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1. Turn with me in your Bibles to Rom. 5:12-15.

2. Last week we took a look at Rom. 5:6-11 part 2.

3. We saw, This took place while we were without strength. V5-11

A. Interesting why to start this passage.

1. Now, the phrase “while we were still helpless” is the interesting part.

a. This “still helpless” is tied to. (Verse 5 Yahweh’s Love and therefore we
need to look at it from that stand point)

b. We could look at from this stand point. (We were helpless in being able to
do anything about our condition, in others words we were dead in our
sins or trespasses and unable to gain life on our own)

1). The word “helpless”. (Is lacking protection or support, the inability to
Act or react, we could not make or condition od dead better)

2). If we didn’t receive help. (We would never have life, or the ability to
Live and breath the breath we have now)

c. But because of. (Yahweh’s “love” has been poured out in our hearts
through the Holy Spirit we have life Romans 5:5)

1). This word “love”. (The GK word used here is agape which is the
Highest form of love, and embraces a universal, unconditional love
That serves regardless of circumstances, in fact, this source of love
Originates from Yahweh and is expressed through Yahshua Messiah
It refers to a covenant love)

2). Turn with me to Malachi 1:1-5. (This is about the First Born Covenant
That was made with Jacob Gen. 25:27-34, showing that Yahweh has
And will continue to keep that covenant with Israel as it says in Mal

3). The Holy Spirit. (In GK and in Heb. Is set apart breath, so His love
Is poured into our hearts by His set apart Spirit look at Gal. 5:22-23
The fruit of the Spirit which the first is love)

d. Now look at this next part of the sentence. (Messiah came at the appointed
moment, the GK word is “chronos” and it means a specific time or in
in Heb. It would be “moedim” which we know to be Passover look at
Mark 15:42)

1). Look at Ex. 11:1-5. (Now when you look at this passage we are talking
Life and death, the same condition that is being discussed in Rom.
5:5-6, and look at Ex. 12:1-7 is about the blood covering that would
Keep them from death, once again just as is being talked about in
Rom. 5:5-6, look also at Gal. 4:4)

2). Let’s look at the last part of Rom 5:6. (Who did he die for? It was the
Ungodly and the GK word used here means impious, irreverent, and

3). Then Paul makes the point. (That really for the most part people
Wouldn’t die for good people much less wicked people)

4). But Yahweh proves His love for us. (That while we were still sinners
Messiah died for us, while we were still wicked He died for us, and
Paul says this proves His love for us, the GK word used here means
To exhibit so this ought to say that Messiah’s death exhibits His love
For us)

5). Turn to John 3:16. (I like the way my Bible translates this, “For
Yahweh loved the world in this way, He gave His Only Son, so that
Everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life”
It agrees that this was a display of His love for us and the world)

6). Look at Rom. 5:9. (It says we “have been” declared righteous by His
Blood, the word righteous, remember righteous and justified can be
Interchangeable and means to be render innocent or not guilty, so
We were sinners and wicked but by His blood we are declared not
Guilty or innocent od all of that)

7). Look at Eph. 2:1-6. (Once we were dead in our trespasses but now we
Have been made alive with Messiah through His blood look at Lev.
16:1-17 the idea of blood purifying from sin, look at Heb. 9:15-28
And Heb. 10:1-18)

8). Rom. 5:10 says this. (That we were enemies GK adversaries with
Him but through the blood of Messiah we have been reconciled to
To Him and reconciled in the GK means to change mutually this
Has to do with our relationship with Yahweh we go from being
Enemies to friends look at John 15:13-15)

9). Look closely at Rom. 5:10. (Not only does our relationship change
With Yahweh but we are given life through the life of Yahshua)

10). In Rom. 5:11. (My version uses to reconcile and the KJV uses the
Word atonement and the ISR uses restoration, the GK word is a
related word to reconcile just a different form and really adds the
words atonement and restoration which really all of these words
has to do with the restoration of the Kingdom)

11). But if you will notice. (In the passages that we have look at today
There is a pattern and this is important, I have seen people get
This out of order, the first place or the starting place is deals with
The restoration of our relationship with Yahweh through Yahshua
Messiah, there is no other way)

