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1. Turn with me in your Bibles to Rom. 5:15-21.

2. Last week we took a look at Rom. 5:12-14.

3. We saw, Sin from Adam to Moses. V12-15

A. To help understand this passage better we need to look at some back ground

1. Let’s start by defining sin:

a. The simple answer is. (That sin is breaking the commandments of
Yahweh, and it is: Let’s look at Ex. 20:20 in this passage of Scripture
They had just been presented the commands and there was an
Immediate response of stepping back, Moses tells them not to fear
That it was to make them not to sin)

b. Now the word “sin”. (In Heb. Is to miss the mark, so in that passage they
missed the mark by drawing back instead of receiving His commands,
but there is a bigger issue for us to look at, or maybe an under lying
issue we need to look at)

1). Look at Deut. 6:5. (We are supposed to love Yahweh our Elohim with
All of our heart, with all of our souls, and with all of our might, now
Interesting the soul is in Heb. Our breath or we could say with the
Living part of us)

2). Look at 1John 4:8, 16. (The one that does not love does know Yahweh
V16 if we dwell in love then we dwell in Yahweh)

3). So at the very essence. (Everything Yahweh thinks and does is perfect
And based on a character governed solely by love, so sin is any
Thought or action that Yahweh would not think or do)

c. So there is another question. (Where did sin originate from?)

1). So sin. (First came into being in the heart of an angel by the name of
Lucifer who was created to do a couple of different things but ended
Up sinning against Yahweh)

2). Look at Ez. 28:12-13, 15. (Notice he was in Eden the garden and had
Every precious stone covered him, V12 says that he was created with
Seal of perfection full of wisdom and beauty, but also look at V14 you
Were an anointed cherub and was appointed to and he was on the
Holy mountain of Yahweh and walked among the fiery stones)

3). Let’s take a closer look. (My version has removed the word covered
Where as, the KJV and the ISR has let it there for good reason I
Believe, the Holy Mountain is a reference to the true Temple look at
Heb. 8:1-5, and the reference to the covering many believe is a
Reference to the breast plate of Aaron as he went in to the
Tabernacle seek answers from Yahweh for Israel, the covering is the
Cherub’s on the mercy seat of Yahweh)

4). Back to Job 38:4-7. (Lucifer was one of morning stars who sang
Together at creation as the sons of Yahweh shouted for joy)

5). But look at Ez. 38:15-`19. (Because he became puffed up with pride
He sinned against Yahweh and rebelled against Yahweh leading
Others to do the same thing he was cast out of the Holy Mountain
Look at Is. 14:12-14 and Rev. 12:3-4)

6). But the result of what he did. (Is. 14:5 he will be brought down to
Sheol and into the deepest pit Rev. 20:1-3 and Rev. 20:11-15)
7). Now let’s go back to Gen. 2:15-17. (Now there is something else we
To look at in this passage we find Yahweh telling Adam that he can
Eat freely from any tree in the garden except from the tree of the
Knowledge of good and evil Yahweh if you eat of that tree you will
Surely die)

8). This is interesting. (In the Heb. Surely is not there, in fact what it you
Says is die die meaning there will be stages of death that will take

9). Look at Gen. 3:1-2. (Satan asks the question “didn’t Yahweh say you
Can eat from any tree in the garden? Now the first thing you have to
Ask is how did he know that Yahweh had told them anything about
What to eat unless he knew that there was a command? And her
Response shows that he may have known Yahweh’s word better than
She did, because her answer was not the same as Yahweh’s she said
From the midst of the garden and not the specific tree V3)

10). And she added to what Yahweh said. (She said that they were not to
Even ouch the tree the longer discussion she had with Satan the more
Deception she fall into do not hold conversations with Satan rebuke
Him, resist him and speak Yahweh truth and be done with him)

11). Look at Gen 1:29. (Yahweh told Adam that he could eat of any fruit or
Plant that had seed in it, in other words that would bring life into the
Creation, if it didn’t have seed in it he was not to eat it. Obviously the
Tree of the knowledge of good and evil did not have seed in it because
It produces death which when eaten starts a dying process that
Affects us both physically and spiritually. Man dies spiritually and
Then physically)

12). So man produces seed that ends with death. (That ends in death man
Cannot anything else so from Adam sin was pasted on to all of us
And that is what Paul is referring to about the first Adam Rom.

4. Let’s continue in this study of chapter 5 and we will see some interesting things.
5. Read Rom. 5:15-21, Pray!

I. Through one man death, and through the other life. V15-21

A. We need to look at verse 15 carefully.

1. In this verse Paul talks about the difference between the gift and the offence:

a. Now the offence. (Means trespass or sin, so Paul is emphasizing the big
difference that took place, we have one man that brought sin on man
which brought death)

b. And you have the other man. (Brought life and uses the word “gift”
which is important for us to look at here)

1). Now there are different GK words. (That are used for Gift in the Gk
Turn to John 4:10 the word “gift” here is gift but can also be
Translated sacrifice, He told if you knew that sacrifice of Yahweh
You would ask and He would give you living water it is dorea)

2). But the word for “gift”. (In Rom. 5:15 is not that word the word used
Here is charisma and we find this word in 1 Cor. 12:1-11 we find this
Word used in 1 Cor. 12:4 where Paul is speaking of the gifts of the
Holy Spirit and look at verse 7 these gifts are a demonstration of the
Holy Spirit)

3). Now I want you to see something else here. (It is by His grace that this
Gift was given, this word grace is charis which is the first part of the
Word for gift charisma so it ties the Spirits gift into His grace which
Means to be highly favored by Yahweh and with the idea that it is

4). The sin brought condemnation. (And this “gift” brings justification and
To be cleansed and to be righteous before Yahweh)

5). Look at verse 18. (I like the way the KJV says it, Therefore as by the
Offense of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation, even
So by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men
Justification of Life, because of Yahshua instead of being condemned
To death He is able to declare us justified to life)

6). There is a pattern throughout Scripture f life. (Look at Genesis 1:2 the
Earth was without form and void meaning Heb. Confusion, vanity,
Waste, Void means ruin and empty it was also dark meaning death,
Destruction, wickedness, but the Holy Spirit moved upon the face of
Waters and Yahweh said let there be light and the word for light is
Means joy and happiness)

Ez. 37:1-14

Ex. 36:26-28

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