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Winning Souls and Making Disciples

Keeping the 7th Day Sabbath

“Remember the Sabbath day to set it apart. Six days you labor, and shall do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of YHVH your Elohim.

Shemoth 20: 8, 9, 10a

Sabbath Worship

 “We love because He first loved us.”  1 John 4:19


February 27, 2016


  9:45 am Torah- Ki Tisa “When you take”……………. Steve Bothum

      Whole Portion- Shemot (Exodus)  30:11 – 34:35

      Triennial Portion- Shemot  30:11 – 31:17

      Next Week’s Torah – Vayakhel “And assembled”

      Whole Portion- Shemot – 35:1 – 38:20

      Triennial Portion- Shemot – 35:1-35


  9:45 am    Shabbat Classes for Children:

Birth – 2………….. Diane Gray

*3 – 5……………. Sharon Chesher

6 – 9……………… Children to be with parents

10 – 15…………… Children to be with parents

* Teacher assistant(s) needed


11:00 am    Welcome

                    Sabbath Blessing (for the Children)



                    Message— John 18:1-12, Part 2.. Pastor Rick Chesher


  1:15 pm    Bracha and Oneg (Blessing & Lunch)

  2:30 pm    Midrash (to inquire/seek) …………………….. Steve Bothum



During 9:45 am and 11:00 am services, the microphone is passed around for the purpose of questions and comments pertaining to the teachings only.


Unauthorized people are not allowed in the

Sound Booth at any time.


~  ~




We want to put together an Emergency Plan to let people know where they can go to get food, clothing and shelter in case of an earth- quake, flooding or other kinds of disasters.

There is a sign-up sheet in the entrance if you would like to be involved in the planning. Our first meeting will be Sunday Mar. 6th at 10:00 am.




Those interested in attending a Cornerstone Home Group fellowship, please sign up on the sheet in the entrance for a discussion and planning meeting.  For more information, contact Ken Johnson or Eileen Blackman.






Prepare for Cornerstone’s Congregational Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread Moedim by filling out a registration sheet in the foray, attach the appropriate fee, and give it to Sharon Chesher or Kathy Pack.  Details to follow. (Remember to eliminate ‘leaven’ for the Festival of Unleavened Bread).

Contact Information


Questions about the church, membership, baptism, parent and/or child education contact Pastor Rick at the church office or those listed below:


Administration                         Pastor Rick Chesher       503.602.1406

Building Maintenance               Steve Bothum                503.780.4826

*Education*                            Sharon Chesher             503.602.9533

Homeschool Co-op/Drama       Brian/Heather Hall         503.302.9569

Oneg                                      Art/Jud Baxter                503.910.1804

Music                                     Linna Polly/Diane Gray   503.871.9880

Nursery Care                          Diane Gray                    541.619.4088

Secretary & Finance                Kathy Pack                    503.930.1625

Sound & Camera                     Rose Treasure               503.999.5834

Special Events                         Linna Polley                   503.871.9880



Pastor Rick        503.602.1406         AP*Steve Bothum   503.780.4826

Terry Stewart    503.362.7128         Ken Johnson           503.871.3321



David Steele      971.235.7265


~ Pastor Rick & Sharon’s days off are

Tuesday & Wednesday ~

Please call the Elders during those days.


Cornerstone Radio Talk Show            Newspaper Articles           Statesman Journal – 1st & 3rd Sundays

Sundays ~Live 10 am – 11 am

Call-in at 503.967.3001


Location:     4600 Swegle Road NE, Salem, OR 97301

Phone:         503.391.0243




*Associate Pastor

* Areas of Ministry needing assistance, prayer & support

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