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LEV. 12-15

1. In this Torah portion we will be talking about the idea of clean and unclean.

2. I have listened for years to teachers, teacher of these passages and mostly go
Over what the Scriptures about situations that makes one unclean or clean, and
They should do this.

3. But I really don’t think we have a clue about what these passages really are
Talking about and what they really mean.

4. For instance, the Hebrew word for clean. (Is Taw-hor and it means clean,
Pure and is used in a material or natural sense, such as gold having
Not having Impurities in it, as well as both ritual and ethical sense. Taw-
Hor would describe the gold furnishings of the Tabernacle like the Ark
Ex.25:11, the Mercy Seat Ex. 25:17, the table Ex. 25:24, etc. Yahweh
Promises cleansing of people Ez. 36:22-27 both as a nation and as
Individual people look at Ps. 51:2, Ps. 51:7, Ps. 51:10)

5. And if you will notice. (All of these things has to do with the heart of people
And the removing of idols from our lives and from the lives of the nation of
Israel. If you look at The Ez. 36 passage we see that Because of the idols
Being worshipped among the heathen they also had profaned the name of
Yahweh in front of those same heathen people)

6. The word unclean. (Hebrew is ta-me to become unclean or to be defiled
Which means to corrupt the purity or perfection of something, so it means
To fix in something that should not be there, or to add something that was
Not meant to be there from its original state)

7. Turn to Luke 11:39-41. (We can see this in the teachings of Yahshua,
Yahshua confronts the Pharisee’s and tells them look you clean the outside
Of the cup and the dish but inside you are full of greed and evil, now
Notice the subject matter says that not only should you clean the outside
But you should clean the inside and then all is clean for you. The truth is
The outside gets dirty and we all know that but the more difficult but
Important is the cleansing of the inside)

8. Look at 2 Cor. 6:14-18. (Paul uses this same concept to teach about who we
Are and the relationship that He wants to have with us, we see that
Defilement can come from touching that which is unclean through our
Mixing of righteousness with unrighteousness in our relationships when
We make covenant relationships with the lawless, or with light and
Darkness or idols)

9. Look at Gen. 1:1-4. (Notice that it says that the earth was without form and
The Hebrew word is translated a waste, confusion, and worthless. It also
Says there was darkness Heb. The word Kho-shek which means misery,
Destruction, death, ignorance, sorrow, wickedness. In verse 3 Yahweh
Brought forth light and the Hebrew word there is Ore which means light
But it also means happiness. That’s what Paul is saying what does light
And happiness have to do with dark, misery, destruction, sorrow and

10. But we can also become ceremonially unclean. (When Adam and Eve fell
They also took the creation down with them, look at Rom. 8:18-24 Paul
Tells us in this teaching that the whole creation was subjected to futility
By the fall of Adam and Eve and we live in a fallen creation groaning and
Waiting for the revelation of the sons to be glorified so that the creation
Itself may be restored to its original glory)

11. Look at John 13:1-11. (Now this is an interesting passage of Scripture and I
Believe we can see something important for us to see. Notice that when
Yahshua came to Peter, Peter wanted to stop Him from washing his feet.
But Yahshua tells him that if Peter is not washed by Him then he does not
Have a place in Him. Peter makes the comment them all of me, but
Yahshua tells him that he is already clean and only needs his feet washed.
I my mind this means that because of the washing that takes place
Through Yahshua that the only thing that needs to be washed is that
Area that touches a dying creation to be cleansed)

12. Now if we go back to Lev. (Each of these things we look at has to do with
Coming into contact with death or dying, for instance that blood that
Comes from childbirth that is dead blood that she is in contact with
During that time, and the cleansing of skin that has an infection of and
Also has death or dying flesh involved, and how to cleanse them or to
Restore them back to where they should be. These aren’t sins necessarily
But has to do with the death of something that makes us ceremonially
Unclean for a period of time)

13. And we need to look at this more carefully. (What are we coming into
Contact on a daily bases that may not be sin but still is something that
Could make us ceremonially unclean that we ought to be preparing our
Selves to come into His presence, should we searching ourselves, look at
2 Cor. 13:5, Gal. 6:4-5)

14. And here is where it comes down to. (Look at Deut. 7:6 Yahweh has chosen
Us from among all of the people to be His possession, to be Holy and set

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