closer at Ex. 14:8. (It says that he pursued the Israelites
as the Israelites were going out triumphantly, the KJV says with a high
hand and ISR says defiantly, the dictionary says that the definition of
high handed is to use more power than is needed, without thinking
about the feelings or wishes of others, so could it have been that after
being slaves for so long that they were kind of miss using what they
thought of as their power?)

f. Look at Ex. 14:10. (The next thing that happened was Israel saw
Pharaoh and his army coming and says that they were terrified, the
Hebrew word for terrified means to revere and in the dictionary says
Revere means devoted deferential honor, and to regard as worthy of
Great honor and is a form of worship)

g. Listen to what they say in Ex. 14:11. (Is it because there were no graves
in Egypt that you have brought us in the desert to die? They at that
point started pronouncing death over themselves and in V12 they want
to be left alone to they can serve the Egyptians, and that it was better for
them to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert)

h. Look at Ex. 14:13. (Moses tells to stop being afraid, stop revering or stop
worshipping Pharaoh and to stand firm which in the Hebrew means to
station, to present or to continue to offer yourselves, and to who are
they to offer themselves to, look to their salvation in the Hebrew means

i. What Paul is teaching in Romans. (Moses taught Israel in the Exodus of
Israel from Egypt and freedom from slavery of Pharaoh look at Ex.
14:13 again Moses tells them that if they will do this then Yahweh will
Fight for you and those that are coming and trying to enslave you now
Will never again will be seen)

j. Read Ex. 14:15-31. (As they turned from worshipping Pharaoh and
began to offer themselves to Yahweh, Yahweh moved from the front of
them to the rear and held Pharaoh and his army at bay while He was
preparing for them a way of escape, and the end result was they saw
the Egyptians dead on the sea shore)

k. Look at Rom. 6:17-23. (This what Paul is teaching here, that at one time
you were slaves to sin, but now that you have believed and have obeyed
His teaching from the heart we have become slaves of righteousness
And not from what you can produce in yourselves as before but
Through the free gift)

l. Look at Rom. 6:19. (If we would offer ourselves to as a sacrifice to
righteousness it will result in sanctification which means to be holy or
to be purified look at 1 Peter 1:3-7, when purifying gold or silver the
heat is turned up which is never comfortable, but if we continue it
will result in that reflection of Yahshua in us)

m. Read Ex. 11:1. (Now read Ex. 12:3-7 and Ex. 12:22-24, Ex. 12:29-36
this is our story as well as we are in Yahshua Messiah)

4. As Paul continues, he explains the necessity of a death to take place so we would be able to live.

5. Read Rom. 7:1-6, Pray!

I. From Death to Life. V1-6.

A. We have to realize that the Book of Romans is kind of a commentary to those
In Rome both Jewish and Roman, Greek, etc.

1. So we have the same kind of tension going on here. (That had been going
On between the Jews and the Greeks along with the Romans and it had
To do with the Law of Moses and other Law)

a. Look at Acts 15:1. (Men from Judea came down and begin to teach that
unless you are circumcised you cannot be saved, and this is where the
discussion of the Law comes in to place)

b. This discussion actually takes a different turn. (It really comes down to
how we are saved and goes back to Gen. 15:2-6, if you will look at verse
6 you will see that Abraham put His faith in Yahweh and because he
Did he was considered as righteous before Yahweh, so the Law of
Salvation tells us that it is when we part our faith in Yahshua we are
Saved and circumcision is a sign of the covenant Yahweh made with
Abraham Gen. 17:1-11)

c. Turn to Acts 15:6-21. (In this passage Peter stood up and gave testimony
that the way Yahshua or we should say the Holy Spirit was dealing with
the Gentiles was the say way that Yahshua dealt with them, so the
conclusion of the counsel was that they would not more cause more
difficulties in the lives at that time, and they would be able to hear
The Law read in the synagogues every Sabbath)

d. So when Paul says. (That is speaking to those that are under law he is
to both the Jew and the Roman who were under the laws of Rome and
he is about to talk to them about certain aspects of the Law and the way
to live the Law)

e. Paul points to the fact. (That as long as someone lives that someone will
under the law, the words in my version is “authority over them” and
the KJV says “dominion over them” the word in GK means to exercise
lordship over you)

f. So you have to ask yourself. (Is Paul teaching that the Law is bad and we
need to be free from it? Not at all , look at verse 2 of Rom. 7 it talks
about a women that is married to a husband and that she is not free to
leave her husband and be bound to another, that she is not free unless
the husband dies then she is free)

g. Look at Gen. 2:24-25. (They become one flesh and they are to bond or to
cleave to means to fasten together to stick to, Look at Matt. 19:4-8 this
is what Yahshua says about marriage and so Paul is using this aspect of
of the law, look at verse 3 but if her husband dies she is free from “that”
law or that aspect of the law)

h. So what law is Paul discussing? (Look at Rom. 8:1-2, notice there is a law
of life and a law of death the law of life is through our Messiah by the
Holy Spirit and that law has set you free from the aw of sin and death)

i. The law’s of sin and death. (Actually, were present in the Garden of Eden
and had been presented to Adam back then, look at Gen. 2:15-17 if you
eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil you will die)

j. Look at Gen. 2:8-9. (We see in these 2 verse the law of food and the law
of life as well, look specifically at the Tree of life, now back to Rom.
8:1-2, notice when we put our faith in Messiah Yahshua then the Spirit
Of life sets us free from the law of sin and death)

k. Look at Rom. 7:6. (But now we have been released from the Law! Is that
mean we no longer need to be concerned with the Law? No we no
have to be concerned with the Law of sin and death, because we now
living and serving in a new way of the Spirit not trying to live up to the
letter of the Law, we are not trying to live the Law by us trying to
follow the Law by our power but by the Spirit’s power)

l. So let’s look at this change. (Look at Rom. 7:4 then this Spiritual Baptism
we were put to death in relationship with the Law of sin and death
through the crucified Body of Messiah, so we are able to belong to
another, to Him who was raised from the dead so that we may bear fruit
to Yahweh)

m. Because. (The fruit we were producing was the sinful passions that
operated under the Law of sin and death)

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