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1. Turn with me in your Bibles to Rom. 5:3-5.

2. Last week we took a look at Rom. 5:1-2.

3. We saw, Paul starts to talk about how faith causes us to triumph. V1-2

A. Just a little review for us to transition.

a. The word righteous. (Means to be rendered innocent and is a legal term
as being pronounced not guilty in a court of law, remember our sin or
trespassed have separated us from a relationship with Yahweh)
b. But there is another aspect of what His blood did for us. (His blood cleanses
us from sin, look at Heb. 9:22-28, also Heb. 8:1-6 The true tabernacle)

c. Now look at Heb. 10:19-25. (In v22 we see that His blood also cleanses us
from a evil conscience and washes us with pure water, the Holy Spirit
and makes us clean)

d. Look also at Lev. 16:15-16. (Now remember the animal sacrifice was a
copy of the true Tabernacle in the heavens, so their understanding
of this process would have been for their cleansing as well as forgiveness)

e. Do not buy into the thought. (That we are sinners saved by grace, we were
sinners that were and are being saved, go to Romans 1:7 Paul in his
letters to the congregations calls them saints not sinners)

f. Look at Eph. 2:1-6. (Paul makes it clear here that we were dead and did
walk like the dead, but that is not the case, in fact it is completely
opposite now we are alive and seated with Him in the heavens through)

g. Which brings us to Rom. 5:1-2. (Now I want you to hear what Paul in
saying here, “since we have been declared righteous” he didn’t say if
we have been declared righteous, he said since we HAVE been meaning
it has already happened)

h. And because we have been declared righteous. (We have peace with
Yahweh through our Master Yahshua Messiah, in the GK there are
Three words used for peace, but the one used in this case is i-ray-nay
And it means one, peace, quietness, rest and to set at one again, and to
Have prosperity)

1). In the Hebrew. (There are a couple of different words for peace but the
One we would use of course is shalom which means to be safe, happy
To have health and prosperity)

2). Now this is important for us to understand. (Look at Eph. 2, I want to
Look at what Paul is talking about because of what Yahweh did
Through Yahshua Messiah He made alive from the dead, He raised
Us up with Messiah and He seated us in the heavens with Him)

3). Now this GK word to be seated. (Means to be seated in company with
Messiah Yahweh, so this begs the question where is the place we are
Seated with Him?)

4). Now in Eph. 2:6. (We are seated in company with Him in the heavenly
Places and the GK word used here means above the ski and celestial
And places in the GK actually means a fixed position and we know
That according to Heb. 8:1-6 says the same thing)

5). Isaiah 6:1-2. (Isaiah is taken in a vision into the temple and he
The scene in the temple which certainly seems not to be an earthly one
But would seem to be the that was not made with hands)

6). Look at Rev. 21:1-8. (We see that there is going to be a new heaven
And a new earth where the New Jerusalem descends from the heavens
To the earth and in V5 there was one seated on the throne and this
Calles Himself the Alpha and Omega just as in Rev. 1:8 and in Is.

7). Now I am not saying. (That His presence was never here because it
Was, look at Lev. 16:2 where Aaron is told he cannot come behind the
Veil whenever he wants to because of Yahweh’s presence in the cloud
Over the mercy seat, and am however discussing another temple
Called the true temple, one made without human hands that we are
Seated with Him and will come down from the heavens and He will
Dwell with humanity)

8). But there still more. (Back to Eph. 2:7 He will display His
Immeasurable riches of His grace through us who believe through
His kindness to us in Messiah Yahshua)

9). And we are His creations. (And we are created for good works and we
Are to walk in those good works that He set up ahead of time)

10). I want to talk about the verses starting in V11. (Notice, Paul says “at
One time” let’s stop right there for a moment these words imply that
There has been a change of what we once were and if we look at the
Next word it says Gentiles, so at one time we were Gentiles and this
Implies that we are no longer Gentiles)

11). Look at verse 12. (We were without Messiah, and because of that we
Were excluded from the citizenship of Israel, now look closer Paul is
Speaking in past tense, we were Gentiles, and we were excluded from
Citizenship with Israel)

12). Look at Gen. 12:3. (The word family is one used for one’s relatives the
Hebrew word is mish-paw-kwah)

13). Back to Eph. 2:14. (For He is our peace and He made the two one man
What do you think that means made the two one man, look at the
Context of the passage, we are talking about Israel and Gentiles,
Which means that He has in Messiah made Gentiles into Israel)

