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Lev. 7:11-21

1. Now if you will notice that Scripture brings up Fellowship Offering and then
Doesn’t say how to offer it, the reason is that the fellowship offering is broken
Down into 3 subtypes: Thankgiving, Vow, and free will offering.

2. So what is an offering, or offering of Thanksgiving?

a. Actually this word is much harder to define. (There are about 4 main Heb.
words that are translated offering and we need to look at them because
each of these words describe a different offering)

b. The first is. (Strong’s 4503 min-khaw and it speaks to the offering and we
can see this with the offering of the firstfruit offering with Cain and Abel
in Gen. 4:3-4)

c. The next is. (Strong’s 5930 o-law and is used of the burnt offering that
Abraham was going to give Isaac as that sacrifice Gen. 22:2)

d. The next is. (Strong’s 2403 khat-tawth and is the sacrifice for an offense
or a sin offering and we can see this in Ex. 29:14)

e. The next is. (Strong’s 8641 ter-oo-maw and this is the one we want to talk
about, it is used for a tribute, or a gift offering or sacrifice)

f. The thanksgiving offering. (Can be found in Lev. 7:11-21, as you can see
there is much more to this offering than meets the eye)

1. First things first. (The word “thanksgving” in the Heb. is to-daw and it
means an extension of the hand, by implication avowal, or adoration,
choir of worshippers, confession, and thanks offering)

2. The word avowal. (Definition from the dictionary means to make a open
and public statement such as a couple getting married and exchanging
their vows of love)

3. Notice. (It can be used to proclaim something or a vow, if it is a free will
offering it is holy, really both of these incidents are holy, you are to days
eat of it and it can be shared with the community present, it is also
known as a peace offering that is motivated by thankfulness, there is an
animal sacrifice, with cereal and bread offerings)

4. As we discussed last week. (For us today certainly Rom. 12:1-2 come into
but it involves or worship and not just with ourselves but with those of
the community that are present with us)

5. And as we have seen. (The word thanksgiving means the extension of the
is a picture of giving we should not come empty handed)

3. The Vow offering. (In the Heb. Means promise, or something promised and
Is actually offered at the end or the completion of the vow, look at Lev
27:8-10 and also Num. 6:1-21 the Nazirite brought the Vow sacrifice at the
End of or completion of their vow.)

a. The reason behind it. (It was offered at the end of the vow because it was a
grateful expression to Yahweh for His grace for the fulfilment of the vow)

4. The 3rd category of the fellowship offing. (Is the Free will offering, free will
In the Heb. Means spontaneity or spontaneous and is a form of worship
To Yahweh for any reason)

a. Look at. (Duet 16:10 this is done at Shavuot or the day of Pentecost and
Ps. 54:6 and look at Rom. 1:8 Paul offers up prayers of thanksgiving
For their witness and faith and notice he offers through our High Priest
Yahshua Messiah)

5. In Lev. 7:22-27. (We are told that the Israelites were not to eat any fat of

a. The word Fat in the Heb. (Means fat, but is also means grease and marrow,
and the definition of marrow is the soft fatty vascular tissue in the interior
cavities of the bone that produces blood cells, so these verse deal with the
idea of eating blood)

b. Look at Lev. 17:13-14. (In these Verses it tells us that the life of the animal
is in the blood, the Heb. For life is neh-fesh and it means breathing animal

c. We now know. (According to medical science that our heart pumps blood
into our lungs where it pictures of oxygen to carry to our bodies)
d. This keeps our whole body. (oxygenated to our bodies will function

e. Look at John 6:47-66. (Yahshua tells that Jewish leaders and He was in
front of His disciples as well that He wants them to eat His flesh and
drink His blood)

f. Look at John 6:53. (Yahshua tells them that unless you eat My flesh and
drink My blood you will not have life you do not have life in yourselves
the word for life is zoe which comes from another word psoo-khay which
means breath or spirit)

g. So what Yahshua is saying is. (You need to partake of My life, breath or
Spirit, not the life of something else but My life, My Spirit because you
Do not have life on your own and look at John 6:66 it says at that moment
That many of His disciples turned back and didn’t follow Him any more)

h. Turn to Ex. 20:18-21. (Yahweh had just spoken the Ten Commands to
Israel which I believe is or was the breath of Yahweh, or the Ruach, but
Instead of receiving them Israel stepped back and told Moses to go to Him
And then tell them what He said)

i. Turn with me to Ex. 31:18. (When they didn’t receive His breath Yahweh
gave them 2 tablets with His words on them to match their hearts of stone
and as that was happing between Moses and Yahweh they were
worshipping a Golden Calf)

j. Consider Ez. 36:25-27. (There it is He wants us to receive His Spirit and He
will cleanse us and give us hearts of flesh so He can writes is laws in our

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