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Exodus 33:

1. The traditional passage for Passover is this passage.

2. Look at Exodus 32:1, They ask Aaron to make them a god because they decided
That something had happened to Moses.

3. Let’s talk about that for a second, Scripture has a couple of places that say at
Those specific times Moses was on the Mountain for 40 days. (Look at Ex.
24:12-18 showing that he was up there for 40 days also look at Ex. 31:18)

4. And it was the same amount of time on the Mountain. (For the second set of
Tablets in Ex. 34:28 40 days and 40 nights)

5. The number 40 seems to be significant in the Bible. (And it seems to be
Associated with probation or trial of seem kind, look at Gen. 7:12 it rained
For 40 days and 40 nights, Acts 7:30 tells us that Moses after killing the
Egyptian was in the Desert in Midian 40 days tending flocks, Deut. 18, 25
Moses interceded on Israel behalf for 40 days and 40 nights, Num. 13:25
The spy’s spying out the land for 40 days, Matt. 4:2 Yahshua was tempted
For 40 days and 40 nights, Acts 1:3 there were 40 days between Yahshua’s
Resurrection and His ascension)

6. Now this is kind of important. (Because Yahweh’s presence was moved
Outside of the camp because of the Golden Calf being worshipped which
Was kind of based on fear Moses had been gone and they didn’t what had
Happened to him)

7. Do we let our emotions run away with us sometimes. (And it causes us to
make or do things we should not think or do?)

8. Now let’s look at something else while we are here. (Let’s look at the context
Ex. 32:1 look at the thought, they wanted another god to replace Moses,
Hmm, seems as if their thinking about who Yahweh was had gone amiss,
They were talking about replacing Moses)

9. Now look at Ex. 32:4. (Aaron took the gold they gave him, the gold that they
Were told by Yahweh to plunder the Egyptians and used an engraving tool
To make this calf from and said this is the god who brought you out of
You out of Egypt, that was an affront to Yahweh)
10. That’s when Yahweh. (Removed His presence out of the camp of Israel and
Had Moses set up this Tent of Meeting outside of the camp and if anyone
Who wanted to consult with Yahweh had to go some distance outside the
Camp to meeting with Him)

11. And it is there that Yahweh tells Moses. (You go and take them up to the
Land I had promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob the land flowing with
Milk and honey, Yahweh tells Moses that He isn’t going with them because
They were a stiffed neck people and that if He went with them even for a
Single moment He would destroy them)

12. Look carefully at Ex. 33:5-6. (Yahweh tells them now take off your jewelry
From Mt. Horeb onward, look at Ex. 11:2 they were to ask their
Neighbors for their jewelry and was to be for building the Tabernacle, but
Now had been used to build an idol and they had profaned it, so by them
Taking it off and never wearing it again was an act of repentance)

13. Moses had been given a plan for the Tabernacle. (I believe at the same time
He had received the 1st set of Tablets Ex. 24:17, because in Ex. 25:1 we
Find Yahweh telling Moses to give a offering of gold, silver and bronze for
The building of the Tabernacles, look at Ex. 25:8 so He could dwell
Among them, the reason is that He wants to dwell among His people)

14. But because of what they did. (They lost His glory being among them and
But look at what Moses talks to Yahweh about in Ex. 33:12-23, He begins
To intercede for Israel and pleading with Yahweh for His presence to
Return to Israel and that He would forgive them of their sin and except
Them as His people once again)

15. Moses also asks to see His presence. (Not just to see Him but get to know
Him as well by teaching Moses His ways, Moses goes on even into Ex. 34
And pleads with Yahweh expressing the idea that no one will know who
They also His presence can be seen among them)

16. It would seem that by the wearing. (Of this jewelry may have been part of
Sin, because Egypt was into jewelry and that may have played into what
All happened because they got this jewelry from Egypt who did wear it
For certain things they did, for instance they had a protective amulet for
Their protection so it stands to reason that they were wearing these
Amulets that represented one of these gods of Egypt)
11. In fact. (In Egypt the bull or calf , Apis, was sacred to the Egypt god Ptah
So it was like replacing Yahweh or Moses with this image Egyptian of
This Egyptian god)

12. This whole story is about. (The blood of Yahshua and removing the
Leavened out of our lives so we will be able to have Yahweh’s presence by
The Holy Spirit with in us, look at 1 Cor. 5:6-8 what is leavened ? It is
Malice and evil, sin)

13. Malice defined. (According to the dictionary malice is desire to cause pain,
Injury, or distress to another without justification, and evil speaks to sin)

14. I am going. (To be talking a little more about this in the 11:00 service as

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