14). Paul describes this in Rom 11:11-24. (Look at V17 we were grafted into
This cultivated olive tree, but you might say how do we know that he
Means Israel look at Jere. 11:16 which we find that the olive tree is a
Name that Yahweh had given to them)

15). I don’t know about you but I think this is important. (The word gentile in
Hebrew is go-ee and it means people, and specifically heathen people
So Paul is pointing to the fact that you are no longer heathen but
Instead are part of Israel)

4. This week I would like to continue in this paragraph, and see a little more about this life we have been given.

5. Read Rom. 5:3-5, Prat!

I. Building our character V3-5

A. It is interesting that we actually are built through affliction.

1. The reason I say that is because. (The world does not see being afflicted as
Something that would bring a good character, and I think we struggle
Struggle with that idea as well sometimes)

a. Look at Rom. 5:3. (The word rejoice in the GK means to boast, to glory,
to have joy, and to rejoice in this is not what we would normally tie
together the idea of suffering and rejoicing)

b. The word afflictions. (GK is to be afflicted, anguish, burdened,
persecution, tribulation, and trouble and once again these not things
that bring out the warm and fuzzy in me, how about you?)

c. Turn to Acts 5:33-42. (In this passage they had been put in jail for
preaching the Gospel and they were taken before the Sanhedrin and
they were told not to preach in that name again, but they rejoicing that
they were found worthy to be dishonored for His name)

d. Look at 1 Peter 1:3-12. (Notice, That Peter speaks of this too and in
terms of our faith being refined by fire and gives the picture of a refiner
turning gold into a liquid and removing the dross from the gold so that
when he is gold he will be able to see his own reflection in that gold)

1). Now notice that this is about us being saved. (Remember we have been
Saved, we are being saved, and we will be saved, so what Peter is
Talking about is this place where we have been saved and we are in
That place where we are being saved or we could call it sanctified)

2). Look at 1Peter 2:10. (This salvation that is being discussed has been
Looked into by the prophets, they were looking for what time period
This would happen, and it was revealed to them that they were not
Serving themselves but us, and look verse 12 the angels are looking
Into this)

3). Back to 1Peter 1:7. (All of this has to do with praise, glory and honor
At the revelation of Yahshua Messiah)

4). Look at Is. 48:1-11. (Israel and Judah had sworn by the name of
Yahweh but not in truth and righteous, they were worshipping other
Gods but look at Is. 48:10-11 He will not give His glory to another,
Whether it be other gods or even us)

5). Look at Is. 60:1-5. (Let’s look first at Is. 59:9 notice they shouted out
For light to come to them and free them from the darkness they were
In, the word for light here is Or meaning happiness same word used
In the creation passage Gen. 1:3)

6). Yahweh’s answer to them is in Is. 60:1-5. (In V1 Yahweh tells them to
Arise and shine for their light has “come” now this word “to come”
Is in the Hebrew it is “Bo” so light is not something that they had
Within themselves this light came to them and they were to stand and
Let it shine it is the glory of Yahweh that shines over them)

7). Look at 1 John 1:10. (Notice it is Yahweh who is light and there is no
Darkness in Him, this is important for us to understand because if we
Are in the dark where we have to grope along the wall then it is us
Who have walked away from Him there is no darkness in Him as in
Is. 59:9-10)

8). Back to 1John 1:6. (That is exactly what John is discussing here if we
Say we have fellowship with Him and yet we are in darkness we are
Liars, and that would be true for our fellowship with others, we can’t
Have fellowship with one another without being in the light)

9). Look at Acts 2:42. (This is the same word for fellowship used in 1John
1: 6 and this is a picture that they were experiencing and they
Experienced in Acts it says KJV that they were in one accord, and
The GK says in one mind, this begins to show us something here)

10). Look at 1Cor. 2:15-16. (Those of us who are spiritual people are able
To evaluate spiritual things and we are able to know what Yahweh
Yahshua Messiah mind is because we have the mind of Messiah, so
Through walking in the light with Him we are able to share the same
Mind that of Messiah)

11). Look at 2 Cor. 3:12-18. (The veil has been removed by the Master
And we are being transformed into the same image as our Messiah
So through our transformation we are able to glorify our Master
And Savior so through us the can see His reflection of His glory
And they will be drawn to Him)

12). And that is what Paul is talking about. (Through these trial’s and
Tribulations we are being transformed into the image of our
Messiah to that we can be reflectors of His glory first)

13). Secondly. (Through these trials there is a hope that is being build in
Us that will never disappoint because Yahweh’s love is being poured
Out in our hearts)

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