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Aug. 17, 2013

“We love because He first loved us” John 4:19
Torah Teacher: Steve Bothum
Torah Reader: Cliff Mosher
Torah Portion
This Week: Deut. 21:10-25:19
Next Week: Deut. 21:10-25:19
11:00 AM
Welcome, Announcements and Prayer
Pastor Rick Chesher
Worship Music
Pastor Rick Chesher
John 3:31-36 Yahshua Our Redeemer
 The travelers to Israel for the bomb shelter renovation in March 2014 are going to begin meeting once a month to pray for and dialog about the trip (schedule, expectations, planning sessions, and especially getting to know each other).  So far, the team consists of Diana Lewandowski, Kathy Pack, Carol Gerhard, and Rick and Sharon Chesher.  If you have an interest in going, even if you don’t currently have the funds, or if you believe you are hearing from the Ruach that you are being called to be part of a prayer team for this project, please mark your calendar for Sept. 1 at 10 am and come to the fellowship hall at the church building.  If you have questions, feel free to call either Diana Lewandowski: 503 930-6859, or Kathy Pack: 503 930-1625.

Setting Addicts Free Eternally (S.A.F.E.)

Have you been struggling with some kind of addictive behavior, and it seems as though most of the time you are just barely making it through. Would you like to learn to be victorious in you life over these things? Then you may want to be apart of a new group called S.A.F.E. (Setting Addicts Free Eternally). Dr. Rick Chesher, pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church, and author of learning to walk and The Theology of the Book of Revelation has been teaching this class for over 15 years and has seen God deliver many people from their addictions.


1.  The first class will be Thursday August 01, 2013 at 6pm

2. Class is held weekly at the Jordan Crossing building 2608 Cascadia Industrial St Se Salem Or 97302

2. Number to call for more information is 503-371-4567

3. Class is one year long

4. You can join the class any time during the year

5. Cost is $12.50 per class and $10 one time fee for curriculum

6. Each class will run 1 to 1.5 hours

7. Visit the web site for more information on the program

8. All are welcome

As a reminder, the microphone passed around during Torah and the 11:00 am
service is for the purpose of questions and comments pertaining to the message.
Let’s be careful and not use it to point fingers or as a forum to correct others. It
is important for us to allow the Ruach to be the one who corrects us.
You can now register for Sukkot 2013. Click on slide show picture and it
will take you to an online register form which you can fill out online
and submit, then go to our donation button and pay through there.
We will have paper form starting this Sabbath that you will be able
to register and pay by paper if you desire.
Copies of Pastor Rick’s bookLearning To Walk
Hebrews Study CD’s & DVD’s
are avilable to buy, here at the church, MP3’s online
Pastor Rick and Sharon days off are Tuesday and Wednesday
Check Church Website for changes on times, and dates &
meetings also on back of bulletin are regular media times
Join us Thursday nights
6:30-8:00 PM in Fellowship Hall
We have information about the Love For Israel conference
coming up in July on the table in the entry way on the table.
Cornerstone has a radio blog talk show
Host Rick Chesher & friends
Wednesday 10:30-1:30 PM
Sheryl Mullins & Stephenie Husk
Has a radio blog talk show
Biblical Counseling
Mon. 4:00-6:00 PM
You can call in anytime during the shows
to participoate.
Call 914-803-4323
Who Should I Contact When I Have:
A prayer request for needs can be written on the back of the welcome card or
Contact one of the people listed below.
Questions about church, baptism, membership, parent or child education: Call
Pastor Rick at the church office, 503-391-0243.
Rick Chesher
Steve Bothum
John Landau
Terry Stewart
Admin. Rick Chesher 503-602-1406
Education Sharon Chesher 503-602-9533
Hospitality Linna Polley 503-930-3348
Sound & Camera Mike Stewert 503-851-3925
Secretary Kathy Pack 503-930-1625
Events Tabitha Wellard 971-388-5124
Building Maintence Craig Polley 503-871-1668

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