4. As we finish this chapter Paul explains the idea of how sin entered the world
And also righteousness.

5. Read Rom. 5:12-15, Pray!

I. Sin from Adam to Moses. V12-15

A. To help understand this passage better we need to look at some back ground

1. Let’s start by defining sin:

a. The simple answer is. (That sin is breaking the commandments of
Yahweh, and it is: Let’s look at Ex. 20:20 in this passage of Scripture
They had just been presented the commands and there was an
Immediate response of stepping back, Moses tells them not to fear
That it was to make them not to sin)

b. Now the word “sin”. (In Heb. Is to miss the mark, so in that passage they
missed the mark by drawing back instead of receiving His commands,
but there is a bigger issue for us to look at, or maybe an under lying
issue we need to look at)

1). Look at Deut. 6:5. (We are supposed to love Yahweh our Elohim with
All of our heart, with all of our souls, and with all of our might, now
Interesting the soul is in Heb. Our breath or we could say with the
Living part of us)

2). Look at 1John 4:8, 16. (The one that does not love does know Yahweh
V16 if we dwell in love then we dwell in Yahweh)

3). So at the very essence. (Everything Yahweh thinks and does is perfect
And based on a character governed solely by love, so sin is any
Thought or action that Yahweh would not think or do)

c. So there is another question. (Where did sin originate from?)

1). So sin. (First came into being in the heart of an angel by the name of
Lucifer who was created to do a couple of different things but ended
Up sinning against Yahweh)

2). Look at Ez. 28:12-13, 15. (Notice he was in Eden the garden and had
Every precious stone covered him, V12 says that he was created with
Seal of perfection full of wisdom and beauty, but also look at V14 you
Were an anointed cherub and was appointed to and he was on the
Holy mountain of Yahweh and walked among the fiery stones)

3). Let’s take a closer look. (My version has removed the word covered
Where as, the KJV and the ISR has let it there for good reason I
Believe, the Holy Mountain is a reference to the true Temple look at
Heb. 8:1-5, and the reference to the covering many believe is a
Reference to the breast plate of Aaron as he went in to the
Tabernacle seek answers from Yahweh for Israel, the covering is the
Cherub’s on the mercy seat of Yahweh)

4). Back to Job 38:4-7. (Lucifer was one of morning stars who sang
Together at creation as the sons of Yahweh shouted for joy)

5). But look at Ez. 38:15-`19. (Because he became puffed up with pride
He sinned against Yahweh and rebelled against Yahweh leading
Others to do the same thing he was cast out of the Holy Mountain
Look at Is. 14:12-14 and Rev. 12:3-4)

6). But the result of what he did. (Is. 14:5 he will be brought down to
Sheol and into the deepest pit Rev. 20:1-3 and Rev. 20:11-15)
7). Now let’s go back to Gen. 2:15-17. (Now there is something else we
To look at in this passage we find Yahweh telling Adam that he can
Eat freely from any tree in the garden except from the tree of the
Knowledge of good and evil Yahweh if you eat of that tree you will
Surely die)

8). This is interesting. (In the Heb. Surely is not there, in fact what it you
Says is die die meaning there will be stages of death that will take

9). Look at Gen. 3:1-2. (Satan asks the question “didn’t Yahweh say you
Can eat from any tree in the garden? Now the first thing you have to
Ask is how did he know that Yahweh had told them anything about
What to eat unless he knew that there was a command? And her
Response shows that he may have known Yahweh’s word better than
She did, because her answer was not the same as Yahweh’s she said
From the midst of the garden and not the specific tree V3)

10). And she added to what Yahweh said. (She said that they were not to
Even ouch the tree the longer discussion she had with Satan the more
Deception she fall into do not hold conversations with Satan rebuke
Him, resist him and speak Yahweh truth and be done with him)

11). Look at Gen 1:29. (Yahweh told Adam that he could eat of any fruit or
Plant that had seed in it, in other words that would bring life into the
Creation, if it didn’t have seed in it he was not to eat it. Obviously the
Tree of the knowledge of good and evil did not have seed in it because
It produces death which when eaten starts a dying process that
Affects us both physically and spiritually. Man dies spiritually and
Then physically)

12). So man produces seed that ends with death. (That ends in death man
Cannot anything else so from Adam sin was pasted on to all of us
And that is what Paul is referring to about the first Adam
Rom. 5:12-15)

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